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  1. I would record in slow motion and then trim it so you get only the swing. You can send it in slow motion or full speed, but if you record it in slow motion, you'll have all the frames you need. In normal video, there are a low fewer frames so it's possible something could be missed (although the general motion of the swing matters a lot more than just specific frames)
  2. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-10-in-Multi-Function-Standard-Digital-Level-THD9403/205999357 This is the one most of the pros have used.
  3. Does any one have some recommendations for a good club builder in Manhattan? Nothing too crazy, just looking to reshaft some irons and maybe adjust the lie angles on them. Brooklyn or Queens would be ok too, but I would prefer Manhattan. thanks!
  4. If you have a Roger Dunn or Golf Mart near you they usually will do a reshaft for $10/shaft if you do 8 or more. If they're nice they'll give you the $10/shaft for 7 too.
  5. > @rynobucket said: > I'm not a big clothes shopper and wear shorts nearly all of my rounds. Is it strange that all sizes of their pants have a 33" inseam? In my experience most boutique golf apparel brands make their pants in one size inseam and they expect you to get them hemmed.
  6. > @dethman said: > Good deal if quality. Never heard of them before? So far the quality has been decent. They use a lot more cotton in their polos than Nike, UA, Matte Grey, Travis Mathew, but the polos have held up well. The fabric blend is really soft.
  7. > @Rfern12 said: > how is the sizing on this stuff? I would definitely recommend sizing up. I'm a medium in almost every brand for polos and a Large from BA fits about the same.
  8. > @brew4eagle said: > > @shamgod208 said: > > Does anyone know if the 3.5LS still has the leg issue of getting stuck behind the apparel pocket? > > I have a 2018 model and it happens way less than it did with an earlier model I had. Awesome thanks, I think I'll pull the trigger on it then.
  9. Does anyone know if the 3.5LS still has the leg issue of getting stuck behind the apparel pocket?
  10. > @"eRod v1.0" said: > Expires 7/21. > Please post if you use it. > BMA4NE3FGPLK Thank you very much, I used this one
  11. > @ninjab said: > Codes cycle through every month or two, so you could be waiting for awhile for the a code, free shipping usually pops up right after I break down and order! I think free shipping just ended last night, so it might be a month or two from now for the next one.
  12. Correct. Adapter length doen't really matter or play any part in the playing length. Now many ask about what the playing length will be for given shaft length with an adapter already installed. In that case, the adapter does matter as different adapter designs will extend beyond the actual tip of the shaft different amounts. And then you need that extended length to convert it back to a raw shaft length - which then can be used with the BBGM. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks Stuart!
  13. Thank you! That's extremely helpful. It looks like the shaft was installed by True Spec, so hopefully it wasn't tipped. Out of curiosity, does the adapter length not really matter to determine what the proper raw shaft length is? Just need the raw shaft length + BBTG?
  14. I'm looking to buy a shaft for an Epic driver to play at 45". I found a shaft that would play 45.25" in a Taylormade driver. Does anyone know if I could switch the adapter tip and still get to 45" in an Epic? Obviously if it has to be cut that's fine, but I don't want it to be too short.
  15. Yeah, I'm definitely hoping for a President's day coupon
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