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  1. I was watching the PGA, and the announcers were having a cackle at how tiny the sweet spot was on these putters, stemming off a comment about Phil's using one. Is it really that tiny? and what is the effect of hitting ball where the sweet spot isn't? Thanks! Peter
  2. I got a Hogan Apex 6 iron to test the Apex 3 shaft against some others. How would I tell whether I got a 70's edition or an 80's or 90's?
  3. Let me just say that my ball striking is . . . er. . . uneven. Forged or cast; titanium, maraging steel or persimmon. Uneven. So, that said, I was out at the range with my Louisville Golf Classic 50's driver (a MacGregor 693 clone/copy/remake) with a graphite shaft incidentally, and was consistently hitting it with overspin. The ball would start out downrange, and then drop. Sharply. So, taking into account of the bulge or roll or whatever the rounding is from top to bottom of the driver face, what do you think? Was I hitting it above the equator or below. . . . . or just badly? than
  4. I just took delivery of an auction I won in order to get a M75W. The auction also included several other persimmon drivers, and it's a couple of these I have questions about. T 945 Eye-o-Matic. What is the perceived quality of the 945 head, and what does that "T" before the number indicate to you . . . in date and in quality. A MacGregor Jack Nicklaus (signature inscribed on the soleplate) Super Eye-O-Matic. That soleplate is sweptback, incidentally. What is the approximate date of this? Thanks! Peter
  5. KZG (forged) Evolutions. Sweet feel and uncanny accurate . . . for me.
  6. raggal62, You're the one I want to consult! I've heard in these pages that really, really good persimmon for club heads got very hard to find by the 80's. i believe that L/G sourced the very best persimmon they could find, and I have felt that , since most big OEMs no longer use it, that recent Louisville Golf persimmon clubs would have sourced a "re-growth" of very good persimmon for golf clubs. 1) Am I right? 2) What do you suppose the quality of L/G persimmon was before they 'unloaded their inventory'? Thanks for your knowledge! Peter
  7. But if you hit the ball with that deep face under the equator, will the gear effect cause the ball to rise?
  8. I have a Louisville Golf Classic 50's driver, which I was told by one of the Just brothers down at their Louisville plant, that it was a replica of the MacGregor 693. I recently bought another Classic 50's driver head because the write up alleged that this head was 80's vintage "prior to LG unloading their inventory, and then coming back to life." My old one has a deep face and this new-to-me purchase has a face as shallow as a modern 3 metal. Aside from the now-arising questions of which might have been a copy of what, my real question here is, what advantages/disadvantages does a deep f
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