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  1. Hybrid bags. Many options out there. I need one with a bottom that works well on my rovik s cart
  2. Agreed. Too many accusations / assumptions being made here. Let the facts come out.
  3. I don’t know how it will work. A few weeks ago, the guys at GE told me I could order the 2021 0211 through them but they weren’t getting a fitting cart so I wouldn’t be fit for them. I don’t know if that changed or if the rep will have them at the in store PXG demo day.
  4. Original store in Florence, Ky is my go to. Coop, Eric and the boys are great.
  5. I can’t say for certain it is the same Golf Exchange but I’ve got a fitting a PXG fitting at Golf Exchange on 3/6. It’s a indoor fitting day with a PXG rep. Things are different with PXG compared to the past but I’m not certain how. I’ve not bought PXG previously. Golf Exchange is in Northern Ky and Cincinnati, Oh area with one store in Lexington, Ky. if I didn’t get it from the BST, I likely got it at Golf Exchange. https://golfexchange.com/locations/
  6. Swingyde is good. I prefer the power package. Great tool if used correctly.
  7. No issue accessing site. Never heard of it before. Looks like a future golf channel informercial.
  8. Tried Red Ball in stores, I wanted to like it. I have two Seemores. Si5 and Si3. Seemore and it’s not close. Just better.
  9. I skipped Rogue. I went Fusion, Epic, TM M4 and now I’m trying a Mavrik Max. I’ve only used the Mavrik Max in cooler temperatures but I like what I see.
  10. Keep those comparison replies coming. Compares between Gen1 0211 and g410’s to the 2021 0211 as I am thinking of moving both and going with 2021 0211. Also, anyone using the MMT 80 shafts?
  11. Good thread. Keep the ideas coming. It would be great if there were more concise guides based on wind and temperature.
  12. I made my own as well when the real deal wasn’t available and on back order. Tool belt, screw down cable clamp with rubber liner on one end attached to an old club so I didn’t need to remove it and a cheap carbineer that many use for work keys and a short exercise band. That stated, I bought the Planemate anyway. Why? Because I signed up to use Martin’s videos and Tour Striker deserves support for coming up with the Planemate idea and producing the videos.
  13. You may want to PM YoungJedi to make him aware of the video requests.
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