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  1. 2nd that on pics of the Newport 2 sole. Pics at address would be appreciated too.
  2. so I just made a sale under the new payment system. I have yet ship out nor print the shipping label. I'd like to know if the payment will process before I ship out or if I need to ship out in order to trigger payment completion? Right now the status shows as processing in the transaction detail page but not sure if I should trust it. I've chosen a daily payout schedule just FYI.
  3. Goodies for sale or trade. Interested in Scotty putters, SIM driver, PING G driver, Ping floral stand bag All items are brand new, unused. All prices below include CONUS shipping. Paypal only. 1) Pink Peace Painter Headcover - $550 2) Jordan 5 V Low Retro/ Size 11.5/ Black Metallic - $300 3) Copper MP20s(includes original box and certificate) - $3000 4) Scotty Hula 2021 Headcover - $150 Open to discussion. Thanks for looking and lemme know if you have any questions!
  4. Not sure if it dropped this morning but the infrared 270s are up on NDC. Copped a pair. IMO the 270s are way easier to keep clean than the 90s with the mesh. My infrared 90s from the prior release got trashed pretty quick. The mesh just traps the dirt in pretty good.
  5. Just looked through the list. What's the significance of the Chitimacha Louisiana Open? lol
  6. site is real bad. took me forever to login and even when I did the site didn't recognize i was a member so couldn't add anything to the cart....
  7. Just FYI that's a left handed MG 52
  8. Got some Scotty items for trade and/or sale. Probably a little more interested in trades(Scotty putters) but wouldn't mind a lil cash to spend on Christmas gifts this year. All items are brand new, unused and bought at the gallery in Encinitas earlier this year. All prices below include CONUS shipping. Trade interests: Laguna, Coronado, Circa 62, Studio Select, ... 1) Pink Peace Surfer Headcover - $600 2) Scotty Cameron Garden By The Sea Headcover - $129 2) Playa Serape Beach Towel - $100 3) Surfy Rat Grey/Lime Green Headcover Leash - $65
  9. Masters pack https://twitter.com/SOLELINKS/status/1321851406572118023?s=20
  10. Roshe's went pretty quick just like the PGA NRG releases. The Roshe's are never the #1 option for me on the NRG releases but I guess it is for the majority considering how quickly they go.
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