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  1. Forgot how to play bunkers overnight. Completely lost. Everything goes 50 yards or 5 feet, nothing in between. I took these videos and see I’m hitting way behind the ball. Is there anything else that could cause the terrible results I’m getting? FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  2. How long was the wait for your ZX5 gap wedge? I ordered from TGW on June 4, so I know it's going to be a while...
  3. I’m so tired of this game. I’ve been playing 15 years and just can’t get better. Three years back I was regularly shooting around 85, these days I can’t break 90. Pars are impossible. I took lessons with a known instructor around these parts, and while I know his assessments are right, I just can’t implement them and in fact have gotten more helpless out on the course. I’m five different competing thoughts over the swing at any given time. If I just clear my head altogether, I shank it. I go to the range twice a week, play every weekend, and only seem to be getting worse.
  4. Pride in how far you hit your 7i tells me you likely have serious swing faults. Get a video lesson.
  5. Greens in reg + chipping. Find why you aren’t doing more of the former and work on that. Work on 40 yards and in every chance you get.
  6. I have trouble applying general lessons. I get the concepts but can’t implement them. Live lessons with Monte have done wonders for me.
  7. Ok just DM me the invoice. The last hour has felt like a new sport. This is incredibly exciting. Of note is that I finally realize what bounce is like. It almost didn’t matter what my contact was like, the bounce took care of it.
  8. Never tried bringing it inside, so going to get after that for a while. The right shoulder advise was super helpful on shorter chips. Keeps from deceleration, an old culprit of mine. Any longer than 20 feet though, and it's chunk/skull city, like wagolfer said.
  9. I come to you guys and gals at wit’s end...two decades of awfulness at chipping have broken me. I can’t enjoy the rest of my game because if a green is missed, it’s four extra strokes. Two to get on, two to putt in. I’ve read every article, watched every video, bought Use the Bounce, reached the edge of the internet...nothing works. I don’t even know where to assess the problem. I think I use my hands too much? Who knows. The second it’s a chip with any pressure my game collapses. I learned through lessons with Monte this is a byproduct of bad technique. Maybe everyone can
  10. 1. Miami, FL 2. 14 3. Queen B 8 4. 28 standard 5. Definitely 6. With zeal
  11. Like a side to side sway from a face on POV?
  12. Don’t have driver, but here are irons. Shots were ok while drives all snapped straight into the ground. IMG_9647.MOV IMG_9648.MOV
  13. It’s the only way I’ve found can stop the hips firing too early. Here’s a still for reference. Arms DTL, hips already facing out to left field.
  14. Hi all: My primary problem is my hips racing ahead of my arms in the swing, then playing catch-up the whole way through. Snap hooks/pushes ensue, along with my right foot staying grounded the whole swing. Monte diagnosed the problem. I’ve tried countless drills to either slow the hips from firing early or sync it with my arms, but none work. I either (1) continue to fire my hips way ahead of my arms or (2) take my hips and legs completely out of it and basically doing an arms only swing, to predictably crappy results. Has anyone been able to overcome this or have other
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