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    The M1 440 was the best of the M1, M3, M5 series by 100 Miles. That club will always be relevant.
  2. That is Niblick from Florida. All of his gear is 100% legit They will also hot melt at no extra charge on purchases.
  3. The TR is awesome, Maybe try the Atmos Blue TS 8x?
  4. he also may be the shittiest driver ever and just likes to cross lanes of traffic without braking & drive into hillsides for no reason or Aliens like you said.
  5. none of this makes a lick of sense......TMZ says he was headed to Riviera, TGC says he was headed to Rolling Hills which is close to the accident. it’s almost as if he fell asleep at the wheel....thank god no one was killed.
  6. Accident happened in Rolling Hills Estates, a mostly Residential Community. A simple google search of that town & Hotels don't bring back ANY "Hotels" Tiger woods would likely stay at or in. Air BnB's maybe but Is he staying at the ramada or Courtyard??? The only Place is possibly Terreana, which is a golf club on the ocean but Still was he leaving a Commercial Shoot or leaving this "Hotel".
  7. Yeah details like he got back on the sauce after his surgery in December & he shouldn't have been Driving!!! Why were his "People" allowing him to Drive knowing he had fallen off the wagon?
  8. Did you see the photos of him Sunday & that pic of him and David Spade yesterday on IG. He was High AF Why were his people allowing him to Drive AGAIN!!!!
  9. He was High AF Sunday at Riviera & that Picture of him and Spade on IG yesterday was not a good look. Clearly got back on the sauce after the last back surgery.....(I'M NOT BLAMING HIM FOR HIS BACK PAIN...But) Glad no one else was hurt, I hope he is not inured more but word is he is in surgery already. This time I don't think he bounces back.
  10. Which was TM's last great players hybrid. The M1's sucked and the M3's were a no Adams shaped TM shaped looking 17M1. The Gapr was hideous as well.
  11. Pretty much, I will not hit that club if it is anything over 75 yards and a 3/4 MAX swing. I use it more as a crafty finese wedge but don't get me wrong I use it a lot & it is my greenside bunker club.
  12. I play my Irons 1 flat of standard in my BStone Irons, I play my Gap wedge & sand wedge 1 flat of TM standard and my 60 is neutral.
  13. It's not a Motore either.....it's actually a Rombax Prototype that never made it to retail.
  14. Correct, SIM 2 is about 200 RPM's more than SIM 1 all things being alike, but it is also Neutral where SIM 1 Was Fade bias.
  15. If you are going Max you should be ok with a 9 head. If you are going Sim & you like a open face, Get a 10.5 and adjust it .75 low to make it look open. I have noticed generally 10.5 heads in these models tend to look more closed to N & the 9 heads look more N to slightly open.
  16. I'm dead.....you seriously beat me to it!!!
  17. I went with the 70gr, not sure about SW but I hope they don't. I Play my Diver 45" and will hotmelt it to get the head to about 198 so my 661's will turn out D3/4
  18. The Torque isn't as low as you would think but I'm sure if follows the Hzrdus Black theme which is always a little stout.
  19. I went RDX Black 70 but I will end up selling it (figured it would have the most resell value). Will likely go with my Trusty Evo IV 661 or Speeder 661TR. The TR is a unique shaft, I only have 1 round in with it but it was accurate and long with great feeling.
  20. CT Marks, they should wipe off. The M4 was a great driver, very easy to launch & it went in my experiences.
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