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  1. Good evening all. I’ll be in NC in the beginning of June visiting my in-laws. I want to play either Pinehurst # 7 or # 8. I have never played either one. Just looking for positives, negatives, experiences, etc., on helping me choose between those two courses. I really appreciate your help in advance! Thank you.
  2. I have never played it. I'll be down in NC this Thanksgiving visiting the in-laws. The rate at that time is $350. I would not be getting a caddie, simply because I'm really going to have to scrape up $350 just to play. Now to my question to you guys, is Pinehurst #2 worth the $350? Nicest course I've played to date is Bethpage Black (I live in NY). I get the whole mystique, history, behind Pinehurst #2. I just want to be sure it's worth the cash. Are there memorable holes, etc.? I hear the greens are brutal (upside down cereal bowls) which doesn't bother me.
  3. Tigers Eye, at Ocean Ridge Plantation, in North Carolina. I’m playing it in two weeks for the first time. Golf Digest gives it 4 1/2 stars, that’s pretty good. But how about it fellas, I’d like to hear your personal reviews, and thank you in advance....
  4. I’ve always had a very high ball flight, so I did not want the stock ‘light’ AMT Reds they came with, yet didn’t want the ‘heavy’ AMT whites either, I went with the mid trajectory AMT Blacks myself.
  5. bkirkley09, fair enough, thanks.
  6. Okie 21, yes, length and forgiveness the two claim to fames with them. The back of the club looks pretty too.
  7. Marco Colo, Titleist releases every two years. So most likely in September 2019.
  8. I’m not down on the X-22’s gdb99. I’m just ready to upgrade.
  9. Cool. Glad to hear. Thanks rkelso184. I went with the AMT True Temper Black shafts, for mid-trajectory, as I already hit a high ball.
  10. I’m FINALLY saying bye-bye to my 12 year old Callaway X-22 irons, loooong overdue. Have my Titleist 718 AP1 irons on custom order. Anyone out there that currently plays the 718 AP1’s, would love to hear your experience/feedback on them. Thanks.
  11. I want to pull the trigger on some new irons....I’m a mid-handicapper....I’ve been playing the Callaway X-22’s, for the past 11 years....I’ve been eyeballing the Titleist 716 AP1’s....Soooooo.....Do it or not?!?!
  12. The Pro SL’s are awesome. Loved them so much, I bought an additional same exact pair, $108 is very good price. Go for it.
  13. Will be playing it for the first time in late March with my buddies on our annual golf trip. For anyone that’s played it, could you please comment with your personal rating for the course, 1-10, 1 being crap, 10 being epic, no need to add descriptive comments on it, just your rating would be appreciated. Thanks guys and hit ‘em straight.
  14. Anyone have any inside scoop on what’s going to be in it?!
  15. I have a 2003 Studio Design 2.5, I would like to have it ‘freshened’ up, buff out the wear & tear and have paint fill. Unfortunately Scotty Cameron Custom Shop no longer offers the Black Pearl finish which the putter originally came with. I’m not willing to refinish it with anything but the black pearl finish. So I ask, does anyone out there know of a company (reputable and trustworthy) who could restore my putter? Thank you in advance guys!
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