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    PING S55

    So today I made a trip to roger dunn to demo the new titleist 714 ap2's as I currently game the 712 MB/CB combo with ctapers Xflex ss1x. Hit them up and down as it may have been the nerves of the fitting cage, wasn't convinced to make a switch. I then walked by the ping booth and asked to demo the S55 but they only had a 7iron and the fitter gave me a ctaper sflex. I have no idea what was going on with this club but I must say its money!! Any one else have a chance to test the S55's? I am also looking to purchase a new set, any recommendations to a retailer that sells ping at great prices? Thx
  2. Thank you for the opportunity! Speeder 757, xflex, niion green grip, titliest 913 adapter, and play to 45".
  3. Hello Folks, Looking to sell and move these items for cash. No trade interests at the moment. I feel the items are prices right and sorry but I won't waste time replying to low ball offers. Thx Take everything left for $475. Adams Launch Lab 8* with a brand new installed Project X 6.5 Black tipped 3/4" when installed. Super tight loading driver and launches with a low penetrating roll out flight. I purchased everything brand new and the head was hot melted to 205g and should be playing to a D3/D4 weighted setup. Head has 2 slight scuffs that were from my club builder but have been touched and shown in the picture with circles. Plays at 45 1/4 length, No headcover. $245 shipped parcel post. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X with R11 metal ferrule adapter, orange niion grip, was tipped 1/2" and measures 43 1/2". Excellent condition with no major scratches. $170 parcel post Matrix 7321 Radix HD Xflex with blue vdr grip, was tipped 1/2" according to previous owner. 43 6/16" $90 parcel post Callaway Xforged wedge set. Specs are 52/58 but have been bent to play 50/56 2* flat. Lengths are 35 1/2" and 36". Project X 6.0 flighted shafts with blue vdr grips. $95 parcel post.
  4. [b] GolfWRX Logo PURE Grip 13 Pack[/b] Or [b] Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel[/b]
  5. GOLFWRX is one place where you can find all your golf needs, news, equipement, and reviews. Would to be nice to win for the first time on this site.
  6. Thanks for answering the question horty. The hat will fit like a stretched l/xl. Shafts aren't marked so they are either wedge flex or stiff. Definetley aren't regular flex.
  7. Hello WRX'ers, Up for sale are some goodies that are no longer being kept as back ups. I do have trade interests for a Scotty Golo S5 33" or 34" and a Bushnell V3 slope or non slope. I feel my prices are set to sell so please don't be offended if I do not reply to low ball offers. Thank you for looking. Titleist 712MB 3-PW set. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 standard length, 2* flat 2* strong. Brand new Golf Pride red VDR's. Picked these up for a backup set but never used them and have decided to get a different set. Some mild bag chatter from the 1st owner but overall condition is clean. $Sold R11 Dot 8* bought from Will Peoples originally. Front of the crown has a small nick that can be touched up and isn't major at address. Currently has 10g and 1g in the head but I will throw in an extra 8g and 16g with wrench. Headcover is the older superdeep magnetic cover. Shaft included is the Fujikura Fuel 70X that measures a smudge under 43.75" from grip to adapter tip. I believe it has a .5" extension since it was a one time pull from a Razr tip that played shorter than 45". Really nice setup but I don't plan to split it up unless a buyer is in place for both pieces. $300 Shipped Parcel R9 Tour Issue 3WD 13* with an Aldila RIP 60 red eyes. Shaft was tipped 1.25" and measures 42.75" headcover included. Sold Shafts: UST Mamiya VTS TourSPX Black 7SX w/R11 tip. Black Golf Pride Zcord grip. 42 15/16" not tipped. $80 Shipped UST Mamiya VTS TourSPX Black 7TX no Tip but can throw in a RBZ tip. Black Golf Pride Zcord grip. 43 6/16" tipped 1/2". $100 Would like to sell both Mamiya shafts as a combo for $140 Shipped SOLD Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X w/R11 tip. Golf Pride Niion Orange grip. 43 9/16" tipped 1/2". $210 Shipped Parcel Oban Kiyoshi White 75gram 05 Flex. Has authentic Surefit adapter. 43 13/16" tipped 1". $220 Shipped Parcel Titleist Wedgework Vokey pullout shafts. No labels indicate flex but I believe they are stiff or wedge flex.. Came out of a 50, 54, 58 setup. they were brand new when pulled. $40 Shipped Parcel New Era fitted Callaway hat. Brand new size 7 5/8 but fits a smudge loose to size. $35 Shipped New Era fitted Titleist hat. Brand new size 7 3/4 but fits a bit tight to size. $35 Shipped
  8. I ordered the D3 7.5 with D+ 72x and shaft has been spraying left and right. Would like to try that phenom as well since it sounds more people are liking that shaft.
