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  1. backside for what I am doing....
  2. Thanks for the great background info. Any idea who they are using for an architect for the remodel?
  3. Some of the paintfill on my wedges has worn off and I want to rejuvenate them. What kind of paint should I use to reapply the paintfill? Thanks.
  4. To achieve "balance", some putter experts feel if you shorten a putter, you need to add weight to the putter head and conversely, if you lengthen a putter, the putter head should be lightened. Without a lot of tools, it is easier to add weight (lead tape) than remove weight (tour dots) from a putter head.
  5. Has the Atkins Golf Club reopened yet? I will be visiting for the 1st time this fall and hope to play it.
  6. While I have played a lot of golf during the pandemic (Pine Valley/Beth Page Black/Trump Ferry Point/Torrey Pines/Aviera/Chambers Bay), I have yet to make it to Philly. My son is starting college in August at a NJ school, so I will be close by. My ULC friend has made an open ended invitation to any/all of the courses and I am most anxious to play National. Hopefully soon. Will post a review when I do.
  7. Our 2021 Scotland trip was postponed and with The Open in 2022 at TOC and Muirfield, we decided to reschedule Scotland for 2023. For 2022, we have decided to go to Ireland and have an itinerary that starts in late July and ends in early August. We are hoping to fly directly from the States into Shannon, and then return from Dublin. Our strategy is to go directly into Ireland from the States, so all the connections are made here, rather than in Europe/UK. Initial research I have done tell me there are direct flights from Newark (United), Philly (American) with Aer Lingus having direct
  8. So I ended up buying both and have the following thoughts: The X7 is indeed larger, but has more visual sightlines that are perpendicular to the putting path (with only one that is parallel) There is no sightline on the top either. Seems to have more MOI than the 5W and as a result feels more stable. The 5W is smaller, but not in a bad way. Its sightlines (there are three) are more parallel to the putting path and I like that one of the sightlines is on the top. While the 5W has a slightly lower MOI and a slightly less stable feel than the X7, I feel it is well balanced and may ulit
  9. What are the differences?
  10. The draw bias on the G425 is good to know about. I had to set the weight to fade as my swing already is biased for a draw. Now all my drives are boringly straight...and long.
  11. Gamer Arizonan by The Putting Engineer
  12. Our local Golf Galaxy has an abundance of G425 drivers/woods/hybrids, but all of them have stock Ping shafts, no premium offerings (ie Tensei). I think the hold up really is the premium shafts....
  13. Just an update. I did get to play BPB twice (both on weekdays as a single). As this was my first visit to Bethpage, I found it to be a very challenging course but having the opportunity to play it the 2nd time gave me a real appreciation of how great this course is. (my 2nd round was 6 strokes better than the 1st). As many advised, it is important to learn the on-line system. I signed up weeks in advance and five days ahead of when I wanted to play, I started checking the website for times. For most of the days, only times after 4pm were available. I kept checking daily but had re
  14. https://fightingillini.com/facilities/atkins-golf-club/39 I just looked this up. It looks fantastic! Thanks.
  15. Thanks. Any idea if the courses at UIUC (the Orange and the Blue) are any good?
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