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  1. Wonder how long a wait it would be for a G425 5 hybrid with a Tensei Orange regular flex shaft?
  2. njlam

    Ping G425

    That is a great idea....I will demo both a G425 9 wood vs the 22 and 26 degree hybrids. Looking to fill the gap btwn my G425 7wood and i210 retro-spec'ed 5 iron.
  3. I got the 60 gram Tensei Orange in regular and am happy with it. That being said, I do have a Diamana Blueboard in regular that I am having a Ping adapter put on so I can compare. Not sure if the counterweight of the orange will be an advantage over the blue.
  4. njlam

    Ping G425

    What shaft did you get?
  5. njlam

    Ping G425

    First iron is a 5 i200 with retro lofts (27?). Should I get the 22 or the 26? The 7 wood is the 200 yd club, the 5 iron is the 170-175 yard club. Looking to fill the gap; to be used from fairways on par 5s and off the tee on long par 3s.
  6. njlam

    Ping G425

    Ordered the driver (Max 12 degree) and two fairways (5w head/3w length, and 7w head/5w length) in late February and received all three clubs (on separate days) in late March. All outfitted with Tensei Orange regular flex shafts The driver is good, with narrower dispersion and greater forgiveness than what I played before (and only a little better distance). The sound is terrible and my playing partners tell me if sounds like a Sasquatch (knowing I hate Nike golf clubs). The fairways, particularly the 7 wood are the revelation. Very straight and forgiving and easy to get in the air. A gr
  7. I have the Arizonan in 335 and 350 and they are both good. Also have an original GOAT at 326. Very special putters.
  8. I have two: 1. Ping G425 7 wood (7 wood head, 5 wood shaft length). My 200 yard club. Easy to get in the air, tight dispersion, impressive length. 2. Gamer Arizonan putter. A small batch boutique putter maker in the UK. Incredible balance, clean lines, solid feel, rare site dot.
  9. 4...but shouldn't the ball be included? Ping (driver/fairways/irons/wedge) PXG (hybrid) Cleveland (wedge) Gamer (putter) Titleist (ball)?
  10. I got fitted (swing speed measured at 90mph, I am getting old!) and ended up getting Tensei Orange regular flex shafts for both driver (60) and fairways (75). Tried the Altas in both reg and stiff as well as the Oranges in 55 (reg and stiff) and the 60 in stiff. The Orange in reg 60 worked best for me. Just took them on the course yesterday and I like the shafts as much if not better than the MR Diamana Blueboard (60/70) reg flex they replaced.
  11. my 2nd fairway arrived today. So I received three clubs (all ordered on the same day 2/24) one on 3/20, one on 3/22 and the last one today (3/23). Happy to have them, but if they sent all three of them at the same time, it would have been okay. All the clubs had MR Tensei Orange shafts which I hear may be the bottleneck for Ping. The G425s are a huge improvement. The driver replaced a Ping Rapture and the fairways replaced Ping G25s. While I am getting marginally more distance, the dispersion is much tighter. The G425s are louder...but in a go
  12. that is probably great for marketing. I wonder if UL members belong to more than one of their clubs, or if there are favorable reciprocal policies?
  13. One of the two fairways arrived today...wonder why they are sending one at a time?
  14. My club who ordered the club for me said they had also received a notice from Ping that the bottle neck was the shafts. I ordered the driver and fairways at the same time and only the driver has arrived, so I infer that the fairway shafts (Tensei Orange) may be one of the components contributing to the delays. While we don't have many big box golf retailers in the area, last time I visited, they seemed to have lots of G425 stock (with stock configurations). FWIW, the driver is fantastic.
  15. Why are custom orders quicker than stock? FYI, my order went in on 2/24 and the G425 Max driver (stock everything) arrived on 3/20. The fairways I ordered were G425 5W with stock shaft at 3W length, and a 7W with a stock shaft at 5W length. Is that custom enough to get them in 3 weeks?
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