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  1. Headed back down to Pinehurst for Memorial Day weekend in May and figured I'd ask the WRXers if they knew of any courses in the area that offered discounts if you play there on your birthday (mine is that weekend)? Couldn't find anything posted but wanted to see if you guys knew of any deals that courses don't advertise. For instance, was down there last year and played Mid Pines in the morning and - based on a rumor - asked the shop if they could get us on Pine Needles in the afternoon at a discount. Ended up getting Pine Needles in before complete darkness at $75 instead of the rack rate. Fi
  2. 1. Washington, DC 2. 5.7 3. Taylormade Spider X 4. Studio Stock 7 Left Handed 5. Yes 6. Yes
  3. It's always interesting to talk with lefties because very few are "pure lefties" in that all small- and large-motor skills they're left-hand or foot or eye dominant. Not the same with righties. I'm mixed: all large-motor skills (sports) I'm lefty, and I'm left-eye dominant so pool/shooting/etc all lefty. All small-motor skills I do right-handed (writing, scissors, etc). I always joke that the best part about being ambidextrous is that I can cut my food with the knife in my left and fork in my right so it gets into my mouth faster. My metabolism does not support this.
  4. Have had my Copper Spider X for a while now and have flirted with the idea of removing the black aim line paint fill. Wanted to see if anybody has tried it? I'm too cheap to go the MySpider route, but concern is if I try to strip the black some of the white "True-Path" might come with it. Thanks
  5. Have had my P770s (4-PW) since December and have been very happy with them. Came from OG P790s and while I have to give a majority of the credit to finally being fit into proper shafts (came from Modus 120S to KBS $ Taper R hardstepped), the P770s are just as long as my 790s but feel much better and the distance dispersion seems to be tighter as well. Will say that if I didn't need the extra distance I absolutely would have pulled the trigger on the P7MCs. The MCs may take over my MP-18SCs as the set I grab and hold on to strictly for aspirational purposes.
  6. 1. Washington, DC 2. 5.6 3. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6S 4. KBS $ Taper Regular 5. Regio Formula M+ 6. Yes 7. Yes
  7. May be in the minority, but wish TM would offer the EX with just the dots, or with no dots or rails. Loved my original Spider Tour Red JDay version with no sight line. Hate having to go the custom route.
  8. @Shriner @Argonne69 @mci711 @VNutzthanks for the input. Cost is no object, and we'll likely be staying in an AirBnb near North Side/Lincoln Park area. Within about an hour's drive is our plan. Fly in Wed night, play 18-36 Thurs, 18 Fri, and 18 Sun before flying out from ORD. Really interested in what 2-3 rounds would you play in addition to Dubsdread?
  9. Figured I'd throw a question to this Chicago group. Planning a buddies trip this summer to the city and we're looking at playing 3-5 rounds while we're there. Have done some research but wanted to see what you guys would pick for those rounds. Here's the courses I'm looking at. Did I miss any courses? Thanks Cog Hill (Dubsdread) *this is the only must-play I have on the list so far* Highlands of Elgin Thunderhawk Glen Club Ravisloe Cantigny Stonewall Orchard Ruffled Feathers Mistwood Haborside (Starboard) Mt Prospect
  10. Have had the 1.0PT on my Spider X since I rolled a few with the Spider FCG at my local shop a couple months back. Can't say enough good things about it. Agree that it may be a bit small for the Super Stroke fans looking for a larger grip profile.
  11. TM's custom components PDF is updated as of today. Shows some small pics of new Spider and new Hi-Toe: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/en_US/v1611065859573/TaylorMade/Product_Specs/2021_Spring_Custom.pdf Also whole new Spider Series: X, EX, S, and SR.
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