  9. Thanks for the opportunity. I was fitted once for a driver and it didn't work at all and since it was a custom order I was unable to return it so my fitting experience has been ruined. I buy tour issue TM long sticks all the time trying to guess what would work best for me but I am not sure if my equipment is maxing out my potential. This contest would be a great opportunity to get some real deal expert fitted specs to gain more confidence on the course. Oh and i've never been to Florida or met the Shark! Please pick my name - Tyler Matsuda (TM)
  10. Hello Folks' Got some goodies looking for a new home. Prices are set to go so please don't send low ball offers or you may not get a reply. Trades are not what I am looking for unless its a Del Mar, Golo S, or Prov1x's. Thanks for looking' Adams Fast 12LS 8.5 head only with headcover and wrench/weight kit. Played 4 rounds and 1 range session. $100 shipped 2 aftermarket shafts - moved on to 70 gram weighted shafts for tempo reasons. Diamana S+ series 62 Xflex, white VDR grip, R11 tip, 44". No tipping. SOLD Graphite Design BB 6 Xflex, blue VDR grip R11 tip 44.5". (built new by Will Peoples) No tipping. SOLD First up a set of Hakusa Wedges heads. 52*, 56*, and 60* that have conforming grooves. Were played for 4 rounds and decided to go another route. SOLD Taylormade Tour Issue Superfast V2 8.5 degree. Sorry, I lost the spec wrap/sticker that came with it but I believe it is 2.5* open. Has both serial #'s as pictured. played a season but it is in excellent condition. Will come with a brand new R11 headcover. SOLD Cleveland Classic 310 8.5 with Miyazaki Kusula Black 61x. Everything is factory spec'd and played 6 rounds. Looks brand new still. Sorry but someone stole the headcover. SOLD
  11. Whats up vultures, For sale are some goodies that got to go. As we all say cash is king here. Not lot looking for any trades right now really except Scotty stuff or a Cleveland 588 black pearl wedge set w/ctapers or pxi shafts and low bounce. THX!! Feel free to send reasonsable offers or questions.......... Adams Fast 12 LS 8.5 w/Graphite Design Di 7X - Purchased brand new and used one round only. Sticking with the R11* GD BB. Comes with headcover and weight/wrench kit. $340 shipped usa Hakusa wedge set 52, 56, 60 w/ctapers stiff +, red vibrant golf ferrules, red vdr grips, +1/4", 2* flat. Brand new in the wrappers, debating to go with a different wedge/grind set if these sell. $330 shipped usa Matrix 6M3 xflex 43.5", red vdr grip, .335, real version (not aftermarket). not tipped, was installed new and is a one time pull. $155 shipped usa Taylormade R11 3wd tour issue 13.8* - head only (no adapter or headcover) crown has light 3 light scratches near the face as pictured, no dents. Sold $90 shipped usa Nike VR Hybrid #2 18* w/Oban Devotion xflex 85gram, w/headcover. Everything else standard. clean crown and face. sole has some scratches. SOLD $100 shipped usa Odyssey Black Series #8 34" - basically brand new used one round w/headcover. $100 shipped usa
  12. Hello WRX'es. 2 Items up for sale that I am look to sell only unless you have a Graphite Design DI or BB 6X for trade. Taylormade Superfast 2.0 8.5 3FA Tour Issue (bought new from Peoples LLC) Installed with new Speeder Tour Spec 7.2 Stiff tipped a touch over 1/2" to firm it up. Red VDR grip, Vibrant golf red ferrule, plays 45.5", Superfast Headcover. Driver was basically played 2 rounds thinking the combo would give me a low launch spin combo but didn't work out to what I was looking for. Tested a Graphite Desgin BB and that was the one. So here's a chance to grab this beauty, immaculate condition. Asking $400 shipped Matrix Ozik Altus low torque 3wd shaft. Stiff that was tipped 1/2", red vdr, tip prepped and measures 41 7/8" just a tad under 42". Great shaft that hits deep. Asking $100 shipped
  13. Thx man!! [quote name='cohenfive' timestamp='1335929419' post='4829196'] some really good prices here, glws! [/quote]
  14. DO WORK SON!Hello Fellow WRX'ers, Up for sale are some club ho'n sticks that are looking for a new home. Prefer to sell but I am also looking for some trade items. Miyazaki Kusala 60/70 gram Stiff/X flex, Graphite Design BB or DI. 2008 TM Tour Issue Burner - 8.3* w/Speeder 757 Stiff tipped 1/2", plays 45.5, VDR blue grip, Superfast 2.0 Headcover. Real aftermarket shaft and club head were put together brand new and I am original owner. Asking $155 shipped obo SOLD 2011 Callaway Razr Hawk Tour - 8.5 w/Speeder 686 X flex, plays 45.5, VDR blue grip, factory HC. Real aftermarket shaft, cludbhead was reshafted once, original owner of this club new.. Asking $160 shipped obo SOLD Adams A12 Hybrid 20* w/Graphite Design UT95X flex, VDR black grip, factory HC. Real deal shaft here that was reshafted into the hybrid. Asking $100 shipped.Sold to CEPICK Nike Black M5 Prototype dozen balls, rare item here for collectors. $50 shipped Nike One Tour (Red Nike Swoosh) - 2 dozen. No factory packaging, all marked #1, no extra logos. Brand New. $50 shipped Take all 3 Dozen for $75
