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  1. I think the more relaxed approach to golf is absolutely a step in the right direction, and would welcome things going even further in that direction, as long as everyone is still respectful of each other, and the course. Not only is it by far the best way to continue to grow the game, it makes for a more welcoming and enjoyable experience. Something that always stood out to me was that in my area at most courses I'm not allowed to have a non playing person with me. I'd love to go out a few more times a week with my girlfriend who would gladly walk the course alongside me, but cour
  2. Hopefully joining the forums helps keep your mind busy for the next 5 months that we can't play! Also in Buffalo!
  3. You show me your paystub I quit my job right now and work for you
  4. Looking to update the wardrobe a little bit and wondering if anyone's looking to get rid of the stuff as the season comes to a close in the less climate-fortunate areas. Let me know what you've got! Thanks in advance!
  5. I think PXG has always interested people but have historically been too expensive for most to try out. The 0211's are offered at a lower price point, so more people are trying them out, and perhaps not liking them.
  6. Yeah hopefully the tags end up making it easier to find those posts. Searching is a bit tough at times in my opinion, say I'm a 10.5 shoe, my search is also pulling up every 10.5 degree driver that's been listed, or sometimes people will only put "polo" or "golf shirt" and if you search for one the opposite is omitted.
  7. Is there any way we can get a separate section in the classifieds for clothes and shoes? I'm a lefty and have to look through all of the right handed classified posts to find some clothing or shoes, and sometimes those things get posted in the lefty section as well, so most will not see those.
  8. Yeah I don't mind playing with others but it was immediately clear these guys weren't your average players, they were just embarrassing to be around.
  9. Not sure if this is etiquette or if this post belongs somewhere else but every so often I'll make a tee time in the early afternoon if I see the tee sheet is pretty wide open, hoping to play alone at my own pace and work on my game. Recently I was paired with one guy who was totally normal and a decent player, and then two other guys who were friends with each-other who were an absolute disaster. Too high and too drunk to keep their composure, yelling all over the place, breaking branches off of trees if they were in their way, the list goes on. Is there any way to avoi
  10. This seems like the play if I don't have shafts to build with already.
  11. Yeah that's what I'm going to do, just wondering the best place to get a few extra shafts with adapters on them.
  12. Hey everyone, Looking to make my own Superspeed golf trainer instead of paying full price and wondering where I should look for 3 shafts with adapters, that aren't very expensive. I've looked around on eBay and Diamond Tour and there's some good options, but I still feel like it should be cheaper or easier. Let me know if you guys have any resources I'm missing. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, looking to try out a driving iron, the lower the loft the better and preferably in a stiff shaft. Let me know what you've got, thanks!!
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