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  1. Thanks for all of the feedback. It’s interesting to hear these things are pretty normal. I am not saying I can’t put up with the small issues when playing, just airing my annoyance that they would sell them like that. Time to see if it can knock the Mizuno m-craft II out of the bag!
  2. I’ve never had any golf club that I’ve bought brand new have any noticeable discrepancies before let alone the most expensive club I’ve ever bought so that tells you one of two things 1, every manufacturer makes clubs without any faults or 2, I don’t have microscopic standards. Mass produced or not I don’t think it’s out of the question to expect the guys doing the paint fill or attaching the head to a shaft to do their job properly! Do you also think that the guys that get their loft and lie checked when ordering new clubs have microscopic standards as well?
  3. I’d love one of the Koepka circle T button backs but can’t justify spending that type of money on one. The off the shelf stuff has been pretty ordinary for a while. I sold one of the current studio selects after 3 weeks and played a Mizuno m-craft instead which felt heaps better.
  4. I’d never even heard of those until today. They look to have a few interesting options. I may take a closer look at those as I do like to use a putter that’s not in everyone else’s bag. Thanks
  5. I wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on it. If it is an acceptable standard then I don’t see much point in shipping it off for what will probably amount to 4-6 weeks. Also the putter that I am gaming is going to take some beating so if it didn’t work out I wouldn’t want to sell it in a condition that someone else might find unacceptable.
  6. I just received the putter I ordered from my local retailer in Australia and found what I believe to be a couple of small defects with it. Obviously this is a limited release so there aren’t going to be spares lying around to exchange it for but I expected better, especially with the cost of these putters. Firstly the shaft doesn’t seem to fit the head properly. Has anyone notice this with other Scotty Cameron putters? Secondly the paint work seems a little bit shoddy toward the heel of the putter. Neither would really be noticeable in terms of performance but I can’t help but feel a bit short changed. I bought it to use not to flip it and earn a quick dollar.
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