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  1. @Lefty87 There are a few surprises left for 2020... Be sure you're signed up for our newsletter to get all the details first!
  2. @Dsept7 Unfortunately we don't have a restock date for this bag at this time, so it will likely be a few months. We have a few surprises left for 2020. Stay tuned!
  3. @maomaobear We can't wait for you take it out either! We look forward to any feedback / comments you may have.
  4. @subwrx Unfortunately we do not, the only straps we have for the Lite Stand are our current Single and Double Straps.
  5. This is really great feedback for our design team, thank you! We hope you enjoy your Lite Stand for years to come!
  6. @Jw231176 If you choose the double strap options at checkout, then yes you'll receive a double strap ? @mlf We don' have any Golf WRX discounts at the moment. However, we do offer 10% off any first-time purchase with email sign up! The 14-way Player 2.0 bags are expected to arrive late July. Thanks!
  7. @Jarlaxle @jdanlaw The Lite LUX is a luxury evolution of our Lite Stand bag. We've upgraded the materials, trims and finishes for a more luxe look and feel. This a good option for those who like the Lite Stand bag, but want an elevated level of luxury. Features unique to the Lite LUX include: Exoskeletal frame on the base to save weightLarge garment compartmentExterior personals pocketMicrofiber lined dividersQuilted hip padCrosshatch embossed pattern on the materials The VLX is our first crossover bag. We've taken features from both our Sunday 2.0 & Lite Stand to design the VLX. Thi
  8. @Jarlaxle This customer was inquiring about the straps included in our COBRA x VESSEL Tour Stand bags :) The Tour Stand bags come with a single strap. @KE47S Yes - we can personalize all our bags, including our collaborations bags.
  9. The Lite Lux is a luxury evolution of our award-winning Lite Stand. Elegantly designed with top-level trims and materials to elevate the level of luxury while maintaining the same performance that the Lite Stand is known for. Available now for pre-order! https://vesselbags.com/pages/lite-lux-landing-page
  10. @KE47S These come with a Single Strap. You can use our Tour Strap to convert it to a "double carry".
  11. @dmbrill719 Details coming this Friday ? Stay tuned!
  12. @arydolphin The Valuables Pocket is located inside the larger, right side pocket ? Correct, the VLX does not have the padded section that's on the other bags. @dillardiv No plans to release the VLX in the tech material as of now. However, you could always order one custom made!
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