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  1. Getting help here has helped me putting my bag together, and now I just have one missing piece - the driver shaft. I play a Devotion 7 05 in my Mizuno ST-Z 3 wood that ticks all the boxes. In my Mav SZ driver I got the KBS TD cat 4. This one feels just alright, mainly I don't like the low balance point. Launch and spin quite good though. So what 60 gram something driver shaft would fit me? New or old doesn't matter. Get fit some would say? Yes certainly, but the few fitters around here don't carry much more than the latest drivers' stock offerings.
  2. Pulled the trigger after a lot of putting in the store. Very excited! The only gripe I have with is the stock grip.. does anyone know the weight of it?
  3. Ready to pull the trigger. Any more reviews?
  4. Has anyone compared the tour in hybrid vs the rogue black hybrid?
  5. Went from px 6.0 to Nippon 130s. The Nippons are quite comparable but a little smoother. Nippon 120 feel way softer, I would probably do better with 120x.
  6. Used the 2018, and now the 2020. For me it's the perfect ball in terms of distance, spin and height. Previously also used snell mtb x and prov1 x.
  7. Any rumours of a new model anytime soon?
  8. Hi guys, I got the Antidote (model 2) which I love. But it just feels too light. Does anybody have couple of weights? 20/25/30 grams would all be of interest. I should point out that I'm in Sweden, but would of course pay for shipping.
  9. Played 2 rounds with the pro+. For me longer off the tee than mtbx, slightly less spin and firmer. Bought the red which are easy to spot in the rough but so so hard to see from 150 y out.
  10. Anybody tried the vice pro/pro+ 2020? Read they've updated this season. I gamed the pro+ in 2018, switched to mtbx last year but running out of supply of those..
  11. Nothing wrong with the original. Head too light though, but I guess there's after market weights.
  12. What's your opinion? Looking for a stable, face balanced, slightly heavier putter head. Have been eyeing the pxg operator..
  13. Ltd pro and PXG 0811 (set at flat) would be a good fit.
  14. Your club is way open already from the start of your swing. Strengthen your grip, and in the start of your DS you need to work on start squaring the face asap.
  15. Never easy huh :) I was thinking in the lines of center shaft, or zero offset, etc. And some examples of such putters. Thanks for all the feedback though!!!
  16. 5, 10, 15 degrees. What I perceive as straight is actually left of target. Sometimes ask friends to help me and when I like up I ask them if my aim's ok. They always say I'm lined up left of target by quite a bit.
  17. So, I have gotten fantastic help from this forum building my entire bag. Including a very pretty SC Laguna putter. Unfortunately I can't putt with it. Lining up I aim a good 10 degrees left. So, straight (for my eyes) is left. Being aware of this I start manipulating the aim until I don't know what's straight. When I strike the ball I hit it where the club's aiming so that's good. And distance control is good. Must be something with the offset or something else in how it sets up. What putter will make me aim straight?
  18. I've tried both in the 65 range. Feel fairly similar if I remember correctly. White launching higher. KW is an all time favourite. ....browsing ebay atm, will put it up against my evenflow black ?
  19. Reviving this thread. I've been between std and low spin driver, recently played both m3 and m4 (and many, many others). For me the x is too low while xf is perfect. Performance as good as anything. Looks and sound superb! Best looking driver ever imo. Think I found the last piece in my forever (3 y) set.
  20. Good buy! Always take the opportunity to rave abt mine, they truly are my forever clubs!
  21. Yes, you are probably right but I'd like to go the silly way = buying a new driver..
  22. So I've gotten great help on here finding a 3 wood and irons. Hoping for the same with driver ? First off, I can't hit drives, period. However, if I tee it up low and hit it like a 3 wood I get a low (8-9 deg launch) cut that typically drops down somewhere close to the fw. My stock shot with my 155 bs carries around 240y and peaks at 55-60 ft. The few times I get the launch up I get a lot more out of it. Currently using a 9 deg (10.5 but set at 9) TM M3 with a heavily tipped hzrdus black 65 stiff or Diamana av 70 x, playing right around 44''. Have tried A LOT of shafts but don't find much difference in flight and spin. Don't mind oldies, don't mind sub 460, have to be open face. And yes, I probably should move the tee up etc but simply don't feel comfortable. Hoping equipment holds the answer ? Thanks fellas!
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