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  1. Do you wear knickers out to the course when you play a round? Probably not, and that's because social norms and standards when it comes to attire end up trickling down into golf which has always been resistant to change. I don't look to the ghosts of Old Tom Morris or whichever Scottish dude you'd like to pick out of an old oil painting for what proper golf etiquette should be. Golf has enough barriers to entry, I'd rather not make clothing another one.
  2. I don't think anyone has said that caddies are paid too much. Rather, the majority of pro caddies make little money. I just don't see why it is so hard to pay the standard caddie percentages to a caddie. If this was done, it would be a non-issue. I understand that Ortiz didn't communicate much with Kuchar and that Matt got his own yardages, but I hope Ortiz's pay was a lot closer to 10% than $3,000. As far as CEO vs average worker pay, it's sad that workers are increasingly shut out of the profits they help make. It's not good for business and it's not good for society. You can also say i
  3. I absolutely LOVE the sound of a ball clinking around in the cup after it's been holed. I absolutely HATE the sound of a ball clanking off a flagstick, make or miss. The visual doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would but I don't think I will ever get used to the sound. Like most things in life, the hole is better naked.
  4. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any feedback/insight regarding the Kyoei products coming out right now. I know they used to do forgings for other OEMs and had their own line (Vega I think) but I'm more interested in their own stuff they're making now. The products look amazing and I hear that their forgings are second to none. http://kyoeigolfclubs.com/products/kyoei-prototype-cb-iron/
  5. Enjoy it OP. I got my first 2 eagles in quick succession. Then went through a 10 year drought before the next one. Golf is a fickle game my friend.
  6. I had a friend in high school that always used to flick our nuts and thought it was hilarious. I keep in touch with most of the guys from that group. Him, never gave him a thought after we graduated.
  7. I think for the most part, pairings that have the most fun together often give you the best chance to win (see Europe). In 2014 and 2016 I'm sure they got along just fine which is why they were successful. But after Reed become Captain America and a Masters champ, his tiny nike shirts couldn't hold in his sweaty flabby ego from flopping all over the place. How do you think the Reed/Spieth pairing would have looked when Spieth would have to drop after every Reed water ball? It would have played out terribly in front of the entire world, much like Tiger and Phil in 2004. If Reed really wanted to
  8. I don't like the fact he started all of this mess in the first place. Why did he voluntarily throw Spieth under the bus multiple times about 6 months ago? First it was the "tired of carrying him on my back" comment in a press conference. Then it was the nonsense with the rules official on the golf course, begging for a free drop and making that sarcastic comment that Spieth would have been granted the drop. All of that was in a joking manner. The part with the drop, Reed was correct and it wasn't really disrespecting Spieth in what he said. It's just a classic situation where one person
  9. It was great watching the Europeans win. They just seem so happy to be around each other and play for each other. You just know somewhere in Europe a pair of 10 year old friends are lining up a putt and saying "this is to win the Ryder Cup..."
  10. Justin Thomas is the mayor of my pants. Full salute for you JT
  11. I'm just so over Reed. The bozo was still shushing the crowd after making one birdie all day to HALVE a hole? He's more Captain Crunch than Captain America.
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