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  1. Wanting swap out the long iron(s) in my AP2 set. Let me know.
  2. Hey y’all, it’s clean out time. The tinkering continues. Any questions, text me at 309-536-1311. Sometimes I miss replies but never miss texts. 1. Ventus Blue 6x. This is stock, came in my SIM Max that I ordered directly from Taylormade. I’ve only swung this shaft a handful of times and could pass for new. LH tip, not a mark. Loved it but I went with an upgrade. Ordered to play 45.5 inches. Midsize Z Cord. $100 2. Titleist 718 AP2 4 and 5 iron, stiff, stock AMTs, standard LLL. Listing these because I want to swap these out for something a easier and do
  3. We are headed down in mid February and snagging the Verrado 36 hole special: $139 Round 1, $69 Round 2. Have talked to a couple people who recommended it. Can't wait.
  4. Hey y’all, me again. I yearn for the bond between man and putter. Consider me a virgin in that arena, however it won’t stop me from trying. I always scan the sites and try my best to match the lowest price. Any questions just ask. No trades unless you’ve got a flow neck mid blade (laughably hard to find) (Scotty Del Mar 3, Piretti Matera, TP Mills Fleetwood, etc.). I think that’s what will finally suit me. Prices are shipped. West of the Mississippi add $5. 1. PXG Mustang Gen2 34”. This thing is awesome at address and a great mid blade, slant neck. 9/10 condition. Previous owner tried
  5. Titleist T100 5-PW, stiff Pro Modus 105T, standard specs. Standard Z Cord grips. These have about 10-15 rounds on them and are in fantastic shape, ordered directly from Titleist. No trades please. $700 + shipping.
  6. lol, It really does. Rolled it a couple times awaiting my new putter and its honestly pretty solid.
  7. Its a hoe’s life for me, and it’s def the equipment and not my swing. ONLY TRADES: SIM Max head only in as good of shape or with a high launch, stiff shaft, Ventus Red would be neat. Odyssey Rossie, Spider X. Any questions, just ask. As always, I feel my prices are fair and I check all the sites to compare and try to be at the low end. Cobra Speedzone White 10.5, stock Hzrdus Yellow plays at 45”, (.5 below standard) Winn Lite midsize. This could pass for brand new easily. $275Titleist TS2 10.5, Tensei Blue AV 55g, regular, standard length. This is pretty used, won’t lie but definitely performs
  8. I’ve got a SZ 10.5, stock Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 6.0, 60g, plays 45” that has seen the course twice, no range balls. New Midsize MCC+4 Grey grip. No trades unless it’s for a Titleist TS1 please. $300 OBO shipped.
  9. Taylormade Milled Grind set, bronze. The scratches in the pics are just normal marks, and look much worse in the pics due to the finish. Promise. 52 is a year old, plenty of life left but has the most wear. 56 and 60 are in fantastic 9/10 shape and are newer. Stock DG wedge shafts. All 3 standard bounce. SOLDJordan 11 Cool Grey 9.5. Brand new in box. Never seen the outdoors. $250WTT - Cobra Speedzone 10.5 White head only. Want to trade for the Xtreme version in 10.5. White or yellow. If interested, I’ll send pics. It’s seen about 20 balls.Any questions, just ask. NO TRADES on the wedges or sh
  10. Hello all, Help me cure some quarantine blues, and take these off my hands. NEW IN WRAPPER. Standard LLL, stiff Modus 105T shafts. Standard ZCord grips. Any questions, just shoot me a message. $875 Shipped OBO
  11. Sup y’all. The lock down also has me down. Buy my clubs and make it better for both of us! Prices are shipped. Feel the prices are very fair but you can throw an offer if you want. ONLY trades: A non-blade but still players iron set in 115-125g Stiff/XStiff in excellent or mint condition. Sets for reference: JPX tour or forged, Titleist CB/AP2, Apex Pro, etc. No Ping plz. TaylorMade M3 10.5. This has been played a handful of rounds but you can’t really tell. Tensei Blue 65 XStiff, plays at about 45. New (besides bag wear) ZCord grip. $150TaylorMade M3 15. This is also extremely mint. Could pa
  12. Titleist T100 5-PW, wrappers still on. Upgraded Nippon Pro Modus 105T Stiff, standard L/L/L. Z-cord standard grips. AVOID THE SALES TAX. $925 OBO
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