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  1. I have been watching Bryson's career for some time, starting well before the bulking up. The more I watch the whole circus that he's in the middle of the more I'm confused by my fellow sports fans. Yeah, the guy acts childish when he misses a put. He's got an odd personality. I haven't seen him being what I'd call offensive. I saw him asking Cantlay to stop walking yesterday. That's not out of line. Everybody's talking about this guy. What I notice is well-lubricated fans doing what they've always done - heckling. I've never liked that. Reeks of stupidity and cowardice to taunt a pro from outside the ropes. Stupid for another PGA player to offer beer to fans to heckle his opponent. I keep waiting for the tour to rope this mess in a little bit. If they don't I think the game may suffer. Wish I could sit and chat with Bryson. I'd say, "Just keep smiling. That will drive them nuts." Pains me to see him distracted by any of it. Just needs to keep grinding, smiling and being somewhat guarded when he opens his mouth. He does that and he'll keep delivering checks to the bank. That said, I was glad to watch that playoff and to see Cantlay win it. Great player!
  2. Decided to try this ball and must say I think it's a pretty good ball. Anybody here game these regularly? They have a firm feel. Seem plenty long off the tee. Real nice trajectory for me throughout the bag. I did induce a little damage to the cover but that was mainly due to my abuse (tree and cart path...haha). With approach shots from the rough (one of my most common shots) the ball flew very well, landed near the target and didn't run out excessively. I was flag hunting pretty well with this ball.
  3. I have to laugh...Yeah, only 9 holes. I've had a handful of times where I've caught fire for a front or back...
  4. I appreciate the analysis. FWIW...At the beginning of the season in the same format we shot even par. I'm really an 11 index, yep. But, I never broke 80 on our course playing my own ball. Also, this tournament was 9-hole. Not sure I mentioned that. I hit a lot of fairways with driver, usually 250-270 out...which is unusual for an 11 from what I understand. While my son hits a lot of fairways 280-300 out...which is stupid long for a goofy kid. We tend to scramble well as a team, I noticed. Feels like we're grinding all the time... I have two jobs, two kids, a wife, dog...etc. I don't have time to do the research on other players' handicaps, really. I bet that gets interesting, though. Yeah, it's interesting that we lost...What caught my attention is that we didn't place in the top three playing out of our heads. Go figure. The other father (25 index) has talked sh*t at my son in the past (not a classy move) and when I told my son they are paired with us my boy said, "I'm thrilled!" He wanted to beat them like a drum and he dished it out very well. The other dad even complemented his swing, which was nice. Love this game...entertaining as hell, isn't it? I always say it brings out the worst in a lot of people - making it a great way to get to know somebody. I once was paired with a couple on their first date. Told them, "genius"....
  5. I appreciate all the input on this. Last night my son and I felt somewhat deflated after the awards ceremony. Looks like we probably shot the lowest gross score of the outing and got nothing for it. When we came to the club a few years ago I was a total hack, starting out around a 20 or so and have really worked on bringing it down. My boy has worked hard at it and, in spite of having a disability, has become a pretty good ball striker. He tee shots were incredible yesterday. I'm not going to post bullsh*t in order to be competitive. May go the way of Ty Webb as I continue to improve...haha. Ty Webb didn't even post scores....funny.
  6. I'm starting to wonder about this. I'm fairly new to competitions, just the last few years. I have noticed in previous club competitions guys shooting well under their handicaps (10 strokes or more)...and, often it's the same few guys. So, I thought, "OK, maybe a few baggers" and just moved on. Today my son and I played in a jr/sr. I'm an 11 index, he's right around me but I think a little lower. It was a modified scotch (pick one drive, then alternate shot). We played very well for us and came in 1 over. But, we didn't even place. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all shot higher gross than us. The Sr of the other team paired with us is a guy I know very well. We beat them by 4 strokes but half way through the round I asked his index. "25"...I just stared at him...He's very close to me in skill. They took 2nd. I'm not ticked, but you know that feeling when who wonder if you were just duped? That's what it feels like. I'd like to play these other teams straight up for lunch or $. Those would be very good matches. I'm curious if others here with indexes like mine, almost singles, find that this is a range where you're in a pickle in competitions. Or, is the world just rife with baggers? I can't help but chuckle about this...
