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  1. The other thing to consider is if you looked up the swing weight on the manufacturer's website, or if the guy you bought them from told you they were ordered D2. I ordered 718 AP2's with DG S300 shafts at a swing weight of D6 and +1 inch in length. Heavy irons to say the least, but that's what I still like at 49yo.
  2. This is brilliant, lol. If I could add Larry Merchant and Dan Dierdorf to your programmed list (even though they are both retired, thank bejeebus), I would be pretty content with the rest.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. At this point, the level of self-importance he oozes is beyond off-putting. It's too bad, I used to like him back in the day. But now, whether it's his phony excitement during football with Romo or his bloated sense of his own value during The Masters...it's enough to make Jim McKay puke.
  4. That setup works for me. PW(44), 50, and 56. I dumped the lob wedge 20 years ago when I realized there is nothing I could do with the 60, that I couldn't do with the 56.
  5. Isn't it the opposite of what you said here?
  6. 6° separation for me. 44° AP2 PW, Vokey 50° GW, and Vokey 56° SW.
  7. 1. 5 wood--18 degrees; 3 iron--20 degrees 2. 10-15 yards difference (3 iron-210-215 yds; 5 wood--220-230 yds) 3. Depends on the distance needed for the shot...either from tee or from fairway 4. 3 iron is invaluable to me for low punch out shots going under or around trees/limbs
  8. On my Titleist navy blue mesh hat...the brim has completely separated from the elastic cap after about a month. Bummer...
  9. [quote name='larrybud' timestamp='1343875461' post='5393788'] The club wasn't lost, however. Player B set it down by the flag after he used it. The players were in the same group! [/quote] Wouldn't he still only be "transporting" it though, technically, even though it was a mixup? I guess you could say that player B did "lose" his club as he had to look for it...even though it was in another member of the foursome's bag. [quote name='larrybud' timestamp='1343873271' post='5393558'] Interesting question in my league last night. Player A picks up a wedge on the green as they are leavi
  10. [quote name='fsutanker' timestamp='1343700844' post='5381682'] lol. I was in the rough on that one. [/quote] Lol...I figured I'd help you out. Nothing wrong with mixing up a couple of great movies like those two.
  11. ^^^^ That would be Sgt. Hulka...and it would be "lighten up, Francis". My vote is for the Bose speaker that Apple offers...thought it sounded better than the Jawbone.
  12. Lol, the crusty old curmudgeon...you gotta love 'em!!!!!
  13. I'd rather overpay (within reason, of course) to either get what I want or have something done correctly...than nickel and dime myself into a blind fury because of poor results. [b][i]"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." -Benjamin Franklin[/i][/b]
  14. Congrats...I'll take a bourbon on the rocks!
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