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  1. Placed an order on 2/2 with “exotic” modus 130 and got them today.
  2. Those are probably my two favorite shafts. I never liked the dynamic gold profile so never would have tried X7 but got a deal on a set and love them. I was shocked how smooth but tight they played and I don’t bring golf wrx swing thunder. I actually had modus 130S but have hit 130X. Modus for me were more straight high shots and struggled a little with in between yardages or in wind. X7s are better for me with half shots and feel great. I do struggle with them in the long irons as they are stiff and went with a graphite shaft in 4 iron. I love the X7’s in wedges.
  3. Ordered mine 2/2. Just before the Koepka win so I was thinking I might get lucky and beat most orders. Got them with “exotic” modus 130 and they had a note exotic shafts will take a week or so longer than non -exotic. I was thinking a 2 week turnaround. Gave it two weeks and checked with customer service and they said they were waiting on the Lamkin grips and hopefully the following week they would be in and shipped. Ok, no biggie. Checked back yesterday and they said the only hold up are the still the grips and now aren’t expected until late March. I asked them to throw on any grips you h
  4. I’ve played steelfiber, mmt, kbs tgi, and liked the catalyst 100 over all of them. Very under appreciated shaft in my mind.
  5. I have played the 120x V’s and 130 $ taper (not soft stepped). $ taper were kind of a weird shaft for me. They had an inconsistent flight in a fairly small window if that makes sense. I could never dial in a consistent ball flight although they had pretty good dispersion overall. They had a higher ball flight than the V’s and a consistent high launch but were constant slight pulls or slight pushes. Never horrible but never consistent. I eventually went back to tour V’s and have played those for years so maybe I was just more used to them. $ tapers felt better to me but I could never get
  6. I was hitting balls at the range one time and didn’t know the guy in front of me. He hit his ball then I hit right after him. The balls hit eachother mid-flight about 170 yards out.
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