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  1. Hey guys, hoping for a quick sale. Prices included shipping east of the river. Extra, but will ship anywhere. Any questions just ask. TRADES: Combo set in 9/10 condition, stiff or xstiff. 1. Cobra Forged Tec Black 5-GW, AMT White Stiff, Standard LLL. This diamonized black is incredible. The black did not wear at all. Like none. And spin is as good as all the other irons I’ve hit. Definitely an eye catcher and the people love them. Bought these brand new and played about 10 rounds. No question, 9/10. The pics show the GW and PW which have the most use. My home course is very very short. The little bag chatter there is is hidden by the black finish. $700 OBO 2. Ping G425 4 iron, DG120 stiff. Standard. Bought new, rarely hit. Will throw in to the set for cheaper. Solo is $100
  2. Hey guys, Pretty broad here, but I am looking for a set of irons in the players category (if they're a blade's blade, only in the shortest irons). I would LOVE if it is a combo set with something very forgiving in the long irons. Must be in excellent condition. Set on these brands: Mizuno (JPX 900/919/921, MPseries) Callaway (XForged, Apex Pro) Taylormade (P760/770/7MC) Titleist (T100/s)
  3. I appreciate it. My buddies were trying to explain the concept I presented, and it didn't make sense to me how you could add loft while preserving an open face, you know, science and what not. But they got my hopes up. Unfortunately, Taylormade doesn't make the 12 degree head in lefty . Might have to move brands to achieve this, or fix my swing but who really does that. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I apologize in advance, I assume this has been brought up multiple times. I am a lefty who hits it low (too low at many courses) and my miss is a hook. My swing is steep (working on it) but I get great ball speed, very low spin. However losing out on some distance due to lack of height. I took my 10.5 SIM and delofted it to 9.5 to open the face and absolutely loved it. It at least gave me the confidence that the hook was neutralized. However, WAY too low flight. Can someone confirm that if I get a righty adapter and increase the loft to 11.5, it will open it up while preserving the higher loft? It sounds like an easy concept but trying to wrap my mind around it. Thanks!
  5. 1. Titleist TS2 9.5. Two seasons of use but in good shape. Evenflow White, stiff, standard length, 65g. $200 2. Titleist 915F 15 degree. Couple seasons of use, normal wear but plenty of life left. Diamana 70g, stiff flex, standard length. $100 Would like to sell together for $250, but would sell separate if there’s a buyer for both. No trades.
  6. Hey guys, I am sure it is obvious with this post, but welcome to my "way too early, my swing sucks but its not me" sell off. Message me with any questions at 309-536-1311. Prices are shipped, NO TRADES please. 1. Ping i210 5-PW, Stiff Modus 125, orange dot (2 degree flat) -.50 inch in length. I bought these mint on 2nd Swing (peeled the stickers off when I received them so basically new) and played them for 3 rounds. I assume someone ordered them to spec and ended up canceling seeing how 2nd Swing is a Ping retailer. I love them actually, but need some more forgiveness (my game stinks). They are pretty pristine, we'll call them 9.5/10. The face pic shown is the most hit club (PW), will send more if interested. Buying these new with the shaft upcharge would be $950 before tax. SOLD 2. Callaway Mav Max 7 Wood (21*). Stiff Evenflow White 65g. Bought this Mint on CallwayPreowned to experiment with the 7 wood trend, too much offset for a draw (duck hook) player tho. It is 9.5 condition, I hit it 3 times. SOLD 3. Titleist SM7 50*. Stock everything, ordered from Titleist. This has been played for a year, ok shape, face is actually pretty clean (forgot to clean the grooves for the pic). SOLD 4. Titleist 718 AP1 5 iron. Regular R300 shaft, average condition. Used this in a combo set. $50
  7. Hey guys, prices are shipped, text 309-536-1311 with any questions. TRADES: Ping i210/i500 in really nice shape (would consider cash in) Titleist 718 AP2 4-PW, all standard, stiff stock AMTs. Played for half a season, would be comparable to Excellent condition on resale sites. Not mint but better than very good. I have an AP1 5 iron (R flex) I subbed out for the AP2 4 iron I can add in or sell separately. Grips are still in great condition if that speaks to the use of the clubs. SOLD
  8. Hey guys, couple items today. No trades please. Any questions, text is best. 309-536-1311 1. Titleist 718 AP2 4 iron, standard LLL, stiff flex. Bag chatter is the really the only blemishes, hit sparingly, super clean face, clean standard grip. Moved to a hybrid. $80 shipped 2. Graphite Design Tour AD HD 6s. RH tip. Real deal. Plays 45.5 in a SIM. Bought from a guy who had it built for his SIM, looks brand new. I was fit for something different. Jumbo Max Ultra Lite XS grip swung maybe 10 times. $240 shipped
  9. Hey y’all, it’s clean out time. The tinkering continues. Any questions, text me at 309-536-1311. Sometimes I miss replies but never miss texts. 1. Ventus Blue 6x. This is stock, came in my SIM Max that I ordered directly from Taylormade. I’ve only swung this shaft a handful of times and could pass for new. LH tip, not a mark. Loved it but I went with an upgrade. Ordered to play 45.5 inches. Midsize Z Cord. $100 2. Titleist 718 AP2 4 and 5 iron, stiff, stock AMTs, standard LLL. Listing these because I want to swap these out for something a easier and do a combo. Won’t split them up. Just seeing what’s out there. They’ve been played for one season, fantastic shape, little bag chatter. I’d sell the pair for $180. 3. Nike Method Origin B2-01. 35 inches. Great shape. Top line and back look new, bottom has typical brush marks and wear, but not a ton. Sold
  10. We are headed down in mid February and snagging the Verrado 36 hole special: $139 Round 1, $69 Round 2. Have talked to a couple people who recommended it. Can't wait.
  11. Hey y’all, me again. I yearn for the bond between man and putter. Consider me a virgin in that arena, however it won’t stop me from trying. I always scan the sites and try my best to match the lowest price. Any questions just ask. No trades unless you’ve got a flow neck mid blade (laughably hard to find) (Scotty Del Mar 3, Piretti Matera, TP Mills Fleetwood, etc.). I think that’s what will finally suit me. Prices are shipped. West of the Mississippi add $5. 1. PXG Mustang Gen2 34”. This thing is awesome at address and a great mid blade, slant neck. 9/10 condition. Previous owner tried to blackout the white, would take 15 seconds to fill it but I didn’t know if it’d stick around long enough. Obviously not. New Winn Midsize. $200 2. Odyssey WH Rossie 34”. Bought new and barely saw any putts. Jumbo grip. $80 3. Odyssey Stroke Lab 7s 34.” Bought like new from CallawayPreowned and saw a few rounds. Still looks fantastic and I thought this type was the one. $SOLD 4. Cobra F9 White 3 wood 14.5 Stiff. Hzrdus Smoke 70g. This plays .5 inch shorter to match my driver length, Winn Lite Midsize. I loved this club. Rockets. Has some use but still in decent shape. Changed up my gapping. $Sold 5. Srixon ZU85 20 degree. Bought from Global in “very good” condition. This one is used and needs a new grip but the face is oddly clean for its shape. 95g Recoil stiff shaft. $SOLD
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