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  1. TrueLinks TruLux Pro Pebble Beach edition. These have been worn for 1 range session!! Just can’t beat out my MG4s. Comes with bag as well. Get these shipped priority to you for a discount. $140 shipped!
  2. Possible Trade : Range Finder Sim 8 degree head only. Head cover no wrench. Played for half a season. Great condition. One scratch on the sole as in the picture $$SOLD$$ Sim UDI 3 Iron. Bought head only in plastic from another WRX member. Club builder installed C Taper X. Playing right around 40.25- Ran about 30 balls through this trying to see if it would replace 5 wood. It didn’t. My loss it your gain. $SOLD$
  3. Bought this last year. Great shape, only reason I’m getting rid is the wife came through with a new stitch bag for Father’s Day!! $$Sold$$shipped priority! Will listen to offers
  4. I’ve tried to find his Instagram tag but I want to say Lparn? Or something of that. Terrible of me not to know. Bought shoes sent to him then sent directly to me
  5. Had these converted about 2 years ago and I’ve worn these maybe 4 times..... I hate to let these go but got to do it. Size 13 $190– Now $$165$$ shipped priority
  6. I’ll listen to all reasonable offers!!! Jordan ST G White Wolf Gray size 13 i know these are hard to come by at good prices these days. These have seen the most wear. Most scuffs around the collar. SOLD Jordan ST G White and Obsedian Blue size 13 These are pretty minty. Worn less than 7 rounds. Sold
  7. These have probably seen 4 rounds and 2 range sessions. Just being a tinkerer and trying something different 1. PXG 0211 Irons. KBS C Taper X Flex playing 1/2 over standard. Lofts should be factory. 1 degree up. Midsize PXG Lamkin Grips- $475 shipped 2- PXG 0311 XF 3 Iron. Playing KBS C taper X and 1/2 over standard length. Midsize Lamkin Grip. $100 shipped 3. PXG 0311 Forged 50 and 54 degree C Taper X Shafts Playing 1/2 inch over standard. Lofts standard. Lie angles 1 up. Midsize PXG Lamkin grips. $$Sold$$
  8. You should get the set back then You should try them again then
  9. Mizuno T20 Wedges W/ TI S400 50/54/58 all bent 1 degree strong. 36/35.75/35 the lengths Tour Velvet Standard MCC+4 All In fantastic shape w/ the 58 having a tiny tiny ding at bottom of club. Soles and grooves are perfect. Played 1 season $325—>$275$——-$$250$$shipped for the set MP20 HMB 3 iron— Hit very little bought from WRX in plastic. I added shaft TI X100 39.50 length and standard loft. $$SOLD$$
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