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  1. I picked up a Sub70 699U adjusted to 18* and it's great. Carry is 220-230 off the tee. A little lower and hotter when hitting it from the fairway.
  2. Button Back NP2 is my most expensive single stick I've bought. Got it new in 08 and kept it in untouched condition until about mid 2014. Still in my rotation of gamers.
  3. You're not alone. I don't have any matching back-ups either. In my putter stash I can pick any one of them and have a good round. If something happens to anything else, I need to find a club repair person. Currently down a 3 wood but have a driving iron as a place holder. Once OEM's start shipping on the reg again I might try having a complete set now that I'm working again after 11 years.
  4. I wouldn't take that route any time or day of the week from Franklin to Nashville. I've done it from Spring Hill a few times and traffic is awful.
  5. Forgot about this thread. I posted in the "What Putter did you just buy" thread a month or so ago. This is a SSB Masonboro weld neck that's a carbon (figuratively and literally) copy of the one Kisner used in his 2010 win. Found it on a forum that only talks about putters that LaMont posted about finding in a corner. Carbon, 3.5*, 347 gram and 70* lie
  6. My takeaway is fine. I pull the grip almost straight down, body rotation almost stops at impact while my flip starts flipping. The follow through is where I need to flatten out a touch.
  7. I'm in trouble now with this. Well, it's just now starting to cause me problems actually. I had a top teacher lend me 10 minutes of his time and put me on video. I almost lost my mind when he showed it to me. He split screened me next to a PGA Tour guy for a visual of how I should proceed. Sadly I'm in the "flip it" category until I rid this steep mess. I've been a "good timing" player my who life. Almost 43 and my timing is off just enough with the driver to get in my head. I asked about why my iron play hasn't suffered....turf interaction was the answer. Might have to hit 3 woods off the de
  8. 915D2 with a Rogue Silver MSI 110 at 70gr Hope to get on Trackman in the next few weeks. My wood swing has changed enough to warrant a session/lesson and upgrade.
  9. It's not all doom and gloom. The first couple weeks that little person sleeps and your wife has a lot to do. Nap time, their good for a couple hours. I run into time constraints now that they are in elementary and middle school. Kids have sassy mouths, ride bikes and eat a lot. Biggest change I noticed was when they started crawling and how fast they find stuff to drag and knock down things. Haven't met a bad oncologist yet, keep it up!
  10. Hey @tyorke1 and @A.Princey I'll post up a picture in a bit. Photo in that thread is gone. It is the 2004 Futura and had it cerakoted around 2014. Paint wasn't fun but turned out stock.
  11. Pleading the 5th on this one. I'll ask for permission of the previous owner before posting here. There is another one getting a makeover currently (not mine but do know the owner).
  12. Carbon Sunset Beach weld neck , 34”, 347gr, 3.5° loft.
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