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  1. I would agree, Ball flight is Def Higher than 120's. 120's for me flight really low.
  2. No most builders do not, have you watched any of the TM tour truck videos with Trottie & Wade....they are considered the best in the game. They SW with the exact Grip & build up wraps on. This is a common WRX things that grips don't effect SW when they do not only for people like me, but apparently every single pro that walks into the TM Tour Truck. Now some guys might not notice the 5 gram change on the grip, but others will notice it in their swings. Personally I can tell when a clubs is off of my desired swing weight when it goes +2sw points either heavy or
  3. Agree'd Great Feeling driver head with some decent adjustability. I still have a tour issued 440 head I use as a backup & it always delivers.
  4. The Front weight is the same as all the previous round looking TM weights.
  5. I totally disagree for me SIM2 IS way better than SIM 1 was. It has a deeper face, It feels lightyears better off the face, & it's more Forgiving. If you want to drop those extra 300-400 rpms off SIM 2 Put more weight up front & less in the rear.
  6. ignitewvu


    The M1 440 was the best of the M1, M3, M5 series by 100 Miles. That club will always be relevant.
  7. That is Niblick from Florida. All of his gear is 100% legit They will also hot melt at no extra charge on purchases.
  8. The TR is awesome, Maybe try the Atmos Blue TS 8x?
  9. he also may be the shittiest driver ever and just likes to cross lanes of traffic without braking & drive into hillsides for no reason or Aliens like you said.
  10. none of this makes a lick of sense......TMZ says he was headed to Riviera, TGC says he was headed to Rolling Hills which is close to the accident. it’s almost as if he fell asleep at the wheel....thank god no one was killed.
  11. Accident happened in Rolling Hills Estates, a mostly Residential Community. A simple google search of that town & Hotels don't bring back ANY "Hotels" Tiger woods would likely stay at or in. Air BnB's maybe but Is he staying at the ramada or Courtyard??? The only Place is possibly Terreana, which is a golf club on the ocean but Still was he leaving a Commercial Shoot or leaving this "Hotel".
  12. Yeah details like he got back on the sauce after his surgery in December & he shouldn't have been Driving!!! Why were his "People" allowing him to Drive knowing he had fallen off the wagon?
  13. Did you see the photos of him Sunday & that pic of him and David Spade yesterday on IG. He was High AF Why were his people allowing him to Drive AGAIN!!!!
  14. He was High AF Sunday at Riviera & that Picture of him and Spade on IG yesterday was not a good look. Clearly got back on the sauce after the last back surgery.....(I'M NOT BLAMING HIM FOR HIS BACK PAIN...But) Glad no one else was hurt, I hope he is not inured more but word is he is in surgery already. This time I don't think he bounces back.
  15. Which was TM's last great players hybrid. The M1's sucked and the M3's were a no Adams shaped TM shaped looking 17M1. The Gapr was hideous as well.
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