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  1. I’m playing 716 AP2’s. So perhaps an AP1 or AP3 5 iron would give me the help I’m talking about. I have older TM Rescue 09 TP’s 19* and 22* as my 3 and 4. Perhaps your idea helps with gapping as well. Or even a Srixon Z U45/65/85 would work….thoughts?
  2. Thanks. I may need to buy a set of GI irons. Like a Ping G series. Just seems a little unappetizing to spend that money when it’s 1-2 clubs I’m really worried about. Though I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt me on the other clubs in the bag either.
  3. Quick run down, used to be a 7-8 handicap and play 716 AP2's. Have a 3.5 year old and 16 month old now so I'm not playing much. I'm probably more like a 12 handicap now and I'm lucky to play 8-10 times a year. Hopefully more this year. For those of you that have pulled the 5 iron (or more) and replaced with hybrids, what was the motivating factor and how did you find replacements (seems I'd need to get them built)? I hit the ball plenty high so it's not a lack of height I'm looking to add. I really want to make it easy and gain some confidence in the 5 and 6 iron area. I can still hit g
  4. I’ve got a 26 degree 5 iron. Not sure who you were replying to but my TM 09 TP’s are 19 and 22. Curious what gains the newer hybrids are giving folks?
  5. Do the 4 and 5 fill the gap between your fairway wood and 5 iron?
  6. Not trying to hijack the original post, but I play TM Rescue 09 TP’s at 19 and 22. I’d love to upgrade them but what are you guys gaining with the new ones? All I see is longer shafts and hotter faces. Which is awesome but I need a 4H to fly 12-15 yards longer than my 5 iron not 20-30. I really would love to know the “gains” you’re getting. Thanks folks!
  7. My brother in law is scratch or close to it. Totally gifted golfer. He knows a former Masters champ well and played with him the Sunday before it started and shot 84. Granted this doesn’t meet the OP conditions etc. Much easier the Sunday before the tournament than on the final round Sunday.
  8. Do you really think I counted given how odd and even numbers work? I’m hoping for an overnight WD
  9. By my count, we won’t have our marker Jeff Knox out there. Is that correct?
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