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  1. TM doesnt even know why. It's probably one of the dumbest practices of any OEM club manufacturer to date.
  2. Sure, if you want. After the 'standard' recommended trimming is done and club is brought to stock SW spec - anything more or less is about individual feel.
  3. Its 22 1/4" to the . in the 2.0 Old thread: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1638090-tip-to-graphics-on-fujikura-pro-20-tour-spec/
  4. I have the exact same issue and a 7 wood has solved this issue. When there's no wind I can go for the 180-190yd Par 3's no problem with a 5 iron but if theres any wind a 7 wood has been great. For less distance I can smooth out my swing or choke down on the club.
  5. Who cares? To some people, the inability to not gamble and put money on every hole is disgusting behavior. To me, I cant trust a man who doesn't curse....or wears shorts below his knees.
  6. Titleist stock length is 41.5 but I play it at 41 so its a little closer to my hybrid length.
  7. Nothing fixed your slice because your swing is a huge slice machine. Just because you feel like your doing the advice from the instructor doesnt mean you're actually doing it. In my swing, I need to mentally give myself really stupid feels to actually do what I need to do and most times they are the OPPOSITE of what my body physically does. You are still way over the top and probably with an open face. Instructor: do a neutral swing path My body: over the top My brain: ok, actually do an exaggerated over the top swing My body again: oh look, a
  8. The Max LS is a great head but IMO it needs to be paired with the right shaft FOR YOU. Lots of people can get a long with the stock shafts but IMO the Max LS shines with a mid launch and low spin shaft like the Diamana ZF, Tensei Pro Blue, Ventus Red, etc.
  9. I keep old/cheap/etc shafts around for when i trade in clubs after i pull my good shafts. I keep them in an old stand bag just like old clubs.
  10. For some reason - since Mizuno decided to get serious about drivers with the release of the ST190 - they have not been very friendly with the weighting and supporting enthusiasts. For such an 'enthusiast brand' with a cult following knowing full on their fanbase most likely tinkers with their clubs, they have poorly supported that IMO. The fact that they dont offer the weights and in their own responses and PPTs acknowledge along the lines of 'we dont want end users messing with that stuff' is really disappointing.
  11. Winning answer. Bring her to a store and show her the SGI/'Max' stuff and let her choose.
  12. Its probably the Japanese version. Callaway has trouble finding the Japanese serial numbers as well unless you speak to a specific person in the USA departments. Its a legit driver, you dont have to worry.
  13. Went to the Nike Clearance in Orlando a few days ago and it was a barren wasteland. I have NEVER seen completely empty rows of shoe shelves before. Maybe 2 of the 10 shoe racks had shoes on them.
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