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  1. @viking_norway I'd dispute the charge with your credit card company if I were you. I ordered in December for delivery in February and the last correspondence I got was in January. I followed up numerous times just to change an address (not pressure delivery) and I never got a response back. I tried various ways of contact as well.
  2. Just wanted to update everyone on this. I'm not sure if they've stopped operating but they didn't respond to any contact I attempted and my credit card disputed the charge. I haven't seen any content updates on social or anything so maybe they went under?
  3. Thanks for posting your experience. He’s not even replying to me so I’m not sure how I can even get a refund without involving the credit card company. I’ll probably give him a few more days
  4. Anybody heard anything from Low Tide lately? I put a deposit down in early December and there was some back and forth emails in December and January but now I can't get a hold of them. I've tried email, phone and social media over the past 2 weeks with no response. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this in the past. The putter was supposed to be done in February but that's not my issue as I know things move slow in this world. I'm moving in 2 weeks and just want to make sure the putter was sent to a different address but at this point the lack of a simple response has me considering
  5. Finally got out of watching my kids to post some of this stuff. Moving and trying to thin out the shop but have way more to go after this. No trades Prices shipped and paypaled lower 48 USPS. 1) Scotty 2.6 redone a month ago by BOS. In great shape after restoration but they couldn't get every nick/bump out. Shafted with 34" white CT Tour putter shaft. Piretti grip. No headcover but will ship with one to protect. $400 2) Scotty Phantom 6 STR center. 35" with 2" golfworks extension. Great shape. With like new headcover. $old 3) TM spide
  6. Anyone have a good look down the shaft of a savage too? Trying to get a sense of how much offset is there and the amount of double bend. Thanks
  7. I'm not too familiar with bending putters. Can you remove some of the offset on a slant neck spider X? Would this affect any other aspects of the putter? Thanks!
  8. I got this off eBay and it showed up with a broken shaft. Rather than reshaft I’m going to move on. M craft 3 putter head with headcover and weight kit (no shaft). Small scratch above mizuno logo on sole. $180 shipped and paypaled
  9. Hey all. I’m interested in putting a straight shaft into a mizuno m craft 3. It seems like I’ll have to bend this flat a lot. Is it doable or will I have to bend it too much to make it around a normal 70 degree lie?
  10. Bought both of these off the BST last spring to put together the set but never got around to it and now I'm going in a different direction. Prices paypaled and shipped USPS. No trades please 1) z545 heads only 4-PW. Fairly clean given age with no major dings/dents. Can send more pics if needed. $old 2) oban 115 3-pw pulls. 6 iron measures a tick over 36" gripped. Apparently these are pured but I have no idea how to confirm that since I'm not the first owner. Tour Velvet 360 grips on 4-pw, 3 iron shaft is ungripped. Lots of life left on grips. $old
  11. Looks great! Did you have to adjust the lie with the straight shaft?
  12. Looking to unload 2 putters. Paypal'd and shipped USPS. No trades 1) Evnroll ER2CS w/ headcover. Ordered directly from Evnroll and only rolled inside. 33.25". Loft 4 and lie 75 degrees (not confirmed). $old 2) TM Spider X Navy Slant w/ headcover. 33". Some small paint chips on weight and very tiny chip on top white portion of face. I tried to capture in picture but happy to send more if concerned. $old
  13. I recently switched from $ taper 120 (919 tour) to steelfiber 110 stiff (z785). Since the heads changed it’s not a direct comparison. I gained a little height and yardage with the SF110 but spin is very similar. I’m loving the feel but never got along with the PX 6.0 (never tried LZ). Driver SS 110-115 and feel like the 110stiff is definitely stiff enough. I switched for elbow issues and probably won’t ever go back.
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