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  1. I've gone through several mats including Fiberbuilt and have finally found one that I really like. It's called the Quattro mat. It's less that half the cost of a full Fiberbuilt station and is the best combination of authentic feel while being easy on the wrists and elbows that I've found. I'd highly recommend checking it out.
  2. Lots of good stuff that's looking for a new home. All prices prices include shipping via UPS.....I'm done with Priority Mail at this point. The only trades that I'll consider are Taylormade Sim2 or Sim2 Max or Ping G425 Max or LST drivers. Prefer head only, but not necessarily a deal breaker Must be in new or like new condition. Add $10 for shipping west of the Mississippi. Send me a message if you have any questions. Titleist TSi3 Driver - 8* loft. Mint condition. I've hit about a dozen balls indoors on a simulator. Includes headcover. SOLD!! Ping
  3. Wow......that's brutal. I ordered a set on 12/31 and the arrived on 2/8. Great set of irons! I've hit them in a sim a few times since the arrived, but had a chance to hit them outside today for the first time. Huge improvement over the P790. They feel really good, seem to be plenty forgiving and I was shocked at how great the launch was. Very easy to hit.
  4. Ventus Blue launches a little higher and has more kick than the Evenflow Black to me, but it's a good comparison. I think you'll like the Ventus. Ventus black is pretty boardy IMO.
  5. Nice. Sounds really good and similar to what I prefer. Thanks for the feedback
  6. I can't help you out but I'm pretty interested in this shaft. Does it play similar to anything you've used before? What's your swing like with regards to tempo and transition? How does it launch and spin? Thanks
  7. Fiberbuilt or Truestrike are the safest bets. The Wittek Quattro is a wild card. Most people don’t seem to have issues with elbow pain and it’s quite a bit more realistic than Fiberbuilt in my opinion. Definitely easier on the body than CCE
  8. Yes, I watched his review as well as some others. Consensus seems to be that they are very similar.....that's why I posted. Was just wondering if anybody else had seen something different. The TXG clip that I watched yesterday, which I believe was Matt's second go around seemed to suggest that there was a little more difference than what they originally thought, although they never actually made the difference clear.
  9. Are you a lefty or just prefer to play a fade?
  10. I'm currently playing a Sim Max 98 head with a Ventus Blue Velocore and it does launch a bit high. I'm leaning towards the SIm 2 but don't want to give up any significant forgiveness for 100-200 rpm spin.
  11. I ordered a set on 12/30 and they shipped on 2/8, so yes, I'd say that's about right
  12. Has anybody hit both of these yet? Most of the online reviews seem to think that there isn't a difference between the two, but I have to believe the 8 gram difference in weights does something to launch and spin. I've even seen a few videos that show the SIM2 spinning and launching higher. No one seems to have a strong opinion on the difference in forgiveness either, but the latest TXG live session seemed to show a bit of a difference. I know that release date hasn't arrived yet, but thought I'd see if anyone has had a chance to compare either on a LM or the course.
  13. I haven’t had this happen to me, but I could definitely see a shaft that is too stiff or too heavy or both encouraging you to “muscle up” and come over the top.
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