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  1. Was mine, it is a rocket! And it is absolutely tour issued
  2. What are the serial #'s? Would just like to confirm that they're Wedge Works. Thx
  3. Hi All, neither has seen much play at all, but not new. SIM is 44.75”, D3, Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI in 60TX. No Tipping. SIM Rocket is 43”, D3, Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI in 70TX. 0.5” Tipping. Brand New Head covers and New Wrench Included Will include 2 tour issue all metal adapters if full price is paid. $OLD
  4. 1) Fourteen 2 Driving Iron. Tour Issued, only a few around to my knowledge. 40”, 18*, D3 SW. Excellent condition $OLD 2) Ping Glide Wedges. 50, 54, 58, Black Dot. Good shape $OLD
  5. Want to show some of the offset at address please?
  6. Ultra cool set here! Mizuno MP32 from Japan. These have been hit, but just a few balls. The five iron demonstrates average condition...all are excellent, but not perfect. S200, stamped ferrules, std length, Mizuno Japan Factory Original Asking $OLD
  7. Hi all, bored. -Sim 9* w/ Adapter and 14* Rocket w/ Adapter. Both have headcovers. Driver has new wrench inside the cover. Had been removed from plastic, but never touched a ball. -Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI 70 in TX. Has been tipped trimmed 0.5". Zero butt trimming. Driver head + cover, adapter, wrench: Rocket head + cover, adapter: 70TX: Package price: Keeping
  8. Perhaps best suited in the accessories section, but figured here is best. What are glove sizes in Japan? Rakuten has some, but only shows 21, 22, 23, 24 etc. I am typically a medium. Thx
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