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  1. I have a TSi2 18* for the last 10 months, and am testing the King Tec 17* for WRX (AD IZ 95x). Both are more forgiving than my previous 818h2 and are great for avoiding the left miss but the King Tec has a sound/feel that is more muted and closer to the h2 IMO; I would recommend more people throw that one in the mix if not opposed to a slightly larger footprint.
  2. Individual weights now up for sale on the Cobra website - thank you @COBRA PUMA GOLF!! https://www.cobragolf.com/king-tec-hybrid-weights Going to buy a 10g to swap with the 2g...think that will get me to somewhere between D3-D4.
  3. I have been able to get just a touch more launch by moving to the fade setting, without turning fades into slices. To be honest I am surprised that this has kicked out my TSi2 but the thing just works! I still haven't had to use it for par 5 approaches where rolling through the green is a concern, but that is really the only area where the TSi is better for me. I think for my game, having weights spread across the sole seems to help keep the ball within the navigational beacons vs. having one weight in the center. One nitpick/request for @COBRA PUMA GOLF is (if supplies/supply chains allow) to please make the weights available to buy separately online like with the weights for the other woods & putters. It would be great to have something with a similar weighting to my other clubs without loading up the lead tape, and I would imagine that in the target demographic for this product there would be others in a similar boat.
  4. Any more irons pages in that catalog?!
  5. I have the 7 in 54/58 and have used both extensively for about 65 rounds over 20-21', with the 58 being the main bunker club. Includes practice time on grass & mats, but I generally don't do a ton of wedge practice unless the grass is open at my range. I now have chrome showing up on the sole and face of the 58 but the 54 is still in awesome shape with very minor sweet spot wear and a few tiny flecks of chrome on the sole from pebbles. I have another 54/58 in plastic ready to go after an AZ trip in March but I may not even need to break out the new 54 yet to be honest. Other than a DBM finish this is the most durable I have seen and it looks amazing. If they ever came out with the T100 in slate blue I would be first in line to pay whatever premium they slap on it.
  6. 1. How often do you walk when you play? Played 35 rounds in 2021, walked about half 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? yes but it isn't great on my club's really hilly back 9 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? yes definitely
  7. 1. San Diego, CA 2. Putter 3. Yes 4. Would potentially kill my dreams of only playing flow neck blades for the rest of my life but the prospect of improving my putting with a properly fitted putter is very appealing.
  8. Club Champion San Diego Always interested in stout shafts that offer a soft-ish mid for a bit of a kick, especially from Fujikura. Interested in 60 X
  9. While this isn't permanent, the is staying in the bag for now over the TSi. I am more consistent with it so am not going to mess with things unless/until they go sideways. I messed around with a few different configurations but really like the look of the stock 17* loft and weight setting, particularly the setup of the two heavier 12g weights on both the heel & toe; club just feels stable coming through the zone. Now if only I could get my hands on a 6/8g weight to swap with the 2g center weight...
  10. Any chance Cobra will do what Titleist did and allow customers to select specific weights when ordering direct from the website?
  11. I have the 17* and it launches pretty low for me (with the IZ 95x shaft) so not ideal as an approach club. I just started messing around with the weights and loft settings, hoping I can tweak it enough to add a bit of launch without sacrificing neutral face path or giving up too much distance.
  12. This thing is consistent. I have played 45 holes and had 4 range sessions and everything I mentioned above is holding true. Great feel, lower than TSi2 launch, no left-bias. Now I am going to crank up the loft and move weights to be more fade-biased to see if I can turn this into more of a par 5 approach club than a bomber off the tee.
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