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  1. I have a set of 0211DC irons I ordered at the rock bottom price of $89 a club. Not only did the woman that took my phone order take her time with me, I requested a certain swing weight and she said it would be noted and they would get them as close as possible. It was explained to me with an 86 gram graphite shaft the exact swing weight may not be attainable but they'd get them as close as they could. Even on a discounted item she walked me through the process, explained everything and did the best they could to reach my requested swing weight. Also requested a certain number of grip tape
  2. ? the left handed CB801’s have the Y grind.
  3. Here ya go. https://www.golfdiscount.com/srixon-z-585-irons
  4. I don’t own a set, but generally there is a plug or weight in there.
  5. Beautiful irons. I’ve had the Wilsons, Titleist MB’s, Mizuno SC18’s and my current Miuras. The Wilson V6 irons felt softer than all the rest. GLWS!
  6. Hollow heads like Sub70 699 irons.
  7. Beautiful set up and a killer price. Put mine back in the bag for a quick 9 this afternoon and shot one of my lowest scores.
  8. Left handed Miura Baby Blades that play like a Ping G425 iron. I mean, it does say “dream irons”.
  9. FedEx is terrible lately. Didn’t realize most all their drivers are subcontractors. I stick to USPS when shipping. They’ve stepped up their game.
  10. teedub21

    Wedge setup

    I'd get the set gap wedge and for now skip on a lob wedge, but thats just me. Maybe replace the 54 degree "sand wedge" with a more specialty SW at 56 degrees.
  11. Hit them at the range today, off mats unfortunately. The 17 degree seemed to fly decent, but then it’d just fall out of the sky. May return it and just keep the 20 and 23.
  12. I have the 23 degree and it’s super easy to hit. Just bought the 17 and 20 off the CPO site. Supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Curious to see if the 17 pushes my Mavrik 15 degree 3 wood out as I hit it pretty well.
  13. Pulled my Mavrik 3 wood a while back and replaced it with a PXG Proto 5 wood turned down to a 4 wood. Wasn’t super blown away by its performance. Swapped the Mavrik 3 wood back in the bag today and was absolutely smoking it. Think the Mavrik 3 will stay. Probably the easiest to hit 3 wood I’ve ever had.
  14. Bought 2 dozen of the standard and 2 dozen of the XV on Amazon Prime day. These balls feel good and seem to perform well but they definitely scar up easily. Will go through them pretty quick at this rate. I switched out my ball today at the turn to a fresh one and it got pretty chewed up as well.
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