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  1. Really prefer to trade this but: F/S Never used Odyssey O-Works Red Marxman 33” SuperStroke Mid-Slim 2.0 and original headcover $125 shipped fed-ex BUT I want to trade looking for: 33” anser style or any type of mallet with a plumbers neck..prefer 1 degree upright and 4* loft thank you
  2. Anyone have a fit comparison on these? Thank you!
  3. williaza

    New Tens

    Doesnt mention stock grip anywhere either
  4. I know this isn’t the proper thread but how do these feel on? Could they be comfortable enough to be a waking shoe?
  5. I will admit this is a little out there. Kind of using the the forum to just think out loud. bough an Oddy O-Works Red Marxman when CPO had big sale. enjoy the putter and think it has fit my eye and performance has improved. Here is the weird part I’m not in love with the open space or see through look. is there a putter out there that would mimic marxman alignment, size, shape but solid head. thanks!
  6. F/S Odyssey White hot RX #1 34 inches. very nice shape the face is mint. $90 shipped. I will ship fed ex tomorrow! (2/6/2021) UPDATE: REALLY want to move this to ship tomorrow please send any offers
  7. What is the rubber grip? Can you find it anywhere? DFX?
  8. Can you buy the grip seperate or find a grip that is a close replacement anywhere? Thank you
  9. Intrigued by GP TV Cord and S-Tech Cord..but I can’t find any reviews on it
  10. Thinking of going to cord grips this season. Play in NY..been debating as I think I’ll like the feeling of a little extra texture and sometimes I feel like I am losing my grip. I know their are 100 posts on this topic and seems to be a lot of opinion. But I’ll ask anyway..any opinions on my first go round and what benefits I’ll get? Thinking TV Cord SS S-Tech Cord or UTx as what I’m looking at played TV/ Crossline on and off last 3 seasons
  11. ***ONLY HATS REMAIN*** FS: 3 Doz (1 ball is missing from the alignment dozen) New 2019 Pro V1..2 standard number 1 alignment aid...SOLDTitleist Nantucket Hat White: Worn once..$20Titleist fitted White hat: $25 REALLY want to sell hats and balls together..think of it as a Titleist starter pack!$135 shipped together (will ship fed ex)33 inch Odyssey Versa 7 CS with a brand new KBS CT shaft and brand new GP Pro Only Cord Green Grip...sold Garsen Ultimate Red: sold Putter with Garsen soldsend offers thanks!
  12. So, would most recommend toe hang? I was reading that push putts mostly recommend face balanced?
  13. I 100% accept that I think some of the issues are my tinkering with the putter. I have taken a few putting lessons working on ball position and set up etc. I fully accept a new putter wont change my issues. I guess my reason for asking here is the past few winter/covid months I have done so much reading into different putting fitting theories and ideas which I guess i've neglected before and it has my brain working on can I find the most correct set up for myself with that information.
  14. Thank you! I will say that a few of my best putting rounds the past two seasons have come with a traditional plumbers neck anser style. BUT it seems like I always go real south after awhile with the plumbers neck. I picked up the game in 2015 and was bought a putter fitting that summer. I was fit into a TM ghost tour indy..flow neck pretty big toe hang. However, after that first season I felt as if my putting got much much worse with that set up. I did decide to switch to left hand low this winter and in practice I am starting to love the feel. I should have also said
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