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  1. We're getting Callaway outdoor fittings next week and also early February here in Orlando
  2. FWIW I have several taylormade 'upcharge' shafts from a fitting cart and none of them are tipped. So either they fit people with untipped shafts and then tip them during the build which is insanely stupid - or they really have no idea what they're doing.
  3. Callaway XForged. I'm not sure if Taylormade has a 'solid' iron anymore that isnt an MB or blade?
  4. My wife liked her ST190, but hated the ST200X. Since that didnt work out she moved to the Mavrik Max on a whim and has been bombing it.
  5. Patiently waiting for MotoreX shaft pulls on ebay....hurry up and fill your orders, Cobra!
  6. Well TM has a bending jig for their woods and hybrids....but it's on the tour truck and no one is allowed to use it.
  7. The state of Cobra: people care more about Rickie's health jewelry and graphite shafts then the club heads
  8. The entire shoe is awful. Looks like it's some sort of dancing ballet shoe. It looks so awkward without pants, too. Maybe it's for Rory to take clogging lessons for the next GEICO commercial.
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