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  1. I'm going to retire from my full-time engineering work this year. A couple buddies (including our head pro) have said, "Oh you're index is really going to improve!" Haha... This is a very thought-provoking time...looking at "retiring". I'll still work half-time. Work mornings...play golf in the afternoons! Thinking about coaching golf (or assisting) - high school.
  2. My son is doing some of this now - not quite as much as I think he should but we'll work on that. The kid can hit a ball as well as anybody I play with - and I've been playing with the club champ more lately. The other day I purred a 3-iron to the back of a green on a long par 4. He was 20 past me off the tee and landed his approach next to mine - with his 9 iron. LOL. I started him off with golf when he was 4 (and avoided football). I love playing with him and his buddies. These kids are great players AND really good kids. Their learning curve at that young age is amazing. You can see a wild
  3. This is odd, I think. And, I'm curious if anybody else can relate. For starters I was the worst golfer I have ever seen when I took the game up at 29, and remained horrible for a good 15 years plus. Why I didn't quit is worthy of self-reflection actually. I was that bad. I've struggled with physical issues brought on by football in my youth and have had some of that repaired via modern medicine, but still feel it - even more in my 50s. But, I got serious about my swing about three years ago and also started focusing on golf-specific fitness. Now, mid-50s I'm driving the ball better than I ever
  4. Teed up an "X" last night when the wife, son and I got out for a late 5 or 6 at the club. It was unusually warm. As I remembered - the "X" is a longdrive ball for me. A couple of big drives right down the middle. A couple were the longest drives I have ever hit on those holes in the fairway. My swing has improved recently and the "X" was very happy to come off the face like a rocket...
  5. There are two collisions. The one on the outside. And the passenger(s) colliding with stuff. You make a good point...modern analysis for crashes is pretty good compared to the past.
  6. I hope Tiger comes through this quickly. That car was REALLY damaged. Lots of kinetic energy dissipated there...Scary crash.
  7. BeerPerHole

    dopey hat

    Man...I'd look like a schmuck in that hat. I should get one...
  8. Get a really firm (black) foam roller and roll your back, certainly. That does wonders on that section of your back. I'm 53 and all beat to hell from football and have had to explore a lot of these glitches and fixes in my golfing life... At 29 you're do to start paying attention to the bod...
  9. I've been watching it for a while and I'm sure many here are familiar with it. How would we describe that flattening I see on Berger's downswing and what creates it? I started flattening my swing on the takeaway about a year ago with great results so this caught my attention a while back watching him. Does that flattening occur from an aggressive Hogan-like move with the elbow? bowing if the left wrist? It just looks very different than what I see with other swings on tv. I do see a similar move with Jon Rahm's swing. Knowledgeable input appreciated as are snarky remarks, too.
  10. Still enjoying teeing up the Get Sum regularly this winter. It feels great coming off the clubface. I don't know what my clubhead speed is and should get it checked. The MTB is longer off the tee for me and longer with the long irons. Don't care, as the GS is performing so well as I make my way through my stash. For this price, I find it pretty interesting. Long par 3 yesterday I hammered a 5-iron and the ball released 3 paces to pin-high for an 8-foot birdie put. With the shorter irons it hardly releases at all when it hits the greens. I wonder if Dean has considered modifying the Get Sum. I
  11. Years ago I was out on a long range tuna fishing trip, out at sea several days with a group of about 30 fishermen on a 110-foot boat. One of the guys was a retired Oakland A's player who had enjoyed a long career in the majors. One night at dinner I asked him his take on all the stuff in the news on PEDs in baseball. His response, "If you aint cheatin' you ain't tryin' ". Probably the most succinct thing he said the entire trip.
  12. At our club I'd say 90% of the balls I find in the rough or under trees are ProV balls. I always ponder that for a second for some reason...
  13. Yeah...just like all those new drivers we keep seeing coming out. Every one is so much longer. And, the money flies out of our wallets faster and faster. Physics. New products, for the most part, remind me of a saying in fishing. "That lure is designed to catch fishermen." That said, I'm excited when and if Snell puts out a new product.
  14. I must repeat. The Get Sum is probably the most overlooked ball I've seen. How's that for an oxymoron? In this cold wintertime play I occasionally pull a sleeve of them and toss in my bag on the way out to the course and, man, these balls really perform well. I normally play the MTB-Black. For me, the Get Sum is a touch shorter off the driver. But, the MTB line is a long ball. Other than that, it keeps right up. I'm an 11 now and getting better - occasionally showing single-digit play when out practicing lately. It certainly doesn't seem like the ball's not good enough for me. This sucker stop
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