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  1. Hello! Here are 3 bags needing to go to clear some garage space. Some cool golf bags you won't see around the golf course very often No trades at this time please. Brand new Scotty Cameron 2020 Club Den Caddy Bag , only no accessories. $230 shipped From Japan, Brand new Taylormade Golf Cart Caddy Bag (KY834), its very slim and light 7x47 1.4kg Neon Lime Note: top is smaller than most bags. $350 Shipped
  2. Hello Fellow WRX'ers! Been a while since I have posted on here but going to give it a shot with some goodies ready to go to a new home. First up a set of Titleist 716 AP2 heads 4-PW. They have been pulled and cleaned, played to 1* flat. $425 shipped Titleist 915 D3 8.5, with Diamana Black 72x factory shaft and factory red dot weight. Shaft length from grip to adapter is 44" so plays to 45". club has has some paint chips as shown in the picture but over clean club. headcover included / no tool $160 shipped 4
  3. Up for sale are the following, trades that would peak interest are Scotty Cameron's heavy weighted heads with slant or center shafts. Thank you for looking. Titleist 716 CB 3-9iron, SM5 for the PW. grips are Lamkin. Got these in a trade and never switched to them.. I was the told the 3iron is 1" over standard length and has a PXI 6.0 shaft in it. The 4-9irons have KBS Ctaper 120 stiffs in them and have some shaft labels missing and wear on them, just never got around to removing them. I believe these were reshafted and are standard length and lie. The 7iron has a dent towards the
  4. Your location: Alhambra, California Your handicap: 16.2 right now :swoon: Driver swing speed: 100-107 Current Titleist Driver: 915 D3 Current driver and shaft specs (settings, length, loft, shaft, flex, etc.) B2, plays 45", 8.5*, UST Mamiya Black 7X, and 14g head weight Were you professionally fit for your driver? No, a lot of trial and error. Thank you
  5. I like golfwrx because I am able to get the latest and greatest on new equipment before manufacture's release anything..... :tomato:
  6. Looking to see to get a some new gear. Trade interests would be for center shafted Scotty Camerons only. Matrix RADIX S 7321 shaft with aftermarket Titleist tip, about a 1/8" short of 44" with adapter, blue golf price VDR grip, shaft was tipped 3/4". Asking $125 shipped Mizuno MP-32 set 3-PW and added MP60 4iron. 9 Irons total. Clubs have some light browning and rust pit marks from over the years but an excellent shape of irons for their age. will use Parcel Post due to weight. Sold. shipped. MP-32 4-PW has softstepped once KBS ctaper xlfex, golf pride niion orange grips,
  7. Thanks for the opportunity! 3-PW Tour 125 stiff hard stepped once. 3 Wedge set 125 stiff
  8. Hello fellow WRX'ers, Not looking for much in trades. Maybe Golo S5 with heavy weights 33/34". Lets move the Driver and 3wd combo here. $240 shipped as a combo package. I have a TM pom cover to add to the driver.... SLDR 9*, UST Mamiya Attas Elements RK 7X tipped 1/2", plays 45" $140shipped $75 head $90 shaft Titleist 913Fd 13.5, Matrix 8M3 Black Tie, plays 43" $125shipped $65 head $80 shaft Srixon 945 5-PW blades, 4iron is a 745 straight from Japan, Nippon Modus 120 Xflex, standard everything else. Limited number of rounds on these, Super great feeling setup
  9. Thanks for the opportunity, I hope I get an early christmas gift!! [list] [*]Titleist 913 D3 7.5 / UST Mamiya Black 7X [*]A true Titleist fan and if I can get more forgiveness to hit fairways, I want. [*]13.3 [*]Right [*]Once at Golfsmith and the 909 never worked out for my swing with the setup. [*]If chosen, I do agree to participate in an ongoing review thread where I will take and post quality photos and give a review and feedback on the club? [*]Glendale, CA (Friday, Dec. 5, 2014) [/list]
  10. I've been playing KBS ctapers for the past few years and cannot seem to demo or test any other shaft brands that can take those out of my irons/wedges. I've tried the modus 130's and that didn't last long but the Super Peening Blue's xflex are my last hope to make me be a believer in other shafts companies. Make me a believer'
  11. I would like to have a set of these because I actually would like to play these instead of my 712's and what better way to by getting a set of custom built tour dept Cally's. USA!
  12. [quote name='ld484' timestamp='1405130428' post='9684281'] Hey teeboi, it's mark, I got the head and its sweet. Thanks. I think I'm going to hotmelt about 10 grams into that toe port for some additional weight [/quote] Awesome man! I hope it works out for you'
  13. What's up fellow wrx'ers! Looking to sell and don't really have interests in trades at the moment as both my bags are set. Thanks for stopping by' Fubuki K 70G Xflex with a 2* adjustment adapter, blk/blue mulitcompound grip, measures 43 13/16" with the head attached and plays at 45" when installed. $115 shipped Fubuki K 70 Xflex, with aftermarket Titlest 913 adapter, VDR blue grip, measures 44", has 2 small nicks toward the tip area side that can be seen in the picture, ferrule is also gapping. $125 shipped Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 70 stiff, has been tipped 1.25", orange lamkin grip,
  14. sorry about that. Length is standard [quote name='sanjaygolf' timestamp='1399258407' post='9232789'] Length of i20? [/quote]
  15. Hello Fellow WRX'ers, Thanks for looking! 2 items up for sale, just looking to sell, Please no trade offers. Ping I20 iron set. 4-PW, green dot, standard length, x100, golf pride tour wraps. Irons have a good seasons worth of play and some bag chatter. Still in good condition and plenty of life left. $400 shipped Adams DHY 18*, factory Matrix white tie shaft stiff flex, mashie hybrid cover instead of factory cover. Driving hybrid was barely hit, would rate it at least a 9/10 easily. $105 shipped.
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