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  1. Just got off a 9 month drought. Life/kids, buying a new home, moving, worn out from pretty physical job. Went out 2 weeks ago to the range. Walked away from a large bucket feeling really good. Was a 1.2 cap but towards the middle of 2020 game was leaving (high 80’s). Hope to see a low 80’s my first time out in a couple weeks and back in the high 70’s by the end of the year. Like riding a bike right?
  2. Garage find of sorts. Too many aches and pains to hit these right now. Maruman Sole M210 3-AW, Hect 2200 R graphite. Got them cleaned up and seen daunting to hit. I’ve played blades and 12 months ago carried a 1.2 handicap so I wouldn’t have any problems making contact. They are about 1/4” short though. Any information on these would be great.
  3. Live in Spring Hill and playing it since I moved here in 2005, it's a fun track.
  4. 52° from around 115 yards to green side chips. I did carry a 56 for a bit but after playing only two sand wedges for 20+ years I took it out. I carry 52 and 60 and never had any issues.
  5. I’m guessing Presidents Reserve from the back tees would be tough. Gaylord was a challenge too from the way backs. That course always bites me especially the back nine.
  6. Mine started with I couldn’t take a back swing without left shoulder pain setting in. I’m right handed so I couldn’t get past parallel before pain started. Shoulder impingement (arthritis basically) is what it was ruled as. Now I go May 5 to see if I have a bicep tear (awful since last summer). Stuff doesn’t go away with time. Haven’t hit a ball since October. Least I can putt. For once the doc is your friend.
  7. My last sale was painfully slow at shipping. I dropped it without being scanned. One item to California and the other to Texas. Ca package showed up first and the TX box took 11 days and could never track it. TX box was awful once it showed in the system. Bounced between Memphis and Houston for a few days. Bought something a few days ago here but not expecting anything until next week.
  8. For me it was what I was selling. My only multiple list post I was inundated with offers. Kept coming in as I was responding to the first offer. If your wanting to get rid of stuff I’d start with the first offers in. If it’s for more of a profit listing I’d start with high offers. It was nerve racking for me. Can’t make everyone happy.
  9. 8overpar

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I had mine bumped to 18°. Kicked my 3 wood out. It’s a rocket.
  10. I'll second this as well. One thing that took a few holes to adjust to is the gloss(sheen) on the ball seems to get reduced as well. It got in my head a few holes. Better part of 13 years in polarized lens for everyday use. Not sure why they make them others still. WileyX for me.
  11. Started using a Groove Life belt September of last year. No cinching or holes to fool with.
  12. New and in unused condition. 2016 Sunny and 70 Ogio backpack $75 SOLD 2007 towel $30 SOLD 2007 hat $30 SOLD Prices are shipped CONUS Apologies if photos rotate during uploading.
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