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  1. Looking to get my Cali Del Mar blacked out with some Lakers or Knicks colors. Anyone have good stories using Putter Lounge or BOS Golf for black matte finish?
  2. I thought I had seen that. Thx for the info tho.........what a bummer! [quote name='kitsoasis' timestamp='1312079282' post='3437714'] [quote name='teeboi316' timestamp='1312078689' post='3437683'] So basically the Cali line will all be black finish instead of the honey color? I guess I can wait to black out my del mar. [/quote] There's a SC thread from the Greenbrier, the Del Mars with the red dot in the cavity are probably going to be the 2012 Cali line [/quote]
  3. So basically the Cali line will all be black finish instead of the honey color? I guess I can wait to black out my del mar.
  4. If it plays anything like the 9064LS i'd try the standard setting first. No one likes that loud aluminum bat sound?
  5. Switched from MP58's PX6.0 to Adams MB CT S+ and ball flight and spin seem to be similar but I am 4-7 yards longer per club. More accuracy as well.
  6. I'd say go with the X and keep building your flex up!
  7. Lower your handicap - payday saleUp for sale are some goodies I have to part with. Finally happy with my bag setup so here are my extra ho'n equipment/accessories. Not really looking for trades unless items are rare or new. Take Everything Package - 2 Vokey's, 2 shafts, Adams Hybrid, 1 Dozen ProV1X, 1 Dozen Nike 20XI-X, 1 Dozen Nike Prototype, and 1 Dozen of the mixed Srixon-B330S-Prov1. $340 Firm SHIPPED USA Scotty Cameron California Hollywood 34" brand new wrapped in plastic still with headcover. $245 shipped USA SOLD Sold as a pair only - Titleist Vokey Black Nickel Spin Milled Wedges, 52-08 & 58-08, Project X 6.0 (factory upgrade), +.25" on both, 2* flat, GPMC blk/wht. 58 has more use than 52. excellent shape. $150 shipped USA. Shaft pull outs. All real aftermarkets (No Exclusives) All .335 Diamana Whiteboard 73x5ct S, 1.25" tipped, 41.75", no grip. $100 shipped USA Aldila DVS 70 S, 1/2" tipped, 43.5", GPMC blk/red. $50 shipped USA TAKE ALL 2 ONLY for $110 shipped USA Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid, 19*, 1*flat, Graphite Design Tour AD UT-95X shaft (factory upgrade), GP vdr grip, headcover included, sight ball mark at the face crown (not visible at address). $100 shipped USA Golf Balls - Prefer to sell this as a compete package $120 shipped USA Nike 20XI-X - 2dozen Nike Tour Prototype Black M5 - 1dozen ProV1X (2010) - 1dozen Srixon Zstar X (2010) 2sleeves, ProV1 (09 or 10) has small logo on it 1sleeve, Bridgestone B330S (09?) 1 sleeve
  8. I think irons run .355 mostly. Might be mistaken though
  9. Nice VR! Wish it was an 8.5 tho. Factory installed shaft or pro shop?
  10. When is the new line expected to release? I so want to black finish my cali del mar but if they produce one I might as well wait.
  11. I went from Project X 6.0 to the C-Taper S+. They are money and look awesome. With your SS you should be fine with S+
  12. I know trades are of no interest but I have a new Scotty Cali Hollywood 34" shrinked wrapped still if you want to swap with the PT82? PM if interested. Thx
  13. Please close/lock the ad. Trade is in progress now with mwgolfpro as posted. Thx everyone
  14. From grip to r9 tip it's a smudge over 43 3/4". It wasn't tipped from what I know.
  15. BOOOMJAY!!!! PRICE DROPSHello fellow WRX'ers! Up for sale are a list of goodies I need to sell and would prefer cash. Only trade Interest I have is for a Scotty Cameron Laguna 1.5 slant hosel or Adams A12 18* Ozik S or X, or 2011 Pro V1 or X's. Feel free to make offers on my listed prices for the following items or even combo offers. Prices are paypal'd/shipped. Mizuno MP-58 3-PW with Project X 6.0 (non flighted). Standard length, 2* flat, 1* strong. Factory Golf Pride Grips. Condition 8.5/10. Asking $450 PENDING A TRADE Taylormade SuperDeep 9.5 with upgraded Fujikura Rombax 6Z08 Stiff (awesome shaft, practically new). Winn Lite Med Blue grip. Weight kit and wrench. No Headcover. Crown has a small nick on crown from having an extra shaft in the bag, marked in the pic. Condition 7.8/10 because of nick. Asking $215 Head Sold. Shaft Only SOLD $130 Adams 9064LD 7.5 Sadlowski Head. Awesome just went another direction. Used about 6 rounds. No Headcover. Condition 8.8/10. Asking $130 SOLD Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid 19* with an upgraded Graphite Design Tour AD UT-95X shaft. Wicked long. Just want to change things up. Condition 8/10. Asking $150 Aldila Shafts used only a few rounds(.335). 43.5". Aftermarket RIP 60 S tipped 1/2" with blk/blue multicompund. DVS 70S tipped 1/2" with blk/red multicompound. Condition 9.5/10 Asking $100 for the RIP $40 for the DVS. $135 for both (free used r9 tip if you buy both). Take everything left for $650 FIRM
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