  15. Thanks for the opportunity GOLFWRX and TAYLORMADE. I want Rocketballz power!!!!!
  16. score lower.............Hello fellow WRX'ers. Here are some things looking for a new owner. Would prefer cash but feel free to send offers. Thx Up for sale here is a custom built Taylormade Tour Issue Burner 2008. Specs of the head are listed below. It is shafted with a brand new Oban Devotion 7 04 Flex tipped one inch which plays towards a Stiff Plus. Length of the drive is 45.5" and has a Golf Pride VDR blue grip. Club was played for one round and looks immaculate. No headcover $170 USA shipped LOFT: 9.5° HEAD WEIGHT: 204 grams SERIAL NUMBER: 87MW5GPD + (AUTHENTIC TOUR ONLY) C.T.: YES(+ stamp) (Hosel bore is .335) Adams 9064LS 8.5 with an aftermarket Aldila DVS 70S tipped 1/2". Plays around 45.5" and has a Golf Pride MC Blk/Red with Headcover. solid 8/10 condition. $95 USA shipped Adams 9064LS 8.5 Head Only w/headcover. Solid condition. Easy 8/10 condtion. $70 USA shipped SOLD I'd like to sell these Diamana Whiteboards (.335) as a set, one time pulls. No made for junk they are the real deal. 43.5" 73 stiff with Golf Pride MC Blk/Wht. 41.75" stiff tipped 1.25" with no grip. $140 for the set USA shipped SOLD Fubuki Alpha 50X (.335) 43.75" tipped 1" to play to true X w/Golf Pride VDR white. One time pull, was originally installed by Callaway factory in a Razr Hawk. $130 USA shipped. SOLD
  17. Pretty dope experience. Jordan Brand should hit him up about being a sponsor!!! I'd like to see some Jumpan golf products out there.
  18. Pimped out irons - One of a kindHello fellow Golfwrx members, Up for sale are some goodies that need to find a new home. Not really looking for trades other than a SF 2.0 V2, Tour AD DI X flex, or Matrix 6M3 X flex. Thx! If you want to buy everything listed I will sell it for $1100 and throw in a used Black Nike Cart bag. Up first is a set of custom built Adams Pro Black MB's. Only a few months old and were built by Baltimore Golf. Here are the specs. 4-PW, Standard length, 2* flat, 1.5* strong, GP VDR Blue grips, custom blue/white ferrules, and KBS C-taper S+.. Clubs are covered/hit/wiped/covered each time it is taken out the bag. Rating is a 9/10 at least. $675 shipped. 2nd up is a Nike VR Tour 9.5 w/Project X 6.5. Everything is factory and specs and has seen 2 rounds at most. Headcover included. Asking $125 shipped. 3rd up is an Adams 9064LS 8.5 w/Diamana Whiteboard 73 Stiff (real shaft not a made for). Measures about 45.5" ad would rate it a 9/10 condition. Headcover included. Asking $165shipped. 4th up are 2 pull shafts. $140 for both Diamana Whiteboard 73 Stiff - measures 42" and has been tipped 1.25" no grip. Asking $80 shipped Aldila RIP 60 Stiff - measures 43.5" hasn't been tipped. GP VDR black grip. Asking $90 shipped 5th up are 2 Dozen Nike balls. One DZ is the 20XI - X and the other DZ is a RARE - Nike Black Prototype M5's. $80 shipped for both
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