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  1. If i wasn't sold before I'm sold now. My SIM will be on the bay shortly..... Massive improvement on visuals alone. Deeper face, shorter heel to toe, much more visually appealing.
  2. The front weight is the same type of weight TM has used since the RBZ series so YES you can change it. There are thousands available on ebay. RBZ/RBZ2, Jetspeed, M2 (16), M4, M6, SIM Fairway weights will all work without any issue. Also I guarantee you TM & Billy Bob's & the usual Chinese sites will sell the back weights.
  3. 70 is not bad at all IMO, but I really hope you can change the chalk to Black....That would incredible.
  4. I honestly prefer their putter grips to anything on the market.
  5. I agree I'd def do Black over the Chalk and red for the Aluminum.
  6. That's not bad but what can you customize?? Can you turn the chalk white to Black??? That's about all I would want to do.
  7. .5 or 1.0 would be your best bets. That is a very stout Hybrid shaft.
  8. That face depth is a massive improvement!!! I see A lot of R1 in the profile & face.
  9. Colin Lofted up DJ always plays a 10.5 now Not sure about the other guys but it could be true.
  10. Ha!!! Look at the weight in that max. It’s the old school RBZ weight...sure looks like Swing-weighting these will be a breeze.
  11. I totally agree, While I love Watching Ian and Matty talk golf it's just unrealistic to watch their reviews and gain anything unless you area tour pro. Matts swings is absolutely insane when he isn't listening to that goofball larry & his robot swing. No weekend warrior even is sub 10 handicap can learn a thing from their reviews when Matt is getting 182mph Ball speeds with 2050 spin and a 15.5 degree launch.
  12. It basically the same size & profile of the M5. The M5 is one of the easiest 3 woods i have ever hit, absolutely love it.
  13. The lower the stiffer the higher the softer.
  14. Couldn't agree more the 7.3 feels and launches almost identical to the BB83. I have had it in my 3 wood for 2 years and it's like an old friend. The perfect 3 wood shaft......
  15. And still no one has yet to leak of photo of the face height for the 2 or 2 Max.......
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