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  1. Here are some top line, bottom, rear, and face pics of the Studio Stainless and Studio Select series Newport 2s. Studio Select is on the right in the top line pic. I'm a huge fan (wife would call it collector) of the Anser 2 head shape so if it has the profile, I'm in the market. Between the Studio Stainless and Studio Select, I prefer "looking" at the Studio Stainless. (Like holding it and just looking at it.) I love the finish, lettering, one-piece construction, and tri-sole. I do slightly prefer the Studio Select from the top line at address a
  2. I played around with weights on a Newport 2 (Similar head shape) in an effort to hit a specific swingweight at a specific length and was in between weights. I tried using a 10g and 15g in both orientations and I didn't think it would affect the feel but in reality something just didn't feel right to me. I don't know if it was just in my head because of the asymmetry or if there really was more to it but I ended up just going with two 15s. I'd recommend giving it a try in both orientations (heavier in the toe and heel) and just see what you think.
  3. What type of refinish are you considering? There are some "low effort" black oxide finish options out there that don't require heat, but the finish won't be as good/durable as the more industrial options. I bead blasted a Cleveland putter last year and used "Insta-Blak" SS-370 to get a black oxide finish. It was a fun experiment but I don't think I'd do it on a Studio Select. I've attached some pics for reference. You have to keep it oiled to retain the darker look. It starts to get lighter and more matte finish as it dries out. I've
  4. Thanks for the responses @jvincent and @antip. The closer to the hole part makes perfect sense.
  5. I have a provisional ball situation question. Par 3 first shot is long and right of green and seen bouncing into an area with tall shrubs/trees that is not marked as a penalty area. I am familiar with this area and am virtually certain the ball is lost and definitely unplayable. I declare a provisional and hit 3 off the tee. I hit the green and 2-putt for double without looking for the original tee ball. On the way to the next hole I take a quick look along the edge of the thick stuff and see my ball a few feet in. In this case should I have first looked for the origina
  6. I would expect somewhere in the 5-7 yard range on carry distance.
  7. Do you know the head weight on the Piretti? Could you post a sole pic?
  8. I hit off a mat with a SkyTrak for ball data and I find that my real life turf distances seem very close to what I am seeing on the launch monitor within a few yards. My guess for me is that with my ball speeds, launching lower with more spin off turf produces similar carry to launching higher with less spin off a mat. I think that at higher ball speeds the difference gap should be smaller and at lower ball speeds the gap should get larger.
  9. The info from True Temper indicates the S400s should be 132 grams and it's my understanding that the Tour Issue shafts are supposed to be accurate to +/- 0.5 grams. I don't know if that number is with or without the shaft sticker but I could see the sticker being a few tenths of a gram. Based on the numbers you provided it doesn't seem like any of the shafts you have are exactly where they should be. I haven't ever measured any Tour Issue Dynamic Gold shafts so I can't speak on how tight the tolerances actually are. It would probably be a good idea to check the calibration on your scale too wi
  10. No problem. Below is a link to an old thread with some fake ones. The running bird and Mizuno lettering is pretty bad on the ones posted in that thread and there was only a serial number on the 6 iron.
  11. Is there anything in particular that has you concerned? They look right to me.
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