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  1. I feeleth liketh i’m reading the Magna Carta—oth'rwise, valorous luck with sale!
  2. Hello y'all - only have one item for sale today. Brand new Scotty Cameron 2021 Cinco de Mayo Wanderer Noche Serape Bag. Removed from plastic for pictures. Only seen my dining room. These sold out quick! $800 OBO PayPal'd & shipped CONUS.
  3. It appears to be a gun blue finish that is wearing off in some spots. I know it has been refinished but I do not know who did the work. I can try and take some better photos if you’d like?
  4. Hello all, two items for sale today. Only trade interest is a Scotty Cameron T22 Newport 2. All items are PayPal’d & shipped CONUS. 1. Scotty Cameron 1998 Tei3 Teryllium Newport 2 34” Putter. Picked this up on eBay. Pictures show condition. Putter has been restored (not sure who did the work). Just installed a new Ping PP58 Blackout grip that has only seen 1 round. $499 $449 OBO. 2. BNIP TaylorMade SIM2 10.5° Driver Head Only. Mods this is a different driver head than one previously listed. Drive
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