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  1. It's very likely that PXG measure their clubs differently and they are actually on spec. Taylormade is always a 1/4 short based on how they measure as well, while Srixon is a 1/4 over. It sucks, but your best option is probably to return them if the length is unacceptable.
  2. Looking for a set in excellent condition. Stiff shafts are preferable but not a must. Send me a PM if you have a set that you want to sell.
  3. I posted a few days ago that I had received my combo set without the ZX7 7 iron. DD said they are short on seven iron heads, so I'm not sure how they are going to complete any orders. I suppose the information is bad and they are actually our of 7 iron shafts (Project X LZ)
  4. Just two sticks for sale tonight. Prices include shipping and Paypal fees. If you have any questions, please send me a PM. The only trade possibilities are a 9* SIM2 or a Ventus Velocore Blue that is untipped and at least 44" long. Callaway Max LS Driver - 9* loft, Mitsubishi MMT 60 shaft in stiff flex. MINT. Standard everything. I hit 6 new balls into a net. Not what I'm looking for. Includes headcover. SOLD! Taylormade SIM DHY 4 - 22* loft with Diamana Limited 75 shaft in stiff flex. Standard everything. I wanted to give one of these a shot, but it's not for
  5. I love the Blue. Playing a 6s in a TM Sim Max and it's the best driver that I've played in a while. Also have a Red that I'm testing now. Feels good. Not sure it's as good as the blue for me. I'm actually looking for another Blue now to put in another driver.
  6. That's odd because a buddy of mine who is a member at the club that I belong to is a Taylormade rep and he says exactly the opposite. Not only do people like it, but if they could fill the orders that they have in house more quickly it would easily be the number one selling driver in the history of the company. He also loves his and had the original last season.
  7. My ZX5/ZX7 combo set showed up today. Two weeks to the day after the order was placed. Unfortunately they used the wrong grip and grip size (not the end of the world) but they didn't ship me a 7 iron...maybe they are pushing minimalist golf. Hahaha
  8. Just like the title says, I have what may be an odd question about my swing. I believe that I'm doing something mechanically incorrect as the club gets longer. Contact isn't really suffering. Hitting longer irons/woods/driver isn't an issue. My swing speed with PW is pretty consistently 82-83 mph, which is about where I have been for a few years. Swing speed with my 7 iron ranges from 78-81. The longer shaft should mean more speed with the same swing, so obviously I'm not making the same pass at the ball. My guess is that maybe I'm getting too flat with longer clubs, or getting the clubhe
  9. Yes, I was referring to feel off the clubface. The Gen2 0311 are definitely more firm than the 0211. The 0211 feel just as soft off the face as the 0311 Gen3. Might be a matter of the feel you prefer. Feel and gapping are the two main factors to consider IMO. By the way, the 0311 model that I'm comparing the 0211 to are the 0311 P
  10. I would say that the 0311 are probably worth the extra $20 per club for a better player. Turf interaction is a wash. Club for club, I'd say the 0211 fly a bit lower, but that's primarily due to the strong lofts. The reason I'd say go for the 0311 is that the gapping between clubs on 0211 is funky and might make you a bit uncomfortable with the short game sticks. The PW is 42* I believe, you'll need to buy the set GW and 2-3 more wedges. 0311 loft gaps are a bit more traditional, but still a little stronger than an old forged CB. Both will be significantly more forgiving than an old forged
  11. I have both. Is there anything specific that you'd like to know? 0211 are quite a bit longer due to lofts. 0211 feel much closer to Gen3 (softer) than Gen2 Forgiveness is a tossup. Both are plenty forgiving for anyone under 20 cap in my opinion. Hope that helps
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