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  1. Thanks 03. I will get a pic of the Trillium at address. But here is a video of some of the golfers that tried both putters. Bernie Fay https://www.oxygenputters.com
  2. First of all thanks for your comments GoIrish. Good or bad I do appreciate every comment and I knew this would make some people gasp. I have also found that there are a lot of people that like it and have purchased the Oleander. At Demo Day at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last week there was hundreds of people that tried both the Oleander and Trillium and every single person that tried either one of the putters said they felt good. Yes there were comments like "I like it but it is just not for me." Perhaps these people were just being nice. The color scheme was chosen by me. To be qui
  3. Well when I was thinking about a unique design I thought that most of the putts I have taken in my life and those I have seen usually break one of six ways. I implemented these six breaks onto the top of the putter as a visual aid.
  4. Hello All, I'm Bernie Fay from FeelTheStretch.com home of the MISIG and OxygenPutters.com is my new golf company. Well ladies and gents I blew it and I own it. it's my own fault the pics look like crap for Oxygen Putters on GolfWRX 2019 PGA Show Threads. This topic had the second most views for all of the PGA Show Threads on GolfWRX. Not how I was hoping to start my new Golf Company with this web site. I allowed those putters to be displayed at Demo Day. The CNC Machined solid aluminum Oleander putter, the one with the putt break lines that looks like crap was CNC milled and painted by
  5. Activates The CORE. The "Most Important Stretch In Golf" A DEVICE www.FeelTheStretch.com
  6. Stretch and EXERCISE Simultaneously. The ultimate winter golf performance program. www.FeelTheStretch.com Winter Golf Work Out And Fitness. Perfect for the OFF SEASON
  7. FROM COLORADO AVID GOLFER MAGAZINE “Here’s an effective, easy-to-use training aid that will help you improve your swing and increase your flexibility, and which you can use indoors and out.” www.FeelTheStretch.com A DEVICE for The "Most Important Stretch In Golf"
  8. Thanks Jrweber77 for a great review on the MISIG www.FeelTheStretch.com Thanks again to GolfWRX and MISIG for this great device! I received it 3 days ago and have already used it several times. Very easy and straightforward to put together and all the components are high quality. The device is a perfect size and very lightweight to carry in your golf bag. Don't need as much space to use versus swinging a golf club (I use it right in my living room). The elbow cuff is comfortable, has padding, and the velcro makes it easy to secure to your arm. Also high quality. I have not experienced a
  9. Preferred Swing Trainer For Hundreds Of PGA Golf Instructors. Feel The Pressures Of Proper Take Away, Structure And Loading. Better Extension And True Shoulder Turn. The MISIG Is A Device That Will Improve Your Golf Game. Guaranteed. Incredible Game Changing Stretch. Feel Tremendous Stretch In Shoulders, Back And Hips. Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Back Swing And Range Of Motion. Get A Wider Golf Swing. You Will See Incredible Improvement, Longer Stronger Golf Shots. Guaranteed. www.FeelTheStretch.com
  10. From Matt Ginella, GOLF CHANNEL; "Some people call it the Most Important Stretch In Golf, I call it the Most Important Stretch In My Life!" www.FeelTheStretch.com
  11. Thanks lbsc1985 for the great feedback! www.FeelTheStretch.com The MISIG Team. Thank you again to GolfWRX and MISIG for this great giveaway. I received it two days ago and have already used it several times. From un-boxing to initial use is really easy and straightforward. All the components seem pretty high quality. The device is a perfect size and weight to be both portable and usable in tight spaces (i.e., requires significantly less lateral and vertical space than trying to swing a wedge). The 3 bands also appear to be high quality and like they will not stretch out as quickly as some
  12. “Editors Pick” Golf Tips Magazine -You WILL Benefit Using The”Most Important Stretch In Golf.” www.FeelTheStretch.com
  13. From Jeff Crittenden – 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division: “I am constantly working on creating a bigger turn to increase distance. The MISIG is giving me more mobility which will lead to a bigger shoulder turn and more speed at impact. In Long Drive, every mile per hour gained is huge.” www.FeelTheStretch.com
  14. From Hal Sutton, 14 time PGA Tour Champion “As we age anything that helps us loosen up is a benefit to us. The “Feel The Stretch” does it well, and while taking your swing. GREAT DEVICE!” www.FeelTheStretch.com
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