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  1. I wear a 32” inseam pants. Without measuring, it’s around a 31 so it’s perfect for me. I can try and measure.
  2. Was in Reno (Nevada) and was staying at a hotel casino which had a store named The Pig and Wolf. I’ve been in there before and knew they carried Travis Mathew, Linksoul and RLX golf gear. I went in to spend some money before losing it at the tables. Was checking out all the Travis Mathew stuff then I stumbled corner where they had a bunch of Greyson products. I’ve been eyeballing their Montauk Joggers for awhile now online and they had them only in blue (Maltese), which is fine because it’s my favorite color. Wanted a pair ever since I saw Erik Van Rooyen wearing them. I tried them on and loved them so I picked them up.
  3. Cuater Moneymaker and Ringer by far are my favorites.
  4. My first suggestion would be to get custom orthotics. Most pronation cases are because of the shape of an arch. Getting fitted for orthotics would help support your arch while letting your foot strike at a more neutral position. It can get pricey but most insurances do cover podiatrist visits as well as orthotics. if you’re looking for shoes, Adidas has the ZG21 made for pronation.
  5. I’d assume since he’s sponsored by Ralph Lauren, that he would be wearing something in their line.
  6. I get it. I was in my younger days and thinking about it kind of surprises me too. But I remember that day vividly. My reasoning, although some may it see it like that, was that I knew I was in the wrong and I sincerely apologized for my action. The others in his group accepted my apology and moved on. If he had something to say, then he should have gotten it off his chest instead of giving me a dirty look for 2 holes trying to act tough in front of his buddies. So yes, I almost did get into a fight for someone looking at me like that.
  7. I’ve come close but have never gotten into a fight with someone. I have seen a few in life time though. I remember playing with a guy that I didn’t know, and the group behind us kept hitting into us. The guy said something to another guy and before I knew it, they were on the ground wrestling. A few of us tried to break it up. No punches thrown though. Just lots of grabbing, pushing and holding. The closest I’ve gotten was on the first tee at Harding, well before the remodel, so we’re talking 20 years ago. I topped my first tee shot of the day, but it just got on to the fairway and rolled a bit. I was about 240 away. The guys were on the green and I didn’t think I’d reach them with an irons. I took out my 4 iron and absolutely striped it. It took one big bounce 30 yards from the green and rolled on, then through while the group ahead was still putting. Not sure If it hit a yardage marker or what. I got up and apologized to them while they were teeing off on #2. All of them were pretty nice about and understanding, but one just kept looking at me, even after hit tee shot. He started walking and just mean mugged me for about 15 yards. I finally asked “what the hell are you looking at?” He replied with a “nothing” and kept walking. #3 is a par 3 so we caught up to the group and this same guy kept looking at me. I told him if he had a problem then let’s just settle it right now because I was getting tired of the way he was looking at me. He responded with a “its cool” and that was the last time he did look my way.
  8. Striping a perfect drive down the middle just to shank your second. Also, the 3 putt bogey never feels good.
  9. He wears the Nike Outriders. https://www.nikevision.com/NIKE-OUTRIDER-NV.html
  10. Macade shirts are awesome quality and the price isn’t that premium. G/Fore and Galvin green shirts can reach triple digits. Macade sits in that Travis Mathew $75 range.
  11. I think it really depends on the address of an individual. I’m 6’2 and like to have my head directly over the ball. Some people are more upright and others less. For how I putt, a 34” works perfect for me.
  12. I honestly used to hate music on the course. This was 5 years ago. Now, I don’t mind it and have a JBL Clip speaker on my bag. I don’t use it every time I play. When I do play music, it’s usually when I’m playing in a group with my buddies , who all have speakers on their bags. I’d rather listen to music than hearing a guy from another hole yell “LET’S GO!” during my swing. You’d be surprised how often that has happened to me. Some golf courses are starting to have golf carts with built in Bluetooth speakers. Presidio golf course is one I’ve played that has them.
  13. I use either Hawaiian Tropic and Sun Bum. Maybe because I love that smell of coconut. Neither one stains my white shirts. When I want something with no scent, I go with La Roche Posay which is more expensive but goes on clean and clear.
  14. I was Harding Park and after a round, saw 3 cars with their windows smashed. Another time, some random guy walked up to me in the parking lot asking if I wanted to buy a “golf scope”. He obviously wasn’t a golfer and he pulled out a Bushnell rangefinder and was asking for $100.
  15. I miss Roddy Ranch. It was such a awesome course.
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