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  1. The shoes are 14 in the US sizing chart, that conveys to 44 in EU sizes I believe. Putter was lengthened with a butt extension at my local golf shop. I believe it was 35" originally. Cutting it back to 35 1/2" would get you closer to original length. You'd just have to add weight to get the swing weight you prefer, but you should be fine just slapping the grip back on and gaming it. Being a mallet the putter is very close to being face balanced.
  2. A few items collecting dust in the basement up for sale. All prices include shipping in the CONUS. Bulk of pictures will be at the end of the ad to save you on unneeded scrolling. All reasonable offers will be entertainment. 1. Evnroll ER5 37" This was my gamer for 2 years so it shows signs of wear. The most notable is a mark near the alignment dots. Tried to get the best picture I could of it. Putter was extended to 37" to save my back. Comes with Evnroll gravity grip 1.0. One of my favorite all time putters. $180 now $160 obo $old! 2. Seamus Glacier Park mallet cover. Needs no introduction
  3. I'm playing an older mixed mizuno set. Their fli-hi's 3-5, JPX 900 tour's in 6-9, then T-7 46°-58°. Gaps are fairly consistent with the exception of the 5 to 6 iron. That is usually in the 15-20 yard range. Most the course I play I don't need a 180-190 yard shot so there's so real downside to the larger gap. Could easily be fixed by adjusting lofts if needed though. In my opinion Mizuno lends its self pretty well to blending sets. Just focus on gaps in your fitting and adjust lofts if needed.
  4. I game the mizuno fli-hi's. I have 3i-5i and a 3 and 4 hybrid. Switch them out depending on the course design. Only play the 3i off the tee or if I'm in the fairway. I dont mind the chunky look as it does give me that extra confidence if I dont catch it absolutely pure. Been keeping the hybrids in the bag more recently and only carrying the five iron as of late. Only need that 200-230 yard shot a few times a round and it's usually into a green so I'd rather have the higher trajectory.
  5. I loved my black Vokey's. No glare and I didn't mind the wear. Did seem a little harder to line up though. Currently gaming the satin mizuno finish through the bag. May go back to black someday but that satin finish fits my eye better currently and looks soft and responsive.
  6. Man those look great. That flow neck is so smooth! Going to have to give these a roll.
  7. That's a beauty. Very clean! Bummer about that nick in the toe, at least it wouldn't see it lining up a putt. Great looking piece though.
  8. Try to be a minimalist as much as possible. Own 18 clubs currently. Enough to make a full set then switch out to 3/4 set with 9 or 10 clubs while keeping gaps fairly consistent.
  9. Got two pairs of True linkswear shoes in their mystery box black friday sale. Strongly suggest if you find yourself in need of new shoes come November. $75 a piece for zero drop shoes is about as good as it gets.
  10. Usually step on a 56° or back off and 3/4 a 52°. When I start losing distance it's because the grooves are worn and the ball is sliding up the face.
  11. A distance blade goes against the purpose of a bladed club. Most, if not all, are built with feel in mind. Distance is pretty far down the list of what the manufacturer's designs and and markets when it comes to blades.
  12. Nothing makes you feel worse about your golf game than the ole 1 iron. I use one on the range for the sole purpose of improving my mental toughness.
  13. A proper fitting makes such a big difference, especially for those of us on the taller side. Just played whatever clubs I could get my hand on until about five years ago. It's drastically changed my golf game.
  14. Hey, I could very well be wrong. I only know what I've observed. I think those of us who only get to play the country clubs when a friend or uncle invites us along have a different outlook to those that are members. I'll admit to the generalization of those upset with Brooks. But for me, it's a lot easier to see things from his point of view than the opposing side.
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