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  1. Thanks for the insight- Just joined up at Berkeley Hills- Fun, tough course- looking forward to it
  2. Sorry- Indian Hills- Atlanta, GA Thanks
  3. Any Indian Hills members? Thoughts on overall club and course- I know they have the lottery system on the weekend, does it get a ton of play during the week. Other pros/cons would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info- How crowded is berkeley during the week- weekday mornings/mid mornings?
  5. Live in Buckhead- tired of the public options- but cant afford the intown privates. Rivermont and Berkeley both seem about 25-30mins from buckhead, without traffic. Any insight on the two courses- can usually play during the week- mornings- any idea on how crowded both courses are at that time? Any other pros/cons other decent options? Thanks
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