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  1. I recently switched from $ taper 120 (919 tour) to steelfiber 110 stiff (z785). Since the heads changed it’s not a direct comparison. I gained a little height and yardage with the SF110 but spin is very similar. I’m loving the feel but never got along with the PX 6.0 (never tried LZ). Driver SS 110-115 and feel like the 110stiff is definitely stiff enough. I switched for elbow issues and probably won’t ever go back.
  2. Looking for the same info, especially the OD. Thanks
  3. Looking to clear out some of the extras I've accumulated. Prices reflect condition and all of these have been used. All prices shipped USPS and Paypal'd. USPS seems to be a little delayed so if that's an issue we can work out UPS/FedEx if you need something quick, just DM me. Happy to provide more pics if anyone needs them. 1) G400 Max 9 degree Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60TX w/ headcover. Plays ~45" w/ Golf Pride MCC grip . Please note ding on toe side in pic. $old 2) G410 4 hybrid (22) w/ Tensei Blue 80S shaft w/ headcover. Standard length to my knowledge w/ tour Velvet grip. Toe side h
  4. A few items up for sale today. All prices paypaled and shipped USPS. Add $10 west of Mississippi. I will ship today. Only trade interests would be Srixon z785 4-pw (preferably heads only) or tensei white 70tx fairway. 7) Tensei Blue 80 stiff hybrid shaft w/ Ping 410 tip. Measures 39.5. - $50 8) Alta CB 55 stiff w/ Ping 400 tip. Measures 44.5. $30 9) Alta CB 55 X-stiff w/ Ping 400 tip. Measures 44.25. $30 1) Mavrik 9 degree with Aldila Rogue White 70S w/ Headcover. Stock 45.75”. Only played a few rounds - $old 2) Mavrik sub zero 3 wood. Aldila Rogue White 70S w/ Headc
  5. It’s the original pro version. 7' 6" tall, 8' wide and 3' 6" deep
  6. I upgraded my setup and looking to sell off some of the things I'm not using anymore. Paypal only, no trades. Prices EXCLUDE shipping and buyer and I will agree on proper shipping cost. I'm located just north of Chicago and welcome a 6 foot distance transaction. Happy to send more pictures. 3) PXG 0211 4-pw. Elevate Tour stiff, 1 degree flat, standard PXG lamkin grips. Only 7 iron has been hit about 20 times inside off mat. Ordered these 2 weeks ago out of boredom. Looking to move these before I pay the PXG restocking fee. Can ship with or without GIGANTIC PXG box - $700 $670 1) Skytr
  7. Just measured the 6 and 7. Looks like standard length and loft and 1 degree flat from srixon specs
  8. Cleaning out the golf lab in advance of buying some new stuff for the year. All prices are shipped USPS to lower 48 and paypal’d. No trades at this time. I’m happy to provide more pics of anything but I feel like the prices reflect the condition. 1 – Srixon z-forged/785 combo set in great condition. No major dings or dents. 4-6 z785 and 7-PW z-forged. Modus 120 stiff shafts and tour velvet 360 grips. $old 2 – Epic SZ 9 degree head w/ headcover. Small scratches high and slightly toe side which still feel smooth to the touch. $old 3 – Aldila Tour Green ATX 65 TX w/ Ping 400 tip. No tipping. Bou
  9. I use that same golfworks vice and mounted it to a piece of wood. I then used 2 trigger clamps to clamp it to my work bench but you could clamp it to anything really. Not the best pic but you’ll get the idea
  10. I got a medium and it fits great. Slightly loose (not baggy but loose). With some layers I'm guessing it'll be perfect. For reference I'm a 50 in kjus, M in Millar outerwear
  11. I just got my snorkel blue delivered and it's definitely the Norse II (not zoned). I have a navy one on order too but it hasn't shipped yet. I ordered them a few days apart.
  12. I've prepped the shaft with 120 grit sand paper and the adapter with a rough hosel drill bit. The insertion depth seems shallow compared to other adapters but I think that's just the nature of the epic flash fairway adapter. The epoxy isn't completely failing but if I give it a hard turn, it definitely moves. Using brampton long cure and the extra epoxy was hard as can be. I'm by no means an expert on this stuff, but this is the only club I've had that is giving me issues.
  13. I’ve built a bunch of clubs with no issues but I can’t seem to get my epic flash 3w adapter to stay in place. The shaft is prepped. The adapter has been prepped and the epoxy is fine. The adapter keeps spinning on me. Any tips or tricks to fix this?
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