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  1. Looking for new or mint please
  2. I was told by CPO last week they never send any putter with weight kit..just giving you a heads up to pounce on this lol
  3. The CPO site lists the 2-ball as weight adjustable is that accurate?
  4. Any idea on why the paintfill would be different
  5. So I got this #1 on here a few weeks ago..the odyssey swirl marks paintfill seems off. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Any chance this is fake? Do they even counterfeit OGs? Thank you!
  6. I am a total idiot and made another impulse putter buy…than remembered I don’t like the o-works insert. This is new but the grip is kind of shop worn/past it’s prime so I’ll add in a brand new lamkin grip. Also have 20g after market weights $150 shipped..if bought tonight I’ll mail tomorrow morning fed ex..I want this mistake out of sight!
  7. I know the blade weights and mallets weights are different sizes (mallet weights are larger) I just didnt know if they made a third variety of weight for the 2-ball
  8. Do you know if the MXM 2-ball has its own weight or does it have its unique shape weight? Seems like you can find Mallet weight kits everywhere but not "2-ball" weight kits.
  9. 34” Rahm edition 2 ball
  10. Has anyone got an RSX 7 or Fang WITH the lines painted? Thank you
  11. Looking for a stock 33” SC in very good to mint condition…open to models. Thank you
  12. WTB any new Garsen Putter grip..open to pretty much any of models
  13. I know Winn makes the matador for SC..which of their own models is most similar to the matador medium? Thanks
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