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  1. Has anyone received the "special" version of the hula girl headcover? If so, what is the difference from the standard version?
  2. How's Monarch Dunes looking in terms of course maintenance as of late? Haven't played there before but have always heard good things. Will be doing a buddies trip next week in the area and Monarch is on the list. The green fee is pretty pricey compared to courses in the area so I assume it's in better shape than the other courses but thought I'd get the scoop from some WRXers. Also wondering how difficult the course is since a lot of guys in the group don't play often or are just beginners. Thanks!
  3. Anyone come across sites where there's opportunity to coupon/discount stack for this sale? IIRC in years past some sites would have an overall bigger discount due to parallel discounts running at the same time as the Srixon sale.
  4. Did anyone here attend today(or practice rounds)? Are they really checking for negative covid tests? My wife is not vaccinated and we are going on Sunday
  5. Yes I've been there a couple times but both times was during the pandemic. Can't go inside. They have a paper order form outside which you fill in and hand to someone at the front. When handing in your order just ask the person if there are any off menu items like new headcovers, etc. Sometimes you need to be specific about what you want if it's something limited.
  6. when is the yearly Srixon sale happening? I'm running low!
  7. IIRC There were a couple Victory Tours released previously with gold plating on the sole. For those that have em, did the gold flake off or manage to stay in good shape after playing?
  8. 2nd that on pics of the Newport 2 sole. Pics at address would be appreciated too.
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