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  1. Honestly my ping norse jacket fit better in the Carbon than the SM. What made it better was the zip quality. Just felt more robust and less likely to break. Also felt deeper as well.
  2. So to answer the question... I ordered the Titleist and SM2.5+. Too many bad reviews for the ping The winning bag for me is Titleist. The 2.5 is an awesome bag and 100% no club snag. Weight is perfect (both are the same empty) There’s a little snag in the Carbon. The straps on the Carbon felt better awesome. The Apparel pocket felt better on the Carbon than the 2.5 but the other pockets on the 2.5 are slightly bigger bad better. The zip and on the Carbon for apparel was just a lot better. Felt like the 2.5 was going to rip apart. Both comfortable on the back
  3. How do. I’ve just had the new Sm2.5 + 2021 and it’s brilliant. However the rain hood is a little snug. Anyone else experienced this? Was it like this on the 2020 version. I’ve also got a Titleist Carbon en route to try and I’ll keep one of the other. Cheers
  4. Has anyone tried a 2.5+ on a motor caddy or power caddy? Does it work ok?
  5. How is it with 14 clubs? I have just a standard putter grip so was hoping it would be ok?
  6. I’ve read there were problems with the Ping Crazelite and the dividers and pins were braking. However they have since repaired these. Ok looks there all much of a muchness. Hence why I’m hoping there’s people here to help.
  7. With me getting older and the cold weather and ropes around greens in I’m after a lightweight carry bag but cannot determine which is better Ping Craz E Lite Titleist Carbon Sun Mountain 2.5+ your help is appreciated.
  8. I’m the same! Was a Nike lover but now liking the Adidas stuff and it’s getting more modern.
  9. Does anybody know what trousers Tyrrell Hatton is wearing today, I cannot make them out but they look like they fit well. cheers Glynn
  10. Has anyone got an comparisons to the new RX and RXS. I’ve done the online fit and it come up with the RX as I’m a slower swing speed however do need a little help with spin off the irons. Currently play Taylormade TP5 but interested in these just a little lost and need your guidance. Thanks
  11. I tried the 22 against my TS2 23 and was getting better ball flight and distance from the TS2. I found the SIM head to be heavier than the TS2 as well. Could swing the TS2 much easier. Anyone else notice this?
  12. No... the T100s are not bent! I’m asking if anyone has bent the T100! There’s a difference here.
  13. Has anyone actually bent the T100s? What feedback do you have if you have. How’s the turf interaction? I don’t take large divots so would be interested how this is affected.
  14. Many thanks for your feedback all. I will come back and let you know how I got on.
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