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  1. They do talk too much. I think it's probably the producer in their ear saying "say this or that..." I find it strange. The "Live At" show on Golf Channel - I've griped about that one here in the past. It takes on an ESPN-like air-filler approach to just spewing a bunch of words into the airways. Can't watch it. But...during play there's no excuse for all the verbiage we're getting lately. I wish they'd pipe down a little bit. It starts to feel like the commentators are supposed to be a big part of the show.... Uh..no. How many times did we have to hear about Louis' age? Really....
  2. No. Not possible. I ended up watching less of this major than any other.
  3. Guy packs on more muscle than probably any PGA golfer ever, swings for the fences with a 5-degree driver...then, blames the equipment when he doesn't hit the short grass? I actually like Bryson, but this seems counterintuitive.
  4. Yeah..and I know that comparing this Vice to my regular MTB Black isn't a useful comparison...I'm just using that to help describe what I experienced with the Vice. The Vice Tour is an interesting ball and back when I was a 20 I'd probably enjoy it more. Either way...I like trying to support the smaller, direct-to-customer operations.
  5. I normally play the Snell line. Interested in what a 3-piece surylin ball would be like I ordered a couple dozen Vice Tour balls. If I don't like them my wife and kids will gladly spray them all over. So, I went out last night and teed them up. Had the course to myself so I played a couple of them. Very interesting. My normal ball has been the MTB Black so I could compare - and I know this isn't a fair comparison and I didn't expect them to be similar. But, I was curious how these Vice would perform. Impressions: They are a good looking ball and feel good in the hands. Nice logo. Off the face
  6. Totally agree. That ball is butter. Does everything you could ask. I love hitting a mid or short iron into a green with it. Right after the ball leaves the club I'll often say, "there it is" long before it lands. Haha...
  7. I dig the high number MTBs. Hit the longest drive ever on our #14 hole this weekend with the MTB-X. Man, that ball goes off the tee for me. Birdied the par 4. Thanks Dean.
  8. I've been gaming the MTB Black for several months now. There's a retired guy at our club who drives around in his cart and picks up lost golf balls. Sells them and gives the money to 1st Tee. Nice guy. Yesterday morning he drove up to me and said, "Don't you play Snell?" Handed me an MTB-X in good shape so I teed it up. Hit the longest tee shot I've ever hit on one of our holes. That ball really does give me an advantage off the tee over anything else I've tee'd up. Had a silly 70-yard wedge shot in to the elevated green. My partner said, "Go ahead and birdie it!". So, I did. I occasionally wo
  9. This is working. I'm starting to come in under my index and it's mostly happening because my irons are more like lasers with this approach. Even driver...driving it better than I ever have - after playing for 25 years now in my mid-50s!
  10. I listened to the commentary and especially his own comments pretty carefully recently. In sport and in life I've seen many, many young men his age go through a rough patch. One at my old boxing gym didn't make it. 23 years old. I went through something similar when suffering a very bad injury at 22. Just something I've seen over and over with friends' kids, etc. For some reason things can get emotionally challenging for guys around that age. Don't know the details as to why. I can imagine it's tough living his lifestyle at 20 or so, too. I'm pulling for the kid. Love watching him play, too.
  11. As I understand it: It's the difference in the angles of turn achieved between the shoulders and hips. While Rahm's takaway looks very short, he has a lot of twist in that barrel. His leg work is really nice, too.
  12. I'm work in a technical field and am a geek, especially when it comes to the golf swing. My swing has morphed a lot over the past three years. My scores, in the process, have dropped about 13 strokes. I noticed via studying videos of my swing recently that a really full turn (I'm capable of a pretty full turn for my age) I get movements I don't like. So, started working with a golf fitness trainer and that has helped. At the 2018 US Open I stood next to Rahm on the last day (he was paired with Henrik, who was kind enough to chat with my boy) and I've always admired Rahm's swing. He and I are b
  13. Yeah. It can be a soap opera. My son hits the ball a mile and has zero mental ability to understand worth ethic or practice. He goes out and puts on a long-drive show and shoots upper 80s and comes in near the back of the pack - usually he'll go O.B. twice off of one of the tees. I don't even go to his matches anymore. He turned 16 yesterday. Never practices. Ever. Good luck with your boy and his clubhead speed. It's probably just a phase and it'll come back.
  14. I'm guessing you should get the knee evaluated for stability. Also guessing there's ligament damage that should be addressed. I've learned about this stuff the hard way... Good luck with it.
  15. My wife says Brooks reminds her of me. I'll have to show her that clip and ask her to reevaluate. Unfortunately...I think I'm a lot like Bryson. Haha. I really struggle with Brooks' smack-talking, tough-guy persona. Love his game. Seems like a tortured soul. Bryson's too deep in his dome... Glad we have some garbage to post about here today...
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