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  1. Thanks for all the information everyone has shared. Yes Golfing Dog we live in Georgia as well. i have explained to him the benefit of instate tuition. He wants to go to Oklahoma State ( thanks Ricky Fowler ) But in reality he knows that is a long shot. we will make a list of everything listed above.
  2. My son will be in 8th grade next year and his couch told him he needs to start studying schools and the ones he wants to go to. He told him to start emailing couches to get on there radar. I was going to do a spread sheet for him to put couches number and email address in along with stats about the school. ( scoring average from 1 trough 5.) stuff like that. is there anything else that we should track to keep up with. thanks in advanced
  3. Chad at the Golf Dr is Woodstock Ga. We went to him years ago he told us we where good for where we where at didn't recommend anything I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Will do. 12 you male 5.1 125lbs. He's doing swing speed excersices 3 times a weeks along with strength training 3 days a week. He will be 13 in may. I'm going to set up something with our fitter soon
  5. So had a lesson yesterday my sons swing speed was 85 to 86 mph. We are doing an actual full fitting for driver at the end of the month. Just want to know what shafts everyone recommends so nothing gets over looked tha ks
  6. We are in north Georgia and the Georgia jr pga, North America jr golf (formally north Georgia jr golf) and GSGA have the monopoly and the prices are better. As far as compatition goes it's hard to find a solid 18 hole field with alot of kids. Seems that after 13yo the fields are much larger with a solid group of kids
  7. Will do. Hes a cobra kid so waiting till the RAD comes out. We are still keeping his f9 3 wood and hybrid. He needs a lower degree driver because his attack angle .
  8. We are getting fitted for driver in a few weeks. We are going to get fitted for new shafts in 3 wood and hybrid
  9. 4 dozen Prov1x. He will be getting fitted for new driver and wedges after the 1st of the year.
  10. I think alot of people are trying to tap into the popularity of Jr golf right now and make a buck. Everywhere you look there is a new gimmick trying to lure you in. Be careful out there. Spend your money wisely
  11. I'm just curious what others are doing. I have zero experience with high school golf l I would like to make it a better program if we can. Our hands are tied with doing a golf tournament because out Athletic director will not let us do a golf tournament because they dont want it to take away from cheerleading . Honestly we and the kids that already are content with paying our full load without fund raising because honestly we are used to spending alot of golf. But if we could bring more to the program we would like to do that also.
  12. Ok I know high school golf isn't really important as far as rankings are anything. But in our area its popular and a good warm up for the season. Plus my son wants to represent his school. We dont have a solid booster club and my wife myself and some friends will probably take on a major roll in helping it. What are some good fundraising ideas to do. We can not do a golf tournament because it will be stepping on our cheerleaders who do one. Even though it 6 months apart. We are open to anything and just trying to get some ideas. Also is there anything the school could be offering
  13. We are not a member anywhere we have a course 3 minutes from our house that does youth on the course. Pro want let us get a jr membership said it'd be cheaper to use the youth on the course card. During school we are there alot but once he is out of school we visit alot if courses to play practice rounds and experience different conditions. We are fortunate we have 4 courses with in 30 mins that does youth on the course. Only wish it helped out with range balls
  14. We are huge fans of push carts we have the clicgear 3.5. With.cooler and umbrella. Be careful not to get every attachment possible are you'll have it loaded down way to heavy. We have a friend that had the seat option he removed after 1st round. Actually take the cooler off for him on 1i8 holes to help lighten the load and carry a backpack cooler just toss him a water and snack every so often. Helps him remember to eat. He has such a hard time remembering that himself
  15. Great article thanks for sharing. The other day my son wasn't having a good casual round with his buddy. I just told him have fun you won 3 days earlier. Just have fun enjoy the game and try somethings you wouldn't do if you where playing for a new record. Your score today doesn't matter.
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