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  1. I’d like more info as well…… high moi mallet please.
  2. Why would you simply not just submit thru the no purchase required entry?
  3. Yes. In part, some free time did became more available as my kids came of age (35 & 26). That stated, grandkids are now starting to factor in. Only so much available time. I work 45 minutes from home (each way) and I’m there 55 hours or more each week. Many old hobbies/habits and other things just naturally faded away even before 2020’s lockdown. To name a few, time spent attending and watching professional sports (other than golf) had drastically dropped. Sold off my motorcycle as the wife wasn’t into it any way.
  4. ^ This except it’s an online form this time around. No Purchase Necessary. See Terms and Conditions. In short, pick your Callaway staffer. Fill out form and if he wins, you win a Dicks gift card to be received about 30-days post tourney valued at $527.00. Now, whom are you taking? Rahm - should be cleared two days prior. Can he even walk the course or practice prior? Obviously he was on at the Memorial. Phil - can lightening strike twice? Can he close the loop and grab the one that had eluded him for so long? He’s finished top 5 how many times in this ev
  5. Played with my father (age 78) as an alternate in a 9-hole golf league last night. He played forward and I played back. There is a wide range of ages in this league. It is a short course with the tips a little less than 3k yards. I put up a 39 with a double on a par 3. Hit in bunker, got above the hole and 3 putted was the big mistake. I’m definitely drinking the koolade right now. That stated, I am trying to stay grounded as I’ve felt I’ve been close before. Golf is hard and always will be. It will give you a little and then kick you in the privates over and over again
  6. My thought is to just maintain slightly more weight on forward leg and don’t lunge forward by maintaining a centered head. If I’m not careful, I’ll over swing (chasing distance) and my head will move forward changing my ground contact point. I don’t really think about much else.
  7. It comes from one of Tom Saguto’s videos.
  8. Third round in. I’m not sure I’ve ever hit the ball any better. I will state I have hit it this well before but usually only for a round or two (if that) as the sway always, and I do mean always, comes back. Seldom have I hit it this well for this long. The ball is going higher and longer. I am experiencing less stress on my back as I am not restricting my turn trying to not sway. As a matter of fact, I am not really thinking about my backswing at all. 55% weight forward. Swing hands around my belt line during backswing, again around my belt line on thru swing and try to tilt my fo
  9. It may be a difference between indoor and outdoor acoustics. I’ve not had an opportunity to try g425 so I honestly can’t say one way or the other. I’m using g410. Previously gamed g25. I tried Callaway CF19 Apex (kbs $). They felt way to clicky to me but many love them. My son (xp95) and brother in law (kbs) both game CF16 and I’ve hit them as well. Neither seem to me too be as clicky as CF19 but both are still clicky to me. Tried OG 0211 (19) as well. Great feeling but may be misleading as they are also graphite. As a matter of fact, I could say that they are the best fe
  10. In to get me done srixons. Good stuff
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