  7. They do talk too much. I think it's probably the producer in their ear saying "say this or that..." I find it strange. The "Live At" show on Golf Channel - I've griped about that one here in the past. It takes on an ESPN-like air-filler approach to just spewing a bunch of words into the airways. Can't watch it. But...during play there's no excuse for all the verbiage we're getting lately. I wish they'd pipe down a little bit. It starts to feel like the commentators are supposed to be a big part of the show.... Uh..no. How many times did we have to hear about Louis' age? Really....
  8. No. Not possible. I ended up watching less of this major than any other.
  9. Guy packs on more muscle than probably any PGA golfer ever, swings for the fences with a 5-degree driver...then, blames the equipment when he doesn't hit the short grass? I actually like Bryson, but this seems counterintuitive.
  10. Yeah..and I know that comparing this Vice to my regular MTB Black isn't a useful comparison...I'm just using that to help describe what I experienced with the Vice. The Vice Tour is an interesting ball and back when I was a 20 I'd probably enjoy it more. Either way...I like trying to support the smaller, direct-to-customer operations.
  11. I normally play the Snell line. Interested in what a 3-piece surylin ball would be like I ordered a couple dozen Vice Tour balls. If I don't like them my wife and kids will gladly spray them all over. So, I went out last night and teed them up. Had the course to myself so I played a couple of them. Very interesting. My normal ball has been the MTB Black so I could compare - and I know this isn't a fair comparison and I didn't expect them to be similar. But, I was curious how these Vice would perform. Impressions: They are a good looking ball and feel good in the hands. Nice logo. Off the face they felt hard. After several holes I was trying to figure out how I'd describe them. For me, and my preferences, I'd say they spun more off the long clubs than I like and less off the short ones. I did A/B them with my norm and found in one case that a chip with the MTB certainly stopped quicker. Off driver I hit a couple pretty big drives with the Vice. On a particularly hard and infamous par 4 of ours that plays uphill, very long and usually into the wind I hit my longest drive ever on that hole - only leaving me 123 in. Normally, a big drive there leaves 155 in. (should hear the guys gripe about that hole...haha). That drive was straight. But my other attempts seemed eager to stray off the fairway. I enjoyed putting the ball, quite a bit. Seems like a good ball for the price and well-suited to the mid-high handicapper (my index is 12). First time I played a surylin ball with the exception of the Snell Get Sum, which I'll tee up when I find one in my bag. The Get Sum feels softer and straighter off the tee - really an impressive 2-piece ball. What first grabbed my attention to the Vice line is when I found and played a Pro-soft last year. That was a very good ball, albeit a touch short off the tee. Just thought I'd share for my fellow geeks.
  12. Totally agree. That ball is butter. Does everything you could ask. I love hitting a mid or short iron into a green with it. Right after the ball leaves the club I'll often say, "there it is" long before it lands. Haha...
  13. I dig the high number MTBs. Hit the longest drive ever on our #14 hole this weekend with the MTB-X. Man, that ball goes off the tee for me. Birdied the par 4. Thanks Dean.
  14. I've been gaming the MTB Black for several months now. There's a retired guy at our club who drives around in his cart and picks up lost golf balls. Sells them and gives the money to 1st Tee. Nice guy. Yesterday morning he drove up to me and said, "Don't you play Snell?" Handed me an MTB-X in good shape so I teed it up. Hit the longest tee shot I've ever hit on one of our holes. That ball really does give me an advantage off the tee over anything else I've tee'd up. Had a silly 70-yard wedge shot in to the elevated green. My partner said, "Go ahead and birdie it!". So, I did. I occasionally wonder if Dean has plans to expand his operation. Certainly has the product.
  15. This is working. I'm starting to come in under my index and it's mostly happening because my irons are more like lasers with this approach. Even driver...driving it better than I ever have - after playing for 25 years now in my mid-50s!
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