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  1. I just don't feel like being hassled by a course that has a $250 rack rate. There are always other courses to play on the peninsula. Funny though, I asked if I could just wait on the second hole for them to catch up. He said that would not be allowed lol. Good grief.
  2. I think I'd be more understanding if it was a weekend or something. But the tee sheet is wide open for the time we're trying to play. Carmel Valley Ranch was happy to accommodate the same request on Sunday afternoon to get the 3 of us out there. Oh well I'm sure we'll have a great round at bayonet/black horse.
  3. I'm definitely understanding the Poppy hate now lol. The guy I spoke to in the Proshop seems like the kind of guy that let's the little power he has in life go straight to his head. Trying to move my single time I booked through golfnow to join two friends that are coming up for a few days. I booked as a single for 1:10 and my friends booked directly through Poppy for 1:40. There's 30 minutes between our times but he just won't do it. So they ended up cancelling their time and I'm gonna join them at Bayonet/Black Horse instead. I've read some bad reviews about the customer service at Poppy Hil
  4. For those of you that played Pebble, what set of tees did you play and how was it compared to what you normally play? I carry my driver about 260, 5 iron about 185. Courses that play around 6,600-6,700 are usually my sweet spot. Tempted to play from the blues at 6,828 but I think I'm going to play the golds at 6,454. It's shorter than what I would normally play but I don't want to leave feeling like I got beat up. For reference, whenever I play Torrey South I play from the green tees at 6,635. I get smacked around pretty good but the whites are too short and the browns are too long. Just looki
  5. Thanks, always nice to get some local info
  6. Did the same thing your dad did, called and scheduled spy and pebble 2 weeks out without a room reservation. First guy I talked to, no problem. Guess it's pretty easy getting on as a single Mon-Wed.
  7. Well, ended up booking all the rounds. Went with the following lineup: Sunday - Carmel Valley Ranch Monday - Poppy Hills Tuesday - Spyglass Wednesday - Pebble Thursday - Pasatiempo Had to choose between CVR and Quail on Sunday but CVR was about $80 cheaper. Monday was between Poppy and Bayonet but I've read that Bayonet/Black Horse hasn't been in great shape recently so I chose to go with the better course conditions. Pebble and Pasatiempo were locks and basically the whole reason for my trip. Spyglass was another bucket list course but the aeration
  8. Do any of you guys have a recommendation for what time is best to play on the Monterey Peninsula? I'm not sure what the marine layer is like but I imagine something after 10 am would be best?
  9. I'd avoid the greater LA county area if possible and make a detour to SD county if you can swing it. Like others have mentioned, Rams Hill is a must. Torrey Pines is very overpriced but I would say it's a must play at some point if you're not far away. It's not a destination spot like Monterey, but it's a difficult test and the views are nice. Maderas and Aviara are pricey but also much better than what you would find in LA. I suggest staying away from LA because the courses just aren't very interesting. Goose Creek, Oak Quarry, Industry Hills, Rustic Canyon are the best public op
  10. Spoke to the guys in the pro shop and they said 10 days is the minimum you should wait, given perfect weather, if you're expecting "normal" conditions. Pebble had discounted fees until the 29th and Spyglass discounting their fees until April 7.
  11. Yes pebble punched march 24 and spyglass march 29
  12. 1. City, State? Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2. Handicap? 5 3. Current putter? Scotty Cameron 009 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 7 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
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