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  1. Its comical how people try and dismiss the differences in the shafts. Probably Taylormade fanboys? I have no idea. I've been saying this in like 6 threads so far in the last few months... Even the company that makes the shafts, Fujikura, has been pushing HARD the 'VELOCORE' technology in their instagram posts, social media ads, etc. That's literally the tech that makes the difference - and there is absolutely ZERO of it in the 'made for' shafts. To say that there is no difference, even when the company that makes them says there is - is ridiculous.
  2. Same. I always come back to SS but for me it's the Mid Slim 2.0 aka now the 'Tour 2.0' I'm messing with the countercore weights also right now but just the same I always go back to the 50g.
  3. Keep in mind the tungsten weights add 1/4" to your shaft length They sell lead graphite weights too but max is 6g
  4. Mines a 21deg @ 39"...so about 210 My 20deg hybrid @ 40" is about 220
  5. American pros are too busy teaching and filling the OWGR. Guess the overseas guys have more time on their hands.
  6. This is one of those threads where I wish @Fujikura Golf would pop in
  7. Report the members before someone gets scammed... WTB ad responses are a 100% way to get scammed. It happens in EVERY hobby and on EVERY hobby forum. Its how they easily get around BST protections like post count minimums and paid entries, etc.
  8. They are cheap enough with the 'covid sale' and 'first responder discount' to try them and dump them. This was bound to happen. Not to mention flippers.
  9. During the end of the broadcast they had 'Thanks to Yanni' for music...
  10. SIM line is fade biased, so the D is more like straight biased.
  11. You’re doing it wrong. The head needs to line up with the line on the adapter as does the setting you wish to use. There’s no telling what’s actually happening if you are just rotating the head. if you look at an optifit adapter the long part at the top is actually slanted slightly so the orientation is meant to be lined up with the line on it.
  12. The atmos blue. Mitsubishi calls the new Gen blueboards “mid-low” shafts now and that’s what Fuji calls the atmos blue. the motors x f3 is close as well but is more of an offshoot with better features IMO
  13. I hit the Riptide outdoors as it was the stock shaft with my Mavrik standard. I hit the 6.0 60g. Not impressed. It's a very 'crisp' shaft and when I hit the ball it didnt give me the smash feeling of all my other Fuji shaft. I've never been a fan of PX shafts - they all feel like hollow fishing rods due to the layup they use (to me). I swapped it out for my Motore X and that has won out.
  14. As above - there should be a metal screw with an allen key slot in it and usually anodized red or black in color. If you dont have that, it cannot.
  15. I have a hard time believing this as well. What shafts were they?
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