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  1. **All prices include fees for shipping and PP G&S considerations** 1. Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9* driver on a VA Raijin Black 65 FIVE shaft. Plays right at 45". Head only - $185, Shaft only - SOLD 2. PX HZRDUS Black 63g 6.0 shaft. Played 45” in my TM driver. NDMC Blackout grip. Asking $65 shipped 3. Callaway MD3 Raw finish 52*, 10* Bounce, S-grind on a Tour Issue DG S400. As far as I know, everything is standard L/L/L. This club has probably only seen 10-12 rounds and has a really sweet patina going on. SOLD Prefer cash, but open to trades for x flex shafts Sim/Sim2, TSI3, and possibly a Ping 425. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Like new Mavrik Max 10.5* head. Asking $275 shipped. Just wasn’t as good a fit for me. I have had tons of great transactions on this site and take my reputation here seriously, so rest assured you will have no issues buying from me. Message me with any questions.
  3. Interested in the F9 driver, pm’d you earlier. Is it still available?
  4. **All prices include fees for shipping and PP G&S considerations** I have many great transactions on this site, both purchase/sale and trade. Feedback was all positive prior to site update. PM Me if you have any questions not addressed in the ad. Up first is a TaylorMade M1 on a PX HZRDUS Black shaft. Plays 45” with a NDMC Blackout. This has been an extremely good club for me, has been gamed and has some wear, but is still in very good shape and ready to see the course. I just am a sucker for new clubs and bought a new driver. Comes with OEM headcover. Asking $75 shipped for the shaft, asking $110 shipped SOLD for the head only Next is a TaylorMade M3 3HL also on a HZRDUS Black 6.5 75g shaft. Club is in great shape. Comes with OEM headcover. Asking $150 shipped SOLD Last is an awesome Callaway MD3 Raw finish 52*, 10* Bounce, S-grind on a Tour Issue DG S400. As far as I know, everything is standard L/L/L. This club has probably only seen 10-12 rounds and has a really sweet patina going. Only reason I am selling is because I am moving to a 50*, 56*, 60* setup instead of a 52*, 60*. Asking $70 shipped I am open to trades, but relatively picky. Main trade interest would be 3 woods and Ping Glide 3.0 50* and/or 56* wedges with very little to no groove wear. Let me know what you’ve got and worst I can say is no thanks.
  5. Ahh, so the "L1" was just a misfire when they were stamping it. This helps a lot. I now see the point about one cog not necessarily being specific to lie or loft, but that both can affect either. Thanks guys, this is why WRX is so helpful. Really appreciate it!
  6. Here are some pics of the adapter I have. These pics were taken starting with the current configuration and turning the club head 90* clockwise At a time for each pic.
  7. @jeffrey r , thanks, I fully understand the intended outcome with adjusting lie and loft settings. My question is more about how to make sense of the specific labels (settings) on each cog of the adapter. I actually need the reverse of what you described above. I am looking to lower loft, open the face, and create a more fade biased setup.
  8. @Stuart_G , I'm not entirely sure I understand your comment. What I meant by mentioning inconsistency is the cog labels on the adapter I have in hand on the driver I just received in relation to the cog labels listed on Callaway's website. The labels do not match. For example, on Callaway's website, I should see an option for -1 on loft setting. My adapter doesn't have a -1 label anywhere on it. The labels I mentioned in the OP show both what are on my adapter, and what are shown on Callaway's website. The two just don't match up. And based on what I've read, it seemed explicitly clear to me that one cog is for lie adjustments, and the other for loft. Is this incorrect?
  9. All, 30 minutes online searching and still can't find an answer, so I am hoping the GolfWRX gurus can help. My Mavrik SZ driver came in today, but I need help with the adapter settings. The top cog labels are as follows: NL1D+2The lower cog labels are as follows: SD+1NI am hoping you all can help me understand the adapter settings so I can try to dial this in without blindly guessing. I know one cog is supposed to reflect lie angle and the other loft, but I am not sure which is which. Further, I don't know what these different labels indicate. Any help would be super appreciated. BTW... the labels mentioned above are NOT consistent with what is described on the Callaway Website, which are listed below: LOFT SETTINGS ARE DESIGNATED AS:" -1 " Subtracts 1 degree from Stated Loft" S " = Stated loft (Loft stamped on Clubhead)" +1 " Adds 1 degree to Stated Loft" +2 " Adds 2 degrees to Stated LoftLIE SETTINGS ARE DESIGNATED AS:" N " Neutral Setting" D " Draw Setting
  10. You started a business at 23 or younger that is still operating 6+ years later? You're not an idiot. Many people do not know what a feat this is in and of itself. I don't care if it was a car wash business, this is a significant accomplishment. I believe anyone who has the aptitude and has experienced some success as an entrepreneur is creative enough (or smart enough to outsource that creativity) to find your niche in an industry you care about. If you believe that is golf, then get started on your homework, if you aren't sure, I'd consider spending some time trying to find out what industry is best for you.
