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  1. That was awful. Couldn't make it through the whole thing. Already regret the time I gave up for what I watched. E=MB squared, LOL. Dude sounds drunk. And, if you're going to have a youtube channel critiquing other youtube videos get a better damn internet connection. The buffering was making me crazy. What a joke.
  2. Bought my son a Jones Trouper. Sits in the garage since he seems to have no interest in golf now. Also another Vessel stand bag in the garage that’s my wife’s. So, 3 vessels, 2 jones and a stitch. Damn, I’ve got issues.
  3. Wish they made the SIM2 Max 7 wood for us lefties.
  4. Just had my new SIM2 Max 3HL delivered today. Snatched it up off eBay, brand new with plastic still on it, head cover too for $180! Anxious to hit it. My current 5 wood is a Ping G425 Max at 17.5 degrees. The Sim is 16.5 so really a 4 wood. Calling it a 4 wood must make it harder to sell or something.
  5. I've had both. Epic Forged stayed with me a lot longer than the 0211's did. Epic super strong loft, crazy easy to hit. However, even with the strong lofts, they spin way more than the 0211's. My Epic 7 iron would check up on the green less than 6 inches from where it landed. I couldn't keep the 0211 gap wedge from rolling out 3 feet. YMMV. And, I've got two Vessel cart bags, a Stitch stand bag and a classic Jones carry bag. I must be a true playah.
  6. Great driver, arguable the most forgiving on the market right now. This one is in great condition. Comes with the stock Alta CB55 stiff flex standard length shaft with an unactivated Arccos grip, a Ping Tour 65 regular flex shaft with a GolfPride MCC+4 grip, stock Ping head cover and adjustment tool. $400 shipped and PayPal'd in the lower 48.
  7. First round today with the Tour X. Temps in the high 30’s so pretty cold. Ball felt great. Distances were good, very impressed. FWIW I’ve been playing the Srixon XV. The Maxfli Tour X felt softer. So far impressed and glad I bought 4 dozen!
  8. Srixon ZX5 4-PW Modus 105 regular flex shafts standard size Lamkin grips. Bought these brand new when I couldn’t get the P790’s I wanted. Standard L,L,L set. 2 rounds played and a handful of range sessions. Excellent condition. I was able to pick up a set of 2021 P790’s here on the BST and it seems they are marginally better for my game so the Srixons must go. Asking $SOLD including shipping to the western states. East coast add $10. PayPal only. Only trade interest would possibly be a high end putter.
  9. A 200 yard fat 6 iron. I want your club head speed. That’s a well struck 5 wood for me.
  10. Sale was only good Sunday and Monday.
  11. I don't understand how a 7 year old is a bigger liability than an 8 year old. Places have some strange rules. It seems this time of year would be the best to get out and not be pushed by people behind you.
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