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  1. Could be wrong here..but seems like Rickie has steel shaft back in his putter today.
  2. Just to add..I did a ping telefit thing..it’s definitely limited..they recommend their center shafted models..what do you think of that?
  3. Thank you..would counterweight or fat grips help? Also I’m much better from 20ft than I am from 6 ft..I’m assuming that is a mental putting issue
  4. I do have these from the ping app
  5. I have not..i would lOVE to do something like that just havent made it happen yet
  6. Here is my biggest gripe with putter fitting...ive been told by pretty much every professional that has seen me take puts i have a moderate arc...i have used toe hang putters from 1/4 toe hang to full toe hang...then i read only that a consistent right miss usually means the player has too much toe hang...if im playing 1/4 toe hang and i need less wouldnt that be Face balanced? but i have an arc stroke which is NOT supposed to fit face balanced.
  7. I know im getting annoying now haha any putter set up that is more optimal for LHL?
  8. Thank you..just like to tinker with my putting which is probably most of the problem..but it is also by far the worst part of my game..maybe I will try LHL
  9. I was fit when i first began playing 5 years ago..i have always used those specs in putters i've bought since...although i've started to experiment with possible toe/hang and face balanced not sure where to go
  10. I also miss out of the toe quite a bit..not sure what that would mean...would you try LHL with toe hang or face balanced?
  11. So, ive tried SO many putters...very average to below average..i know most is stroke and nerves. Most of my misses came from being short and/or a push...i found that when i forward pressed slightly to begin the stroke my distance control has been better and less of a push miss...still miss it right occasionally but much more do to misread or poor strike and less flat out pushes. I am using a standard anser style plumbers neck blade.
  12. All used clothes have been impeccably taken care of and never have been in dryer..I ship fast. looking to sell as a lot ALL LINKSOUL ITEMS SOLD #1 Used Medium Linksoul Cotton(soft) Sweater black...$30 shipped #2 Used Medium Linksoul cotton sweater grey...$30 shipped #3 NWOT Medium Linksoul cotton (soft) sweater Light Bue...$35 shipped #4 Used Medium Linksoul cotton (soft) 1/4 zip Grey...$50 shipped # 5 Used Medium Linksoul Rain Full-zip jacket Grey ...$70 shipped #6 Used Medium Linksoul cotton tour logo shirt
  13. I was also thinking of trying a face balanced blade with the new slight forward press..does it make technical sense using face balanced with a forward press or defeats the purpose?
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