  11. I'll tell you what you just really hate to see that, such a shame that the yankees came in touting those two names and Stanton is the first guy to go hitless with 5 k's twice in a game in the live ball era, such a shame!!!! Oh yeah... truly eats away at me. Poor Yankees. lol As a lifetime Braves fan, the Yankees can suck it (with all due respect, of course).
  12. Lol I opened this thread just to type this comment out. Beat me to it.
  13. I don't think you get the game... Boo is drippin in sauce (or maybe that's just some dip spit, I can't really tell). And Duf is.. Duf. Hat game is off the charts.
  14. Interesting take. I also wonder why you don't see more of the free agent guys playing the driver. Hatton and Louis win occasionally on the Euro Tour. That's pretty much the only players they have in the top 50. I don't know for certain, but it does seem like a lot more of the top amateurs play Ping though. Ping doesn't sponsor nearly as many Tour pros as Titleist, TM, and Callaway. The sheer numbers make it so any of these three manufacturers are much more likely to have a sponsored pro win on any given week. Add in the fact that these "big 3" have the cream of the crop guys at the top, and this is why you don't have a Ping winner week in and week out. Has nothing to do with equipment.
  15. Damn Dude, you're going to seriously criticize his kids names. Glad everything in your life is perfect! yup. Sorry for not liking his kids names, My bad...I’ll make sure to send him a letter telling him how much i love them. Coming from a dude that names his dog Ducky. Or at least that is what I gather form your avatar...
  16. No shot. Even if she did cheer at Auburn, Smiles definitely out-kicked his coverage.
  17. I am talking about seats at the golf, not baseball. They reduced ticket sales dramatically to go to Merion. Also, hasn't home run production gone up over the years? Judge could blow the record out of the water if he stays good and healthy. Time to roll back the baseball... Judge has zero chance to pass Ruth let alone break the record, try again. Also funny you bring back rolling back the baseball because there were multiple reports about it being "juiced" last year He's certainly on pace to threaten the strikeout record, or at least join the conversation!..... The strikeout record will be firmly held in the hands of Judge's new team mate. Stanton. TWO PLATINUM SOMBREROS ALREADY THIS YEAR!
  18. i thought they were comparable in terms of performance - but the v2 felt firmer yet softer feedback of that makes sense. also, the black didn't feel like it loaded, where as the v2 felt like you could feel the load and unload through impact. Thanks. I thought I remembered the V2 feeling somewhat similar to the HZRDUS. But the last time I hit it, it was in a brand new G10! I did play the hybrid version in a Nickent 20* for a long time that was absolutely money for me until it cracked. Any thoughts on launch/spin comparison?
  19. Not relevant to the new vs old discussion, and I don't mind either paint job. But can someone help compare the feel and performance characteristics to a HZRDUS Black? If I remember correctly, the V2 was marketed as low/low. I think feel wise, it is probably similar to the HZRDUS, but its been years since I hit a V2 and I'm wondering how the two would theoretically compare in terms of spin and launch.
  20. There is another thread in the equipment section with WRXer's who swear that PGA pros are only swinging at 75-85%. So I guess that means he could probably get it up to about 156-157 mph if he really goes at it! LOL the whole 75-85 percent thing is a lie. watch them swing. unless they are cutting one off such as a half wedge etc. they are swinging 100%. i am not saying they are swinging as hard as they can, but they are swinging 100%. Especially with driver. they all go after it, and with the clubs today, why wouldnt they? you are just as likely if not more to get crooked at 75 percent as you are at 100. so why wouldnt they try and max out the distance if hole called for it? That sentence is very contradictory. Within a sentence you are suggesting that they could be swinging harder, but are indeed swinging 100% and that makes no sense at all. You could argue that they are swinging as hard as they can without sacrificing accuracy, but unless they are swinging as hard as they can physically swing than they are not swinging at 100% speed or effort. Accuracy is precisely why they don't swing at 100% effort because if they were "swinging out of their shoes" the ball would be very difficult to control. They aren't all "going after it". I had a conversation with a current tour pro's caddie and his good friend (two separate people) about his swing. They both said he isn't swinging fully on 90% of his driver swings. I talked to him about it directly at a later time and he said he's probably regularly swinging around 5-6 mph slower than a full swing, but it "feels" like a 90% swing. This player is one of the longest hitters on tour. He also stated that most of the really good drivers on tour are the same way, with the exception of a few. JB Holmes is one he mentioned specifically that swings it pretty much fully every time with the big stick.
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