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  1. In to follow and would love a CPO code.
  2. Looks like they clearly addressed it within the rules.
  3. Time to replace my transition glasses I use for everyday wear, including golf. The ones I use now have the tint failing. When they darken they are forming lines that I notice during outdoor wear. Kinda like streaks. Not good. I also have a pair of prescription Oakley Gauge 8 with Dark Prizm Golf lenses but I wear my Flexon frames with Transition lenses nearly as often on the course as I do the Oakley’s.
  4. I have the prescription golf dark. They are not so dark that they cannot be worn at dusk, indoors and on cloudy days. No issues here with varying colors in the lenses.
  5. I actually have a Reno. The Reno is not in my bag. For me, it simply takes up to much room in my bag. I understand that a smaller version may not have the forgiveness of the larger version. That stated, I would believe bringing the tech into a smaller version very well may have benefits over a similar sized mallet. If there was a version that had the DF tech in similar size to a ping ketsch or odyssey two ball, I would definitely be interested in that putter.
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