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  1. According to some of the dissatisfied....people....posting in here sending nasty emails to the company, it sounds like it.
  2. I know, I get that as well. And I've also been preaching the part in bold to others which is the new 'trick' to make it seem like they're not made for. But as the poster above said, the 60 weight AV doesnt even show up on the mitsubishi site much like the 62/72/82 designations did not. Titleist, Cobra, etc all offer the real 65 version. I just dont see it. I know there's no proof one way or the other, but I'm willing to bet that some corner was cut somewhere in the TM version whether it be a different weight fiber or prepreg, etc.
  3. Mitsubishi has a history with weight designations. In the past the 60/70/80 were the real versions and the 62/72/82 were the made for versions - hence the scrutiny. not to mention taylormade and their fake Ventus shaft shenanigans from last season TBH we still don’t have a straight answer and just speculation.
  4. lol Why should people send emails to him? Are you guys upset you didn’t get a chance to rip a company off when they accidentally posted an errant listing? give me a break
  5. I would be more concerned that you bought an item from a new member from your WTB ad Scammers comb those WTB ads and send out offers to members here all day long through PM Hope your not dealing with a scammer with a username like golfer83749 lol
  6. Looooots of options out there, but initially I would say use the same shaft. Get another AV Blue in 65 or 75 weight for your fairway if you like it to much. You can also try pretty much any 'blue' profile from any company. Also maybe try a 'red' profile if you want more launch/spin.
  7. If thats the case then why stamp on 65 and one 60? Why the weight difference? There must be a material difference if this is the case.
  8. Because Tiger is fading away even with his wins here and there. Things have to be planned in advanced and manufactured and TW is too unpredictable. Not to mention he never wears any colors besides B&W.
  9. One will say 65 for weight, the China version I assume says 60 for weight.
  10. I moved from a maverik to the Max LS and it’s been fantastic
  11. If you play it mostly off the tee you’ll be fine with the white and/or if you have a high ball flight because of your swing. If not the blue will be better
  12. Correct the taylormade tensei av raw in the sim2 line is a “made for” shaft and not the real model
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