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  1. You bet. Ping Glide 2 54. Great club. Very versatile. Got the Glide 3 58 with the old-fat sole grind to accompany it and stopped looking for wedges.
  2. My home course is bermuda fairways. I almost never get beyond a yard past the landing spot. Then, I'll go play another local track in the summer and, literally, be 50-60 yards longer (one last summer was +100 yards, for my PR drive). It's an eye-opener.
  3. I played a Vice Pro Soft blue hue that I found recently. I loved it with one exception. Not nearly as long as my regular Snell off the tee. I think that Vice is for slower swing speeds. I thought it was a neat ball, and very cool looking.
  4. Good food porn in this thread! I'm lifting 2 to 3 times per week. Also doing a collection of TPI exercises prescribed to me by a TPI trainer in my area. I need to be honest with myself and really focus on the mobility work. Trainer says I don't need to get stronger. He's right. Oh...and drinking plenty of high-grade IPA...
  5. I can't give up on the MTB-X. I enjoy playing the Get Sum. Played a round with the X a couple days ago and I'm long with the driver with the MTB-X. Blasted through one fairway on a dogleg left, landing 25 yards into the rough. No driver there anymore with the MTB-X for me off that tee. Don't know my swing speed. But, I get lusty length with that ball. Now that my 3-wood is back in the bag the par 5s at my course are in trouble.
  6. My oddest hobby is watching satellites fly by. I shared a website here earlier so one can find out when they'll pass. I'll share that again here later. I just love it....I'll be outside at night taking care of something around the house. And, if it's a clear night I'll look up and within minute or two I'll usually see a satellite pass by. One night I saw seven of them in a row, pass about a minute between each of them, on the same path. That must have been some sort of strange military space installation...
  7. I do to. Recently acquired a home in Reno and will be there a lot...eventually permanently. There is a lot of very good golf in the region. My place is near Wolf Run, Montreoux, etc. I've played Silver Oak several times. It's good fun. Love the region.
  8. Noted...for when I crack the head of my 400Max again and need a replacement - unless the Max is still available.
  9. I've been playing almost entirely urethane balls the past few years. I've gone from an 18 to an 11.9 over the past two years, FWIW. In the past two years, in looking at my three best rounds - 2 of them were with a soft, 2-piece surlyn ball. Snell Get Sum. I've messed with the Soft Feel a little and the TM Distance+. I'm thinking the Get Sum will be my regular ball going forward. I did play an incredible 9 on a tough links course (1-over) with the MTB-black. I was just swinging and putting really well that day. In short, I think there's a lot to be said for the soft, 2-piece surlyn ball.
  10. It's only a 78, but I'll take it. I was an 18 two years ago and am 11.9 now. How that happened, I'm not sure. Anyway, was on a very fun track Sunday - Silver Oak in Carson City, Nevada. In looking back on the round I did it because I sank several long par putts, hit or was close to the fairway off the tees, and any mid-irons into a couple of the greens ended up on the dance floor. It was pretty interesting and a lot of fun to play like that. Oh, and I switched to a soft, 2-piece, surylin ball on this round. I think that helped keep the ball closer to the target and the greens were receptive an
  11. Happens on all forums, I think. It is an odd thing, for sure.
  12. I don't know. I can say that it feels soft off the irons.
  13. All three of my best rounds ever have been with Snell balls. 2 with the Get Sum and one with the MTB. I decided to experiment a little after playing the MTB-X for a while and acquired some Get Sum and tee'd them up for yesterday's round. I found that I was often hitting the X higher and sometimes wilder than I wanted - but it goes a long way off the driver. I'm an 11.something now, FWIW. Well, I shot the lights out with the Get Sum yesterday. And, I know these balls aren't supposed to be as good around the green as urethane balls. But, for me that's just not the case. Greens were somewhat rece
  14. Anybody else watch that movie on Golf Channel recently about Tom Morris Jr and his dad? I had no idea he died so young. Movie was pretty well done, I must say. The actor playing his dad either had an accent that was so strong I could only understand 20% of what he said, or he just mangled the lines. Such a sad story about Jr's wife and child (sorry for the spoiler)...
  15. Yep. I'm waiting for a couple things that should have been here long ago...
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