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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-New-Mens-Air-Max-270-Golf-Shoes-Grey-CU5732-030-Sz-5-12/353214364161?hash=item523d377a01:g:HpIAAOSwpwBfbY1F all weather Am270G
  2. Got my wing 5s and I got to say. They are really nice. Noticed the clear sides are wings instead of the usual mesh.
  3. New colorway popped up on eBay. Looks like USA? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Air-Zoom-Infinity-Tour-NRG-Golf-Shoes-Sneakers-White-Red-CT0601-110-US-7-12/264863904382?hash=item3dab1e727e:g:c7oAAOSwhBtfXgkA
  4. Atleast you golf I hope? Most flippers don’t even know how to swing a golf club.
  5. Returned mine for the same reason. My fat foot hangs over the side of the shoe.
  6. Yes I ordered over the phone. They said it was low is stock as well but I could still order. I am actually thinking about returning one or two as I don’t know if I will ever wear all of them. I got ML
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the flippers were on golfwrx for the simple fact of getting intel.
  8. Looking at the color code it says summit white which is slightly off white so that seems right.
  9. All this hype about the zit this year and roshe are the first to sell out in the tie dye pack. ??
  10. What a random drop. Atleast I saved a few hundred bucks on shoes I don’t really need.
  11. The top doesn’t even look carbon. Looks like paint to me.
  12. Deciding to return my ZIT. If I don’t wear thin socks they are extremely tight.
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