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  1. Still no takers. Asking price is now $400. Asking price is now $500. Hi, I'm selling a set of MP-18 MMC irons, 4-PW. Shafts are Project X LZ 6.5. Standard L/L/L (according to previous seller). I purchased these used at the end of last year, but I've have not used them much. I think in total it's only been 2 range sessions and 9 holes. They are in pretty good shape I think. I thought I'd give some smaller club heads a try and was going to put in weaker shafts, but they are just not for me. Asking price is $600 shipped but willing to entertain offers. De
  2. So maybe a dumb question....could I go get fit on 919 heads now but have the order placed for 921s? Never bought new release irons before. But I think that's going to change. ? I guess there's no real advantage to this assuming the demo clubs allow someone to get fit ahead of the release?
  3. Maybe a dumb question but what is the tip diameter on these? .355 or .370?
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