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  1. Hence why I play better when I skip the range and just grab a beer and tee off
  2. Well, back to square one. Just went and hit balls for 2 hours at the range. My back is shot and I tried every combo I thought would work - and I can't decide. I think I need to buy a Mevo+ AD VR - Noticeable kick, mid flight, low spin, best feel TPB - Stable handle, mid flight, mid spin, best distance ZF - Least kick, most stable overall, mid flight, low spin, best dispersion I tested all 3 at D4/D5 and all at ~45" with alternating 10.5 loft and 10.5 -1 loft. By the end of hitting two full pyramids of balls I was just hitting these monster draw/pull draws with all 3 so that means I was done. I did find out for my 3 wood that I'm sticking with the ADHD tipped 1" over the AD MT tipped 1.5" and the BF tipped .5".
  3. Just hit your 9i 2 times instead of driver. Easy.
  4. "Hey we have a bunch of gold paint left over from the star line? Wanna just use it in 2022 since we already paid for it?"
  5. Yes and no. Does a short stint of training do it? No, but months and months and years of training and rucking can do it. Tiger did it for months IIRC - but it wasnt like he was conditioning the whole time. He showed up for a bunch of shoothouse days and etc which didnt have any physical conditioning I'm sure. The average % VA disability for a team guy - or any SF MOS - after they 214 out of the service is pretty high something like 80%+. Your knees and back are shot from it.
  6. This one works just fine. I bought one years ago and it's been invaluable; paid for itself 10x over. Only issue with it is that the head piece with the three shaft sizes is made to spin freely but after applying heat and torquing the long screw it sometimes binds up and the captured nut on the end tightens down. Have to remove it from the vise and loosen it with a 3/4" wrench - takes 3 seconds - and it works again.
  7. Not to burst anyones bubble but theres like 5 GDI shafts that are 'more stable DIs' like the TP/VR/HD and now the UB. IMO they can all carry that tagline. When looking at GDI shafts IMO it's important to see if you want a softer/firmer handle/tip in ref to the DI and thats how you can better narrow it down along with the launch/spin characteristics of the shaft on paper.
  8. None of them. they are all blue board mid soft profiles with slight tweaks. the closest would be the XC but it won’t be like the black.
  9. Funny. Being technical about your actual question and what you mentioned as an example - a low lofted hybrid or wood of your choice paired with a higher launching shaft. You'll need to demo them to see what your launch conditions and spin rates are. You may also need to learn how to swing different to promote the shot you are trying to hit here as just a head/shaft may not do it. Being realistic about it - it's really really stupid and you dont even see pros trying to reach greens from 260 out unless it's a drive-able par 4. Many qualified people will agree that if you are 260 out from a fairway that trying to reach it in 1 shot has a very low percentage and isnt worth trying to pull off.
  10. In short the BF is the softer feeling higher launching more spinning version of the ZF. The ZF really sits in between the BF and DF but closer to the BF. The feel is similar but you will get MORE feel from the BF and more load, more deflection. Club will turn over more, etc. BF is a great compliment to the ZF depending on what your needs are.
  11. Fedex has been FANTASTIC for me - somehow. Crossing my fingers here but they've been the best service so far between the 3. I just had a GolfPartnerUSA package from Japan to Florida take 3 days (with the time difference) but I have a USPS Priority package - from Alabama - which is taking 5 days. Go figure.
  12. Yeah. Callaway woods that dont use adapters should have a hollow hosel where you can see into the head. The white plug is to keep epoxy from going into the shaft itself, not from going into the head. To not do that you just need to be mindful and apply epoxy properly without overdoing it.
  13. Love the LPGA WITBs It's really what 95% of men should be paying attention to since they are equal if not better than anyone who doesnt play golf for a living. But men dont due to ego and etc. Also love the fact that many LPGA bags are 'play what works' with a great mix of flexes and companies. Again a huge swath of men who feel they NEED to play X flex or all one flex because someone said so or etc and this just wholly disproves that. Side note; seems like GDI has a real hold on the 'sub X flex' market in the LPGA where as Mitsubishi wins over most players on the mens tours in X flex+
  14. They'd get better PR at this point creating an LPGA Players stop and divesting some of the millions into that tourny - they could have done it with this $5m bump alone.
  15. Well, now I have an AD VR coming to compare with the ZF, and an AD MT to comapare with the BF
  16. 100% agree i think the outdoor videos are pretty bad. No tracer and LM and it’s just them talking outside hitting balls - my least favorite content from them. I’ve stopped watching their channel for the most part lately
  17. I'm thinking this also. Nike Clearance stores cant even get product anymore - much less the bulk buyers for those stores. Plus Nike announced last year they would be selling used shoes and/or recycling all their old models or whatever it was they were doing. I bet they're trying to more tightly control their product/brand.
  18. I'm still playing my Apex 19 Pros. Such a fantastic iron. I may move to the XForged if there's a nice holiday sale later this year from CPO. Not a huge fan of the looks of the current Apex 21 Pros and the TCB is more of a fancy MB and harder to hit IMO.
  19. I dont know why, but I keep trying to unseat my ZF/BF combo in driver and 3w. It works SO WELL. Wait, I know why - I'm retarded.
  20. MMT has gained pretty good traction and finally adoption by high SS players. Ventus could allow Fuji to get into that market and challenge the MMT a bit. Will be interesting to see how Fuji incorporated some kind of “metal or steel” marketing into these shafts are that’s the reason why MMT is successful.
  21. If I see retards with phone in hand standing around on the green it's go time. With that said this app will help absolutely nobody recreationally...you still have the make the putt and hit the speed.
  22. bridgestone tour bx 2021 model for $35
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