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  1. I started with the cast version of this set and they had the Apex VFP flighted shafts. I bought a used like-new set a couple of years back, just to have around and remember what it was like when I started playing. Edit: Also, the original cord grips that came on this set was the best set of grips I’ve ever played.
  2. It sounds like you are using the loft/lie machine to maintain a consistent shaft angle, correct? It sounds like the OP does not have a loft/lie machine, so he will need to find a way to make sure his shaft angle is consistent if he is using the phone app.
  3. If you are not in a hurry, I would keep an eye out for a used Golf Instruments Co. M-300 or M-310 Loft/Lie Gauge. They are excellent gauges and often fall in your price range when they become available on the used market. http://www.golfinstruments.com/golf/gauge.html
  4. I am listing the following for sale, all are OBRO and I can ship out this Friday if purchased before then. I have almost 1,000 positive feedback on the bay, with ~200 as a seller (bluesboyjr), and I have bought and sold a few things over the years here at GolfWRX. Price includes standard shipping/insurance to US addresses. Let me know if you have any questions. PXG Proto 0811 X+ 10.5˚ driver head. This was only use indoors and is in excellent shape. Includes head cover and wrench. $OLD AutoFlex SF505 shaft. This originally had a Callaway adapter on the end (which
  5. Just to give an experience that seems to differ from most other users, I seem to be getting better performance at a heavier head weight (199g vs 192g) in my PXG Proto X+. I’m getting better dispersion and ~4-5mph extra ball speed at the heavier head weight. So, it is worth experimenting.
  6. Regular X2 has low point, also. It was added in an update.
  7. You can pick up a new Adams Pro (2H, 3H, or 4H) for $40/shipped and get it in a custom length: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-CUSTOM-BUILT-Adams-Golf-PRO-Hybrid-Grafalloy-Shaft-Pick-Length-Loft-Flex/272987996733?var=572206324413&_trkparms=5926%3AKEYWORD%7C5079%3A0 I've ordered the 2H and the 4H a couple of months ago, and have enjoyed them both.
  8. I upgraded from the Callaway Great Big Bertha (2015) to the Epic Sub zero and get comparable numbers between the two. I'd give the slight edge to the Epic, but I went and bought another GBB after selling my original just to have as a back-up.
  9. My daughter got me one of these for Father's Day last year. While I agree it seems expensive for what you get, it does work great and takes up very little space in the golf bag. Also, my first one broke (the clip that holds it against the bag), and they immediately sent me out a replacement with no questions asked. So, customer service is a positive.
  10. Currently it will integrate with the Skypro to give club head speed, and will then use the club head speed from the Skypro and the ball speed from Skytrak to calculate smash factor. It sounds like there may be integration of future parameters in the future, though. Also, it currently only works when running the Skypro through the Apple app, and not Android.
  11. I've upgraded to a Flightscope and am selling the following items. I would prefer to bundle them all together, but would be willing to separate if the bundle doesn't sell in the next few days. All prices are shipped CONUS: Skytrak w/usb cable: works great; only issue is that the usb cable fits somewhat loosely in the connector and can lose connection if bumped when using in "Direct Mode"; no software package; $1400 Metal Armour Skytrak Case: $100 Skypro: Holds charge and operates normally; $75 Voice Caddie SC100 w/Remote: only issue here is that the power switch on the SC100 is broken;
  12. Do you simply not believe in the Costco "treasure hunt" strategy? I thought it was generally understood that Costco brought in limited-availability items to generate enthusiasm for shopping...and drive sales of their "standard" products. That, to me, is the explanation for why the stock is so irregular - they invented the golf ball as a "treasure hunt" item, potentially even selling it below cost to generate buzz. I agree that Costco often stocks these "treasure hunt" items to get people in and around the store, but if that's the case, wouldn't it make more sense to stock these at their
  13. Besides Golfworks, Regal Brands (https://www.regalbrands.com) is a GM distributor. They have kangaroos but they look like the sewn seam as opposed to stitchback seam. Price has dropped to $19.99 ea too. I just bought mine off an eBay store and got a set of 13. Cost me $16 ea. They also have the signature stichbacks at $195 for a set of 13.
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