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  1. I just played last week as well for first time, and is also my new favorite course. My two minor complaints would be... 1. One of the iconic holes (hole 12 I think) is under construction, and takes some of the awesome view away. We saw a bald eagle ? gliding at eye level over lake which made up for it. Last pic shows the construction. 2. They paired us up with people that got a caddy and were walking while we were in a cart with no caddy.
  2. I haven't played in a couple of years but it's always in excellent condition. Those two courses are very hard to pick a winner, you'll get a 50/50 response I'm sure. The only difference to favor one over the other is in the price and Pilgrims as much cheaper. That being said I'd pick Tullymore, lol
  3. Took a long 6 and half hour drive from Grand Rapids to Greywalls with son for the first time. The course is amazing and is currently my new #1 course. I have Arcadia Bluffs coming up in 2 weeks for first time so it might get bumped. My only complaint from my experience is the slow play that day, and the clubhouse is so little and trashy. I collect ball markers or bag tags from big popular courses with course logo on it and they had none. When you enter all you see is the Heritage and little shed clubhouse and seems like it doesn't belong next to Greywalls. Luckily you take a 5-10 minute
  4. I'd just play Macatawa Legends. It's close and just as good. But if you need something new then Hawkshead over Ravines. Just enter clubhouse slow as the dog lays right in front of it. I accidentally kicked him as I walked in.?
  5. I was talking about The golf club at Thornapple Pointe which is in GR right by the airport. That course is great, I have never played or heard of Thornapple Creek course.
  6. @DeeBee30 Wow that sounds like a great trip!! Pilgrims Run will be one of the best courses you play on your trip. Mines is fun but your not missing much, it is not even close to the quality of golf of PR.
  7. On vacation from Michigan in August and would like to play one of these courses. What one is better?
  8. I doubt it. The course is really popular and always in excellent condition. I know it is part of the courses that you can play if you have a pvt membership at Thousand Oaks/Watermark/Stone water/Sunnybrook. Maybe they going full Pvt.
  9. Thornapple pt. and the Mines would be two Grand Rapids courses worth playing. Pilgrims Run is great and 5 min from highway
  10. I am very interested in playing one of these courses later in summer. The website says they are reserved for overnight resort guests. Has anyone played either of them without staying at the very expensive resort? I also don't want to play with a caddie and was wondering if it is required. The website used to say it was, but now I don't even see caddies available.
  11. I'll be on vacation with family next week in Lake Geneva so I booked a round at the Brute. The only other course I considered was the Player course at Geneva National. Did I make the right choice? I only want a Grand Geneva or Geneva National course.
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