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  1. Literally last July I was concerned my son wouldn't be able to play 6000 yard tournaments this summer. From Oct he went from 200 yards to around 235 easily. From a growth spurt to getting fitted with the appropriate shaft and club head. Ot happens and it happens over night so don't worry it'll happen .
  2. Yes his driver was fitted for him within the last 2 months.
  3. My son hit a growth spurt over the winter and is doing great with golf. Distance is great but with his driver sometimes he simply can't get his hands trought the ball and he's pushing everything right. We played yesterday and I made him take smaller swings with his driver and take off about 15 yards and he scored 3 under with several putts left short. But if I dont constantly remind him he comes back to his normal spot and the hands never catch up with the lower body. Any suggestions. I know he probably coming back a little to far because with his growth spurt I loves the distance
  4. There is no substitute for a proper fitting period
  5. I'm not a fan of the 1st on to hole out walking away while the other 2 putt. Not a fan of him teeing off with out the other 2 are not watching. I think he should be ready to leave when the 3rd guy has holed out 2nd guy replaces flag. Then the 1st guy is ready when the rest get to the tee. With that being said we have been at many 3.5 hour nine hole tournaments and understand why people have to make these rules. Learning pace of play is just as important as learning how to putt. As they get older its important
  6. Never heard of it locally in Georgia and never heard on any large tournament's not allowing spectators. Real simple for me if I can't watch him play I'm probably not signing him up for the tournament. I enjoy watching my son learn and grow. And with all the money I have spent and miles driven I'm going to watch him if at all possible
  7. We just put the new Cleveland zipcore into play. His set should be good if he doesn't hit another growth spurt
  8. How is that working out for him. I've scene all the YouTube videos just curious about some real life experiences
  9. In Georgia my son can play on the high school Jv team in 8th grade. Sucks because in 7th him and his buddy are better then all but 2. We see high school golf as fun low key tournaments as a warm up for summer tournaments
  10. my son is almost 13. he has always been one of the longer in his age group. This off season we have spent months working on irons and getting them fine tuned. he is above average golfer but to get next level he knows he needs to be scary accurate with his iron to have more birdie opportunities. They have come around his driver is still long. we start some warm up tournaments coming up and he has been working the putting green and chipping greens like crazy. most of it has been his idea that makes it easier on me. We have played several casual rounds and scene great improvements. He wants to ha
  11. We went trough a true fitting this off season and can honestly say I never imagined the deference shafts make. 3 wood was the hardest to find a fit. Only 1 had all the numbers the rest where 10 yards off and all over the place. But my son is playing so much better with fitted clubs even in crappy conditions
  12. I have spent the last 2 days ordering new shafts. we just ordered a new RAD speed driver for my son, when our coach was checking his high he said 62 inches. i cringed because i knew everything else would be short. got home measured him and somehow he has grown over 2 inches since Nov ( the last time a measured him) so i just ordered new Nippon shafts, about to order new wedges his are wore slap out. ( But they are 4+ weeks out so im going to extend the ones he has) ordered a new hybrid shaft, and currently looking for a Evenflow Riptide 50 3 wood shaft. preferably used because if im paying ful
  13. Sounds like he had fun and he learned alot. Congratulations
  14. And don't be some of those parents Have fun before you know you want be able to caddie for him and you'll be on the sidelines watching
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