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  1. Beautiful Michigan evening nine with my son. Ping Eye driver and Eye2 5 wood, Mac CF4000 irons and my late father’s Ping Day putter. Scoring was less than desirable but somehow that seemed not to be the point tonight.
  2. A second set of these this week. Sick addiction. On second thought a very fun addiction. Took them to the range last night. Nice feel and great bag appeal. Pairing them up with my Tommy Armour persimmons and Ping Day putter.
  3. Another new acquisition. A little paintfill and new grips (maybe) and these should find their way into the rotation.
  4. Finally picked up a short set (5-9) of these. Beautiful heads. Mac grips. A bucket of range balls confirmed my hopes.
  5. Readying for this weekend’s Belvedere Hickory Open in beautiful Charlevoix Michigan. A must-play on the Michigan Hickory Tour schedule.
  6. Sweet collection there Jiggered!!!
  7. I’m working on fixing that “shaft trust” concern by having a set re-shafted with modern shafts. Heads are just too pretty (Wilson Walker Cups) to NOT play them. More to come on that project. In the mean time here’s a pic of another of my ‘tone sets.
  8. Curious if anyone plays pyratones on a regular basis. Lots of really nice looking heads and stampings. I know very little about this era but am intrigued. Hit my Powerbilt set at the range and..........wow.......just...wow. Very sweet clubs My concern is with the integrity of the shafts. I’ve had one break from another set and cut my hand. Other than that no complaints. Anyone else?
  9. Glad those Macs found the right home!
  10. I’ve worked hard to put this set together. BGI irons and a D Anderson wood. ...and a McIntyre Braid...
  11. Great day of hickory golf on Friday with the Illinois Honorable Company in Washington IL. Twelve holes of featherie ball play followed by nine holes of gutty ball play. The rain this morning led me to back out of today’s gutty round and head for home but this event is most definitely now on the annual rota. (Hoggs of Fife breeks and Jack Pyke shooting socks).
  12. I’ve a feeling a gutty round is in my near future
  13. Great practice session with this fine family of Nicolls. And my beloved Teddy Ray brassie.
  14. I play the Ouimet and Taylor for “modern” hickory and either the Braid or Park for pre1900. Have heard nothing but great things about the IL event. I’m assessing my calendar to see if I can fit this one in. More to come...
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