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  1. My wife loves her Mav Max woods. Plays the 5 and 7. The 5w converted her from her old JPX900 3w and the Mav Max 7w replaced her hybrid. She wont take the 7w out of the bag now "even though there's a really nice hybrid headcover she saw" which is a really big deal.
  2. All depends on your preferences. Tipping is player dependent in driver. Ideally hitting it on a monitor untipped and also tipped 1" and seeing the numbers will give you the best results. Just a shot in the dark - it's a pretty stout shaft and meant to be a counterbalanced low/low shaft. Tipping it .5" probably wont be noticeable in a shaft like this. 1" will probably drop launch by 1 deg and spin by 300 RPM. YMMV on if you need that or not versus how untipped performs.
  3. It is, but that also depends on your strike location and etc.
  4. If thats your miss try the Epic Speed retail model. Thats the reason some pros like Stenson are playing it over the TD models. I also play it for my high/toe miss.
  5. lol OP are you her dad or something? I think it's fantastic to think outside the box and it's great to learn while doing your education just like an engineering degree with hands on projects - but your post is a little too grandiose. The next Scotty? Superstar? Lets slow down. The black putter with the bars looks like a neat prototype for limited use and maybe a case study but thats all it is. It has a long way to go in cosmetics and I'm sure some other areas like sound and feel. I'm glad she enjoys club design and is creating while lerning.
  6. Rule 1: Dont pyramid scheme your pre-orders and etc if you get that far as a front to pay for production The supply chain and etc and so messed up right now expect at least 2 years to get working production-ready model from overseas if you need to go that route.
  7. They work fine…just like any other shaft would. Do you have a specific question about the shafts? No one can tell you how they will perform when it’s in yours hands.
  8. If a seller doesnt respond within 72 hours to a question or request then file the dispute immediately. Also WTB ads are huge for scammers since they dont have to post or make themselves known to do the scams, its all in private.
  9. Yes thats raw tip, but on a TM adapter if you start measuring just above the cog looking tip part where the rounded nub of the adapter is thats pretty much the shaft bottom. If its near 24.75 from there to the first ring on the graphics than its untipped.
  10. My wife uses R2/A flex. That's not a backhanded comment, either - she's a frequent player and in the club leagues. We fit her into that flex earlier this year as she's progressed on from the 'L' flex shafts provided with clubs so I've had lots of experience in that flex range recently. Unfortunately as I got more into it I realized it's a really underserved portion of the market.
  11. I always have my dream bag. I dont play things I dont want. Only thing I would really switch out is MAYBE my OTR putter for one of those retarded priced Scotty circle-whatevers just so I can say I'm 3-putting with a $5,000 putter.
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