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  1. Okay, 4th tryFor sale value is $400, however, I am more interested in a trade/swap:I just don't have the swing speed for the LST and am hoping the trade my Ping G425 10.5 LST for a G425 10.5 MAX.My club head is USED but in pretty good shape (see pics) and hoping for something in similar condition in trade.Thanks.
  2. I am 5'11" and find 34.5" to be perfect for me. As 34.5" tends to be a custom size, when I buy a new putter it is 34". All my 35"'s have been shortened to 34.5" with lead tape added to the sole to preserve the overall balance.
  3. Ping - Everything (including bags) except balls Titleist - Balls/Putters/Wedges Mizuno - Irons Callaway - Drivers/Wedges/Balls Taylormade - Drivers/Woods PXG - Irons Cleveland - 588 wedges, nothing else Srixion/Cobra - Marketing
  4. So I went for a fitting and it was interesting but inconclusive. The place I went is new to Auto Flex and had just received their first demo shafts. So the guys there (who were experienced fitters) were using their Flightscope to learn more about the shafts thru experimentation/trial and error. I was happy to be a test dummy. They did not yet have is the ability to change the weights on my driver heads, which will make this fitting an iterative process. What I learned on this visit was my current driver (Ping G425 Max 12 degree with reg flex Tensei Orange) was extremely well fit for me and was tough to beat. With my swingspeed (90-92mph), I was able to tell the 405 was better for me that the 305 or 505. The driver was about 5-10 yards longer, but producing this result was inconsistent That being said, my spin rate and launch angle were all over the place. with my current driver weights, my driver swingweight was way too heavy, and with no weight, the swingweight was way too light. I expect to return to the fitter once we can vary the weights to get a better idea of how to optimize for the Auto Flex shaft. It is possible that my 12 degree driver head is too highly lofted for this shaft. I also brought a Ping G425 10.5 LST to the fitting and got better results. I am not sure when all is said and done if I will get the Auto Flex but will report back after my next session. It is possible I may need to get the Ping G425 Max 10.5 head with lighter headweights to work with the new shaft.
  5. I am going in for an Auto Flex fitting tomorrow. Anything I should know/think about before I go? Looking at both the driver and the fairway shafts. I worry that my 12 degree Ping G425 may be too much loft for the HKT.
  6. Before COVID i owned 20 putters...now I own 30.....someone has to find a cure!
  7. I love the original DIamana Blueboard....my new driver has the Tensei Orange....comparable, but the Blueboard still feels better.
  8. I use a 5 wood head lofted down and opening the face....the shaft is 3 wood length. I do the same with my 7 wood. Couldn't be happier.
  9. I love this driver. I have had one since it was introduced. Started with the 10.5 but moved to a 12 degree with a Diamana Blueboard and consistently bombed it. I loved it so much that whenever I saw one on ebay, I bought it to have backups (I have 5 of them). Every year, I would go to demo days and until recently, nothing compared. However after 15 years, I bought the new G425 (a 12 degree with a Tensei Orange) and it is a little longer and a lot more forgiving. The sound of the G425 makes me miss the Rapture. Ping makes the best drivers. Wish they would make an updated Rapture.
  10. I also have the Project X LZ 5.5s and love them. Given what has been said here, I gather that a TT DG 105 in S300 would be similar. Does anyone have a guess at what the equivalent flex would be for the TT DG 120 line? Also, the TT Elevate line differs from the DG and Project X LZ how? If I like my LZs, what would be the equivalent Elevate. Thanks.
  11. In the the True Temper lines of steel iron shafts, Dynamic Gold and Elevate lines, which models would be the most like the Project X LZ 5.5? Thanks.
  12. Here are some pics of the putter I want to restore. Most of it is corrosion with some dings and dents....any suggestions on how to approach?
  13. I am so intrigued by these Autoflex shafts, but the cost makes trial and error very expensive. To minimize frustration, I am trying to narrow some factors down before ordering. Recent history: I was recently fitted with a Ping G425 Max 12 degree driver with the stock length Tensei Orange AV 65 regular flex shaft. Interestingly, I have it set to the fade bias, yet my shots are pretty straight. The neutral and draw settings really brought the left side of the fairway into play. It may seem ridiculous to be looking for improvement as I am hitting this club extremely well. In my fitting, it was clear that I hit the 12 degree better than the 10.5; and the reg flex Tensei Orange was better than other TO flexes or other Ping shafts. My swingspeed is about 90-95 mph and I am 61 years old. Questions: Which model should I consider (405 vs 505)? I have heard the AF shaft works best with lighter and/or lower-lofted driver heads. Is this true? If lighter is required, can I just change the Ping head weights? If lower loft is required, should I consider a 10.5 Max or 10.5 LST? I would like to stay with the Ping 425 club heads..... Any all suggestions/observations welcome.
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