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  1. I’m 55 getting close to 56 and near sighted as I use single vision distance only glasses. I hate using them but I use them at sporting events, playing golf, movies, while driving, etc. I do not use reading glasses. After my son got lasik 5-6 years ago, I went for a consultation. The good news, I was indeed a candidate. The bad, I would need reading glasses if I got it done. I chose to not trade one for the other. They did offer to do only one eye. One eye would be for reading, one for distance but I didn’t go that route either. I still dont need readers but …. I do feel as if it’s getting a little harder so I’m thinking of doing another consultation. I’m not sure it’s a good idea going on 56. I do use my transitions glasses on the course as well as golf dark prescription Oakleys. They work but I’d prefer (as anyone would) to not require prescription glasses. As a matter of note, I do have to remove my glasses or look under the lenses when I read. My #’s are on the mild side and hadn’t really changed in 20+ years. That stated, I do find myself wearing them more than ever. -1.00 -.75 128 -1.25. -.75. 066
  2. Even more proud to own three Seemore after seeing the Instagram post featuring Van Halen’s Jump. Well done!!!
  3. 1. How often do you walk when you play? Between 30-40% of my rounds or about 15-20 rounds in 2021. Retiring end of June, 2022 so it will be allot more moving forward. 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? Yes, Clicgear 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? Yes, yes, yes. As noted, retiring in June and hoping to walk about 90% of the rounds after retirement.
  4. Cwing

    PXG Irons

    In a nut shell, is pig’s polymer impacted more so by cold temperatures than a standard, non polymer filled iron? Below 40? Below 30, etc?
  5. Cwing

    PXG Irons

    I was asking about club performance as I thought I’d read that the polymer may be impacted by temperature. If true, at what point and by how much?
  6. Cwing

    PXG Irons

    Any issues with performance in the cold? Does cold impact the performance of the polymer?
  7. Great thread. Thank you! In to follow.
  8. Why would TM bother to change their marketing strategy at all? Your average no wrx’er consumer would have no idea and likely wont care what company actually owns Snell.
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